We did it!!!!

We bought a Dodge Journey! It is a 2009 SXT, which is the next model up from the one we checked out yesterday. It has LOTS of bells and whistles that we are super excited about! This pic is kind of small, but it was taken from a cell phone!

So, yesterday, after I got home and checked my FB page, I had a few comments on my status of looking at cars - especially the one from a friend who sells Dodges! We called him and asked what they had and if anything would be worth it for us to come look at (we didn't want to waste his time or ours - the dealership was a good hour away). He had this one and was telling me all the cool features that it had and the price was right on! Hubby and I chatted about it last night and decided to go up there today to see it and LOVED it of course.

Everything was right on - price, trade in for the subie, and since we have such great credit, we actually got a lower payment that even we expected!!! If you thought I was excited about the basic model, this one sends me through the roof. It has stain and static resistant upolstry (hello, two kids = awesome), heated seats, 6 cly. engine, remote start (so nice for me since we don't have a garage), dual temp control, front seat storage (under the cushion) and even bluetooth!!!

I'm so excited that I'm higher off the ground, have more of an SUVish type vehicle again and it will last me a long time! It is going to be a great addition to our family.


Off Course

So, I didn't get anything done today on my list. I had the perfect opportunity to totally clean out LH's room with him off to preschool, but we had other plans in mind! I didn't realize Hubby was off last night (he had training) so that meant we had a whole day to ourselves. He was beyond thrilled when I convinced him we were going to look at cars!!!
As much as we both didn't want to be spending our entire morning (and part of the afternoon) in a dealership haggling with the sales rep, we are one step closer to a new addition. We didn't purchase anything, but we know what we want (I want). We are still not on mark with our budget amount, but close. We totatlly were fine with walking away and thinking some things over. We went in with just a trade, but think to get the payment we want, we will end up putting some down, but we want to be debt free for a little bit before we jump into another car payment. (paying off truck). So, with 6 months to go until Baby #2 comes, we are in good shape. The other positive is that now we are sure of what we want and know what else we need to do, and we don't have to go through the long process again.
Hopefully, soon enough, we will be the proud owners of this:

The Dodge Journey - 2010
Now, I went into this process with only used vehicles in mind. I just assumed with our price mark and trade, we wouldn't be able to even think of something new. I was wrong. This is perfect. First, its NOT a van. Second, its brand spankin' new - so that means a few things - lower interest rates, rebate/discount offers, no mileage, warranty, and some other perks from the dealership. Now, with this choice, we had to sacrifice a few things for the new car smell (one of my favorite things), like no dvd player (but we have a portable, so that's not a major issue) and no third row (in this model). NOW, I was really hopeful for a 3rd row, but I really LOVE this car, so I'm willing to give it up. I can still have LH and 2 friends in it (minus the baby seat) if needed, but ultimately this is a car for me and for the family and for our needs, so I'm happy with our decision.
Hubby said he would prefer more bells and whistles, but to me, its got all kinds of fun things - considering I have an 02 Subaru Impreza. Its got cupholders in the doors, 4 power outlets throughout, 6 disc cd changer, volume and tuner control for the radio on the steering wheel, aux/ipod/mp3 outlet, storage compartments in the floor boards of the back (that can also be a cooler with ice if wanted), back doors open to 90 degrees for easy in/out, huge back storage space and another compartment underneath, luggage rack, sunglasses compartment, and dual glove compartment - one that has a chiller for drinks! So, even without all the "bells and whistles" that would be nice, it still has tons!!! Plus, its got wonderful safety features and ratings.
Can you tell I'm excited???? =)


Pre - Nesting

I am not in full nesting mode, but I'm in a pre-nesting mode of somesort. Things are irritating me around the house and I am already overwhelmed with the idea of having to get them all done.

LH's room is a wreck. Really, just a crazy mess of stuff! There are clothes that need to be packed up, toys that need a new home or just to be thrown away, books that need to be boxed, etc. Moms, you know what I'm talking about. The stuff is just everywhere. He picks up his room and clears the floor, but I have no idea what's in there anymore. I am fairly certain he's outgrown tons of stuff in his closet and drawers and there are more pieces of toys that will never find their home hiding in there. I'm hoping this weekend I'll be able to start in there. My issue is he isn't too fond of me ravaging through his room. He can't seem to part with that one leggo that isn't part of a set any longer! Maybe him and daddy can have a boy morning or something. Anything to give me about an hour or so alone with his stuff!

