I might need an intervention

Do they do those for over involved, compulsive, and obsessive mommies like me? I'm a little cookoo for the pirate party. Maybe I'll just dress up in some red feathers and be the parrot? Seriously, I've already got most of the menu planned, some of the games, the party favors and even a few cupcake designs I want to attempt - which of course I'll have to try out ahead of time to see which ones take the cake (no pun intended)!

If you happen to run accross a preview for the derranged mommy sporting an eye patch and bandana on the show Intervention on A & E, then you'll know it's me!

All hands on Deck

Well, after all my deliberations over which Super Hero Invitation and party ideas, we've completely switched gears and are now going with a Pirate Party! There is no turning back now because I've orderd the invitaitons from Vista Print and they will be here in a few weeks. Normally I would have made them, but they were so darn cute and so much cheaper (less than $10 for 20 including shipping) than I would have spent buying my supplies! AND, they come with free envelopes!
Little Hauss was all excited while I was looking at the invitations online the other day, saw the pirate ship and it was all over after that!
My friend told me today that she has a pirate ship play thing that kids can get in and play on and offered it up for his party!!! I think I can find some neat games for them to play and I've already thought of cute favors to give his guests! My next move is to find some cute cupcake decorations and pirate themed food!
Here is the invitation!