The bathroom has become a catch all for our stuff! I obviously don't need tanning lotion and can't even remember how long its been there, but I found it in a drawer while looking for something else - which of course I didn't find! I'm sure there are almost empty bottles of lotions and potions that could be thrown out as well as expired meds, not to mention we could consolidate the four bandaid boxes into one!
This also runs over into the hall closet. It is a linen closet and I'm sure we have things in there that we'll never use - like those full sheets from my old bed....yep, can probably pack those up and make some more space for the towels that are falling out every time you open the door! Hopefully this weekend I can get some sort of order in these areas. Small steps!! Don't want to overdo myself yet. I still have a lot of time left!

The other area I really need to work on is my room. Namely, my clothes. I don't really have enough to switch spring/summer and fall/winter but with maternity, I like to pretty much clear out everything and put in only what I'll be able to wear for the duration of the pregnancy. I have things I can still wear, but there are things that I know I'll be packing up - like all my summer stuff! If I can get a head start on it now, I won't have as much to do later.....like in a few weeks! hehe! It wouldn't hurt to box up some of the clunky wintery shoes either and have my flip flops ready for wear!

We'll see what I really get done....I am aiming for all of it, but sometimes we just get into too much fun and don't get the chores done!


I have changed my settings for comments to no longer accept annoymous comments. I have just had some crazy things lately and want to censor it a bit. Thanks and keep commenting - it makes my day!


Sweetest Boss (and wife) ever

Today is a sad day in the office. I work for the Sheriff's Department and our Sheriff of 18 years is retiring and moving on to bigger and better things - we aren't sure they are better than us, but he'll figure that out soon enough - hehe!
I have the privilege of working in the same office as him daily along with 3 other awesome women! He loves every minute of it!!! He has to or he'd go nuts I'm sure! We are a special group and are spoiled rotten by him and his wife.
I've been here 2 years and in that time, we've all become close like a little family. My immediate supervisor even had her wedding at their house. I'm sure some people in the department think its crazy but we don't think of him as the "Sheriff" like someone that is untouchable or hard to talk to. Infact, its opposite. He's a great mentor, teacher and friend. He's like a father to us all, making sure his "girls" are taken care of.
His wife, Mrs. Sheriff, is the icing on the cake! She has us up to their house for lunches, holidays, and visits us all the time. She treats us with special soaps for the office bathroom, trinkets and just little surprises all the time! Today was no different. We had our "last lunch" at the office and she didn't disappoint. She also left us with sweet cards and a small gift thanking us for "taking care" of him all these years, when really we were thanking them for the same thing!
Officially his last day is Friday and we'll have a new Sheriff in town on Monday! He's not new really, someone from the Department stepping in, but it just won't be the same.
We will miss them dearly!


Stole it because I loved it!

Two friends and fellow bloggers, A House full of Hokies and MiniSoda both do this and I love to read it each week, so I am jumping on the bandwagon myself. It is a post titled 10 on Tuesday and every week it is surprising and different and I look forward to what the topic will be. Its a "top ten" if you will about things going on in their lives!

Today's 10 is 10 Reasons I love my Husband (Um, it is much easier to let Steph come up with the topic as the original 10 on Tuesday posts, so I'll just use this as inspiration unless I feel I need a different 10)

10 Reasons I love my Husband

1. He does 99.8% of the laundry. Washes, dries, folds, and puts away! The other 0.2% that I pitch in is mostly when I'm desperate and need something asap!

2. We rarely argue in public. We try to resolve our differences in private and deal with our "issues", whatever they may be, behind closed doors. We both try to be respectful and aware of who we are with and where we are to avoid a scene.

3. He's handy! He has learned from my dad, friends, books, DIY and HGTV, and a previous construction job to make fix-it jobs around the house easier and save us money.

4. He is the best listener in the world and keeps a secret (from anyone).

5. He's the funniest guy I know and loves to make people laugh to lighten the mood or make someone feel better. He's got that gift.

6. He is the best father ever and very hands on. He always has been from day one and I couldn't even get out bed in the hospital. He never flinched or complained about changing diapers, keeping LH so I could go out, and they have a bond that I love to see!

7. He always loves (eats) my cooking, even when its a "new" recipe or something that could be a whole lot better!

8. He keeps me grounded. I tend to fly off the handle (some -hehe) and he is always there to bring me back to reality and be the patient one. He lets me vent, cry, talk his ear off, and go through any emotional rollercoaster as long as I need.

9. He shares a love for organization and order with me - it's a beautiful thing.

10. He always tells me the truth and I trust his opinion. I love that he'll be honest with me about the clothes I'm wearing (in a very sweet and nice way to not make me run off crying), if I said something I shouldn't, or anything that will make me (or him) look like a fool.

Already shopping for swimsuits

I actually love shopping for bathing suits - WHEN I'm pregnant! I don't know why, but I don't seem to care about getting in one and going to the pool when I'm carrying a huge load in my belly! I can't seem to find anything that I like though. I haven't actually been to the stores, but I'm not thrilled with the choices online.

First of all, I can't get over the fact that almost every single maternity bathing suit is a halter! WHAT? Don't they realize that the ladies get larger, heavier and just more uncomfortable throughout the pregnancy, so they should try to lessen that burden with some nice wide straps to support! I guess I'm going to have to design swimsuits now. Maybe I should - I really run into this issue every year when I'm looking. It HURTS - really bad!!! That pressure does not need to be on the neck! We already have enough issues as it is, so give us a break.

The other part is most of them are fairly cheap - which is nice because they realize that you will not be wearing it summer after summer, however, some are more expensive than regular bathingsuits. Of course their the ones that have nice wide straps and a cute pattern that I like! Isn't that how it always works out.

I'm hoping to do some shopping (in person) soon to check out what I've seen online. We'll see. I might have to wait until May when we go back to ATL and hope that I find something there. I would think they would have a better selection down there and there is an outlet mall that might be worth a try.

I know I don't need one now, but they are already selling them in stores NOW, with snow still on the ground and all. I just don't want to get the bottom of the barrel and have to wear some granny suit because I waited too long to look. Also, I did check out Ebay. UM, no thanks. I don't care to buy secondhand clothing or shoes or NWT (new with tags) or even NWOT (new without tags), but I will NOT purchase a swimsuit that someone has WORN!!! That's just a little too close for comfort for me and I can't believe people actually buy those! I would borrow or take one from a friend but not some stranger off the internet!!! Gross!

I loved my last maternity bathing suit because it had this tie at the bust and it seemed to "grow" with me throughout the summer. I could adjust it as needed and it never felt too constricting or tight. I gave it to a friend and never expected it back, but I wish I could find something similar or atleast something that I like!!


This little piggy....

I don't know what is going on - something terrible, horrible, unimaginable!!!! I couldn't eat the sausage on the biscuit!!!! It just tasted yuck! WHAT??? I LOVE all things pig - really. I think bacon should be on everything and I'd much rather have pork than chicken and I don't even eat turkey at Thanksgiving - all ham....What is wrong with this baby??? Depriving me of all things good and yummy.....

I don't usually get biscuits, well, I didn't get it - my boss did and said that there was an extra sausage and egg if I wanted it....Ok...sure, why not - I lost another pound!!! hehe! I'll celebrate by stuffing my face with pork! But as soon as I took the first bite, it was over....Why? I even tried another bite just to make sure! Same thing! I took the sausage off and I still didn't love it. The flavor was still there, and not in a pleasing way! BOO!!!!

So, now, I don't know what to do....I hope its just this one time. I hope that it was just a fluke and that the baby will realize that pork is great and yummy and mommy needs to have it!!! Because at this rate, I'll only be eating red meat and veggies (still can't do chicken right now)!!!

Nose Disease

We've all got it at our house. The nose disease. What? It sounds so serious....

Ask LH what it is since he's the one that coined the term.....it is when your nose is all stuffy and you can't breathe out of it! Well, thank goodness we all will be ok! I was really worried there for a minute!

He of course told everyone at school he had this nose disease, so hubby warned me that we'd probably get at least 3 phone calls and they would most likely check his temperature 12 times! Gotta love 'em. I guess he explained it quite well as I never heard from preschool!

Apparently, I have throat disease too - he told me last night! It's because my throat hurts and I'm coughing! I knew things changed when you hit 30, but I'm falling apart according to LH!

He told me that his nose disease was almost over.....the breathy machine was helping a lot aka the humidifier! I don't know why we don't run it all the time, as we have a dry house due to the wood stove, but it seems we only pull it out when someone gets the nose disease!


Hidden agenda

Hubby got me a present today!! A card reader for the camera! I didn't even ask him to and he came home with it from Wal-Mart - so sweet!!! I wonder if he did it partly for himself??? He took the camera (um, yes, the pink one that he swore he'd never use) last night to a bowling event for Special Olympics and I think he wanted the pictures from it! Or he really wanted you all to see what a great job on the basement he did. I don't really care why he got it, but I'm sure glad he did!
They had a good time - he took LH with him and I got some much needed rest and a few things done around the house before I was completely worn out. I have been fighting off something for a few days and yesterday was the worst! I think it's just sinuses and drainage, but it completely wiped me out!
I turned on the tv a little before the Olympics were supposed to start and shouldn't of. The St. Jude's infomercial was on from 7-8 and let's just say, I was worthless after that. I know I should change the channel, especially in my emotional state, but I just don't! I get sucked in to their stories and their sweet faces and then, I'm a basketcase within 2 minutes of it being on!

So, here are the results of the card reader - the almost finished product of the basement! We will work on getting some shelves and the photos in the right place in the next couple of weeks. I'm so proud of hubby!! He did a great job!

Looking towards the back - that's the perfectly matching rug for only $50!!!!
The walls are great. But we did decide that we want to do the trim and chair rail in white.

Look at the awesome floors! It reminds me of leather!

I think we might paint the tv cabinet (hand me down) black???? and possibly reverse the doors so the "artwork" is on the inside and it gives a more streamline look. We can't really replace it right now, so we'll update it as best we can!



Ok...the USB cord dad brought is not the right one. My new one to my new camera is still MIA. The photos just posted were from a friend!

There is a media card reader that is pretty neat and can read just about any storage card so I guess I'm going to have to break down and get one. I hope they aren't too expensive! But I have to have something to get the photos off my camera!

12 weeks!

Isn't he handsome in uniform??
I can't believe I'm already 12 weeks along. THIS is the maternity shirt I was wearing, so see it really didn't look maternity......


What am I wearing?

I'm in a maternity shirt! WHAT? Thank goodness its more form fitting and doesn't scream maternity. I'm not trying to be one of those preggers that is dying to put on maternity clothes at 8 weeks and look completely ridiculous!

Ok, so I have no real belly for this, but the ladies are growing daily and I'm having some issues with my regular shirts! Seriously, the girl I work with stopped me in mid sentence to inform me they were larger!!! Yes, I'm aware and in complete denial right now that at 12 weeks, they are enormous (they started out large, so this will just get worse)!


Found some "befores"

Ok, if you can get past the cuteness of LH then you will see the ugly paneling in the background. Also, notice the carpet....doesn't look so bad in photos, but believe me, it wasn't pretty in person plus the dog had a few issues if you recall!

Basement is ALMOST Done

I say almost because we need a few finishing touches. I would gladly show you however, the photos are trapped on my camera! I left my usb in ATL. So, you will get the big reveal when I get that back - hopefully tomorrow since dad is here for an overnight trip for work.

Hubby did a fantastic job. Really worked himself to the bone and only took one fun break to have a much needed guy night with daddy daycare. They have become quite addicted to playing shuffle board and are very competitive!

He spent the first couple of days sanding, priming and painting the paneling on the lower half of the walls, then moved onto staining the concrete floor. I can't tell you how amazing it looks. The spiced gingerbread color on the walls is beautiful and a lot less orangey than I anticipated and the floor looks like a nice worn piece of leather. It really is just breathtaking if I do say so myself. And its so much better because I didn't ahve to do any of it!

I found a large rug for in front of the tv and couches that had the orange in it and matches perfectly. It was only $50! A steal for a rug that big. I also bought some curtains for the sliding glass door, but we are worried abou the dogs getting them all dirty and dingy, so they are still up for debate. Next step we need some floating shelves and new frames for the hubby's football photos and awards. It will not be a major sports themed room, but it will be manly and tasteful.

I totally didn't take a lot of "before" pics, so hopefully I can find a few that will show you just how bad it was before so you can see the transformation!

Tough One

Lent starts tomorrow and I haven't really thought much about it. I need to figure out what I'm going to do this year.

Last year, I took on the laundry - remember? I became quite the laundry whore, but no one was complaining (except me). I promptly stopped on Easter and we've been in our normal routine ever since. He washes, dries, folds. I wash, sometimes dry - if there isn't anything already in there and fluff. It's how we roll - stop judging. I never wanted to be a stay at home housewife. I would love to be a stay at home mom with a housekeeper, but not a housewife!

This year is a little more difficult as I've already had to give up some of my favorite things - coffee and alcohol, not to mention fitting in my clothes and shoes. So, what's a girl to do? I would never give up the computer - entirely. BUT, I've thought about letting go of Facebook. I am not as excited now when I get on there anymore and I talk to the people I want to do talk to FB or no FB. It's an option, but I could still go with something else. Or is there something else I could take on? Hmmmmm


Vanless, buttons and new loves

WOW, so much to share since last week. I totally was lazy on the blogging while I was in ATL. I took my laptop, but didn't really use it!

So, first of all, IKEA was a bust on cribs. I just didn't like them in person and couldn't justify spending money on something that I wasn't in love with especially when we already have a crib (not my fave, but it works). I thought I would want something that converts, but I would rather spend money on a nice twin bed than on another crib at this point. PLUS, I already have other furniture that I plan to use in the baby room, so I'd have to figure out something that would coordinate.

The fabric stores were huge - all 3 of them - but didn't find what I was looking for. How does this happen? I am so set in what I think I want, that I'm having a hard time just finding something that will no doubt be precious! It's clouding my vision and I'm going to have to restart and just go with a blank slate. Easier said than done....

It snowed!

I thought my car would be able to have a few days of breathing room without all the winter weather, but I was wrong! Atlanta got about 4 inches on Friday and I was there for it! Nice! I was so excited about getting away from it, that out of spite, it followed me. That's my conclusion. The worst part is that they don't have plows and no one is sure how to drive in it! SO, the roads are sprinkled with salt/gravel mixtures, but only on main roads, and neighborhoods are just left alone. Thank goodness we had 4 wheel drive and dad cleaned off the driveway. We stayed in Friday night - even if we had ventured out, nothing was open! We let the sun melt it a bit on Saturday, then we left the house around noon. Road were great by then, but there were tons of cars on the sides of the interstate due to sliding off or wrecks!

I came home yesterday due to another bout of snow heading in today at home. I didn't want to be driving in it through the mountains if at all possible and I'm glad I did because it only took me 6 hours and 15 minutes with 2 stops!! Fastest time yet and no, I wasn't flying. Hardly anyone was on the road, so I just set my cruise and had a nice drive. LH was an angel as well - which made for a relaxing trip - thanks to Gigi's dvd player and some new videos for Valentine's day! He watched The Little Rascals twice and laughed out loud both times....it was so sweet! I think it's his new favorite!

So, the van - or NOT!!! I'm still in the subie! Even if I did want to come back in something different, we barely had time to look. Friday was a bust after the snow came and we went to TN on Saturday to visit my grandmothers, so yesterday would have been the only day to browse. I'm glad we didn't. I wasn't sure what the lots would have been like after the snow, and I think we are just going to wait and see what we find.

I really want to look at ALL my options - SUVs, Crossovers, Vans and see what I like - LOVE. I have a few that I want to test drive, so we'll start that process soon. We have plenty of time! I do have a few things that I'm dead set on - like a dvd player and 3rd row. I also want to take the carseat and carrier with me to see how it fits behind the front seat and how much room the passenger will have not to mention the cargo room for the stroller and extra stuff you carry!!!

So here are some of my choices that I'd love to take a look at! And they are all silver in the photos - I guess that's the best option for websites...I don't know!

GMC Acadia Chevy TraverseChrysler Aspen

Chevy Tahoe

On a positive note, I can button my pants again. EVEN after I washed them~not sure how long this will last, but I'm enjoying it for now!



It's official....I am sporting the bella band today! I knew this time would come, I just thought it might take a little longer! I'm 11 weeks, so I guess its an okay time. I'm not ready for the full on maternity pants, but the regular clothes are snug!
I guess that I should be grateful that a friend gave me the band so I could transition well! I haven't gained, but the belly is definitely starting to pooch a tad and is firming up! The baybay is growing!!!

I didn't wear one of these with my first pregnancy, but I'm sure glad I have it now!!! I would have been in old lady elastic waist pants if not!!!


Up in the Air

I guess that is a fitting title for this post as I'm referring to my plans to travel and the wind advisories in effect until late Wednesday! I'm so ready to get out of here and see something other than white on the ground. I'm ready to do some major shopping and have my mommy fix as my dad calls it! This weather is really putting a cramp in my plans...maybe.

I was worried about the roads being clear of snow and ice by tomorrow for me to head south, but now they are predicting up to 65 mph wind gusts through the mountains.....UM, yeah, I could either be smashed into the side of the mountain or blown completely off!!! My car isn't big and the mountain I have to go down is one of the worsts when it comes to wind!!! SO, it looks like I'll be taking the long way through Tennessee. It isn't too much longer, but safer is definitely more important!


If it kills him...

The basement will be done in a week!!! By the time LH and I get back from GA, it will be dramatically different.

Hubby and I picked out the stain and paint color for the paneling (lower half of the wall) and he is going to work his little hiney off to get it done while we are gone!!! It has taken a long time and lots of different products to finally get the glue residue from the carpet removed. We finally used goo gone of all things after we exhausted every other product that was recommended! So, now he's starting with a clean slate!

We thought it best that he do this while we were gone so it wouldn't harm LH or me & baby with all the fumes. We aren't sure of what we are getting ourselves into really, so we didn't want to take any chances. He took off 2 extra days and is determined to get it all done!!! I'm so excited! I think we will really be plesased with our final product. Of course I'll be contributing while away doing what I do best - shopping! We are in need of some curtains and shelves, so I'm sure IKEA will have all I need!!!

I wish I could show you the samples of the colors we are going to use, but I can't...I'll take before and afters though! The paint color is called spiced gingerbread and the floor is a greyish/brown speckled stain....loden!


It's Super Bowl Sunday and I really do love this day every year for a few reasons:
  • The food - we usually have a spread that is yummy even if it is just the two of us - or we end up somewhere with tons of great food
  • The commercials - need I say more
  • The fellowship
  • Most of the time it is a really good match up and that makes for a good game - I am not a follower of NFL, so it doesn't really matter to me
  • It's the end of football season!

I love football! Really, but I am over it about December! I'm ready for something else and not losing hubby to the man cave every weekend!!! But then by August, I'm ready for him to have something else to do!!! It's a never ending cycle!

This year, I'm torn on who to pull for during the big game! I have a soft spot for Peyton Manning mainly because he's a great quarterback but also a really good guy. It would be sweet to see him win another Super Bowl, BUT, I always have had a thing for the underdog in ANY situation! I think after everything that New Orleans has been through, especially in the last few years and what a strong city they are, that it would be bitter sweet to see them win tonight - not to mention it is their first time! We'll see! More than likely, I'll pull for the Saints.....I just can't seem to help myself! So, in the spirit of the Saints - Who Dat???

What about you? Any favorites? or are you just in it for the commercials?


Sweet Dreams

Happy Thoughts!!! Soon enough - I hope!

Snow Bunny

Ok, so I totally can't pull that off, but I did go out! I am sure I was a sight too - Hubby's boots (waterproof) and jacket, and shovel in hand!

Hubby worked last night so he needed some rest and LH wanted to play. I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and clean the car off a little and shovel the porch. I had no intention of doing the driveway - but we already knew that! I had a good time out in the snow....it is good exercise so I guess I won't feel guilty for laying on the couch later. Of course, I was very excited about shoveling, but by the time Hubby woke up from his nap, you couldn't even tell! So much snow!!!! And it keeps falling!

LH had fun. He was sleigh riding down the driveway and the hill on the side yard. He even helped me some! He does not enjoy the putting on and taking off of all the clothes. I can't say its one of my favorite parts either - he's very wiggly! It's worth every second though....seeing him experience pure joy!

Now, we are resting after cooking - mac and cheese, sausage balls, and breakfast casserole for tomorrow morning. I still need to make lasagna, chicken pot pie and cupcakes!


20 items or less!

I'm pretty sure the cashier at Kroger this afternoon needed a happy pill! If you are that stressed about your job as a grocery store cashier, maybe you should find a new *career*. I'm sure the 10%+ of americans out of work would be grateful for her income.

I braved the store. I was not looking forward to it after a coworker went around 11 this morning just to order a cake and was telling me how sparce the shelves were, how crazy the lines were, and how rude the people were! I waited until after "lunch" and went around 1:30. I got a little nervous as I had to park about 6 rows away from the store's entrance then had to wait for a buggy, but it turned out to be a fairly easy trip.

I will admit I did get milk, eggs and bread, but only to stock - I actually have plenty at home, but didn't want to have to go back in a few days just for those items, so while I was out....
I was taking advantage of the great deals this week matched up with my coupons and trying to stockpile even more. If anyone is in need of mustard, ketchup and capri suns, I have you covered! Not to mention all the other pantry items I've been hoarding lately!

I didn't have a lot. I didn't count, but I knew I was ok for the express lane. I was unloading my stuff and the cashier made a very loud, haste comment about she was only the express lane and could have 20 items or less and didn't even have a bagger! The lady behind me made some comment about she didn't have that many. I ignored her and kept unloading. I was waiting for her to say something directly to me, because I'm sure my hormones might have kicked into overdrive and told her that if she didn't want to ring it up, she was more than welcome to transfer all my items to another lane!

I was very satisfied when she rang up all my items, took my coupons and bagged all my groceries knowing that I had exactly 20 items! I know she totally expected me to have so much more. It did look like it was a little over, but I wasn't moving! I didn't appreciate that she practically threw my items past the scanner to the bagging area. I am fairly certain some of them didn't even take a ride on the conveyor belt!

I was proud of Kroger for having plenty of the necessities on hand in order to prepare for our next big winter storm this weekend!! There were crates upon crates of bread in the aisle so everyone shouldn't have to fight for a loaf!!

I guess I'll keep myself busy being snowed in again - cooking and baking filling the freezer!

Starting Early

I am not going to find out what the sex of this baby is this go around, so I can start "decorating" early!! Really, I'm just coming up with ideas and going to see what I come up with. I am a retro girl at heart. I am totally living in the wrong era, but that's where I can make this fun! Even with a girl, I would never do the pinky pink thing, and LH's room was blue! Cute blue, with some white, brown and a little green! This time, mostly because I am fairly certain this will be my last, I'm all about the nursery. I wasn't as into it last time. I mean, it was cute, but I didn't go all out. We had an eclectic collection of furniture, mostly given to us, and the bedding was made from some fabric I liked. There wasn't a lot of pizazz!! I want pizazz this time!

So, below are some examples I've found. I don't necessarily LOVE each and every one, but I love bits and pieces of each. I am thinking the main color will be orange. I will also pair it with brown and then EITHER lime or turquoise.

I've looked on Etsy and they have some fabulous stuff but way out of my budget! I will be heading to Atlanta next Wednesday and then back in May, so I think we'll be able to get a good start on finding pieces that I love. We will start with IKEA and then move onto some great fabric stores and also check out a Babies R Us (we only have a Toys R Us)! I'm hoping to find stuff that I can use for the bedding and window treatments and have someone make it for me!!!

So, some inspiration!

I pretty much love everything on this board
Simple crib from IKEA - also in white and converts to a toddler bed

I love the polka dots and the other orange fabric, but not so sure on the giraffe - trying to stay gender neutral, so I think this would be more "girly".

The birds aren't something I like, but I love the orange damask and paired with the chocolate and turquoise is beautiful!

Similar to the above but the stripes are nice and the lime is a good companion!
I am sure that I'll be able to come up with something!!! What are your thoughts? How did you decorate? Did you stay simple or go all out?


On the Bright Side

Even with all this glum weather, there were some posititives....

~I got to spend all day with LH!
~I cooked up a storm - pancakes, muffins, pasta salad, chicken cheesy rice casserole, spaghetti, and I have everything prepped for chicken pot pie! Most of these will go in freezer and the rest will be eaten soon!
~I caught up on some of my dvr shows
~I got to sleep in!

I really didn't think the last one would ever happen. LH is usually always up before my alarm goes off around 6, but he must have known that I needed a few extra minutes this morning. We didn't get out of bed until 7:30! His preschool is on a 2 hour delay and Hubby had a meeting this morning, so I am taking him then going to work late. I already have to work a crazy schedule due to missing yesterday, so it really isn't a big deal. These 2 hours wouldn't have helped me not work any on Friday, so I thought I might as well enjoy it!

I guess now we just need to prepare for this weekend. I need to stock up on some dvds and popcorn!

OH, and Hubby is amazing!!! I opened the front door fully expecting to have to clear off my car, but he had already done it last night!!!! So sweet!!


One more thing...

Um, forgot to mention that we are expected to get another snow storm this weekend!!!!! Yippee!!!

Whatever happened to global warming?

Lucky You

Lucky for all my loyal readers that I might actually post twice today....because I'm home!! Why you ask? Well, wouldn't you know it, it's SNOWING again! Along with the white crap, it is mixing with freezing rain, or supposed to. Either way, the daycare was opening 2 hours late, but with the prediction, hubby didn't want to take LH today, and didn't want me to have to slide around in it to pick him up later today.....SO, I "worked" for almost 2 hours and came home.

Now, at first I was a little irritated because there was nothing going on outside. I even stopped by the store on my way home, but around 10 this morning, it started. Not sure what "it" is yet, but something is going on. Good thing I have a lot of flexibility in my job that I can just leave and make up time whenever needed.

Now, instead of a replay of the weekend (aka L.A.Z.Y.), I've been fairly productive so far. I have almost completed our taxes - still missing one thing, but then we'll be done, I've played with LH, put him down for a nap, and now am updating the blog. I know, that's not a lot, but I do have more things to knock off the list. I need to go through a few tubs of maternity clothes, clean the kitchen (again! - never ending project), work on some laundry (thank goodness not much since Hubby did almost all of it over the weekend), and go through a stack of mail that has been hidden away for about 2 weeks! I am also going to make some pancakes to freeze for easy breakfasts, start some spaghetti sauce, and maybe make some pasta salad to have for lunches. I really need to clean out the fridge too!

I would LOVE a nap, but I decided to treat myself to a cup of coffee this morning at work - It is tasting better and better, but I am still trying to cut back as much as possible. Now, I'll be going all day!

See, aren't you glad I decided to come home from work......glad I could make your day!


2 more reasons

I hate this weather! Yes, hate is a strong word, but my gracious - its ridiculous! I've even considering moving to GA. I don't think Hubby is too fond of the idea, but it has been on my mind lately, seriously. I bet he'd like Vegas - I might have to start buttering him up!

So, the reasons are the TWO times I busted my arse this morning on the "path" in our driveway to the cars! Yes, I knew there would be slick spots, and yes, I was being careful, but there was an entire sheet of black ice in front of hubby's truck that I couldn't avoid - twice! Being that it was o' dark thirty, I couldn't see them as well, so I was doing the best I could, but obviously not good enough. I had to trek it through the snow to my side of the car and just deal with wet and cold feet, not to mention my sore bum!

The funny thing is, in all this, I know come mid July, when my feet look like cantelopes, I'll be cursing the heat - but for now, I'm concerned with the cold....GO AWAY!