Everythying but the Kitchen Sink

That is no understatement either. Ugghhh. We are heading to the Smokey Mountains of TN today and spending New Year's weekend with some friends in a cabin in Gatlingburg! I've never been, so I'm very excited, however, I haven't had to pack like this in YEARS!
We are completely spoiled when it comes to traveling. With my in laws owning a condo at the beach, it is fully stocked with everything we might need, complete with baby items! SO, imagine me trying to cram all the "necessities" in for a 3 day trip starting from scratch.
I forgot how much stuff one tiny little person needs! And that's not even the half of it. I'm also used to the basics being provided - dish soap, laundry detergent, condiments, etc., but now I have to make sure we take EVERYTHING that we think we will use.
We came up with a menu for every meal plus snacks so we could account for all items that we might need, but it is a ton of work. My kitchen table was full of stuff and now we've finally moved most of that to the car. I have a nifty storage compartment under the back section that we put most of it in. And don't forget the wine, champagne, beer and sparkling juice! Those were first on my list of course! In addition to packing the food we will cook, I made lots of stuff too. Last night I made a lasagna so we could heat up for dinner tonight, chicken salad, and a fun chocolate chip bundt cake (weight watchers recipe)! I'm trying to be somewhat good!
I was frantic all week because I haven't had much time to get things done. Hubby has been doing all the laundry (as usual - THANK GOODNESS) and he packed up LH's bag last night. We will pack our clothes and M&M's today before we leave. I was up until midnight last night (ughh) and up at 5:45 this morning with the occassional feeding, so needless to say, I'm tired! The best part is that we are hoping for a lazy weekend full of lounging and relaxing, so not much need for anything more than yoga pants and comfy clothes! I'm ready for a lot of sitting!
I hope all this work is worth it!


Merry CHRISTmas!

We hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Christmas. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus first thing this morning along with a cake and candle. It made us proud that LH told us he already told Jesus happy birthday when he woke up! We are so proud of the young man he is and can't wait for him to teach M&M about all (ok, most) of the things he knows! He is a wonderful big brother!

We attended the family Christmas Eve Service - one of my favorite nights of the entire year! Kids everywhere, giggling, talking, occassionaly cries and snickers! I love it. Well, I love it when it's not my kid being the loud one!!! LOL
Our complete family! Love them!

And miss M&M in her precious Christmas dress! I have way too much fun dressing her up! Hubby said she looked like a big ornament!!! MIL said it was A LOT of dress for her...I think she has the big personality to pull it off!


Thank God for little boys!

How anyone could not LOVE this face is beyond me. I could just eat those dimples up!
And for a potty break...this is when I'm thankful for a little boy!

All Done!

Pure sweetness!

I'm so in love with her more and more each day. Her daddy is the same way. He's too cute everyday and sends me pics of what he's dressed her in!!! She's got so many stinkin' cute outfits that we are constantly changing her!

This was the other night at LH's program for school. She was all excited to see her big brother on stage! I'm pretty sure he's the love of her life these days! She lights up whenever she hears his voice or sees him walk in a room! I wouldn't want it any other way!

Dear Santa

We are fortunate to have Santa come to us intsead of us going to Santa. We have never had to fight traffic, crowds and lines at the Mall to see Santa. My father in law is a member of a club that has Santa just for members and their kids/grandkids each year. We go, eat pizza, let the kids play and then Santa comes to see the kids, have them sit on his lap and he even hands out presents at the end! It is really neat and very stress - free! Exactly my kind of event.
The kids LOVE it and he gives them personalized gifts so they think that is the coolest.
I haven't always gotten the best pictures, but this year I thought was pretty good, considering LH was all sweaty from running around and playing and they both sat nice on his lap!

LH was full of himself as always! I have no idea what they were talking about!!! But whatever it was, he thought it was hilarious.


Down the Chimney he came...

Oh, LH was fantabulous! He did so well in his program at school! They were out last Thursday and Friday for snow, but rescheduled it for last night!!!! I think there were a lot of sad sugar plum faries last week. I'm so glad they got to do it! It was quite the production and the entire Kindergarten did so well!
I also got an early present from hubby. I got a Flip! He wanted me to have for all the fun events this week! So, now we have a full length video of Santa's debut! We are going to use it tonight as well when we take the kids to see Santa, and then on Christmas morning!!! He got it just at the right time as M&M is going to be doing all kinds of fun things soon!
When I figure out how to edit/download the video, I'll share his part!
He's already asking to watch it over and over!


Pre Snowstorm Shopping List

We are expected to get a little (read - ALOT) winter weather overnight. I'm not a fan. Never have been - only when I was in school and got the random day off but I hardly ever played in the snow. I prefer the indoor part of it - fire, book, hot chocolate. I can do without wet, freezing and numbness! Now, as a working adult, I really do not like it. I still have to get to work somehow and along with being part time, I don't have the luxury of taking time off that is paid. If I don't work, I don't get any bacon to bring home.

This is the other reason for not wanting snow. My Santa!!!!! LH is supposed to have his Kindergarten Holiday program tomorrow night!!! IF they don't go, I HOPE it would be rescheduled. I couldn't imagine them cancelling it. The kids are super excited and have worked so hard for weeks practicing! "Santa" has invited everyone and anyone to come see him! He doesn't speak, but he's got a big part.

I'm so lucky to have friends that teach at his school and can "spy" for me. This was the little happy I got in my inbox yesterday!!!

So, onto the post title....the shopping list. I went out to Kroger for a few necessities and first on my list was......WINE! I had to make sure they didn't run out! Forget bread and milk, I have priorities! Along with my vino, I grabbed some coffee and creamer (because that would just be sad),and some marshmallows! See, I know how to stock up for a big storm!


Sugar baby, Sugar glider, flying squirrel? Oh my!

What is this thing? Well, I call it a freak of nature, but some think they are cute enough to have has pets! Oh my! It is really a sugar glider aka flying squirrel (because it "glides" with its bat looking "wings"). Ugghhh! I think I'd pee my pants if that sucker "flew" at me!

So, why are we pretending to be Jack Hannah today with a new exoctic creature? Well, my friend is seriously considering getting on for her kids for Christmas! Ewwwwww! That's just me apparently because my other friend thinks they are cute too and has considered it as well.

They keep saying they are cute and small and cuddly. Um, they are small and have a cute looking face, but I do not want to cuddle with it. They even have little necklace/harness things you can wear so they are in a pouch like setting to keep near your body - kind of like a baby would be! Gross!

Now, if this was the only picture you saw of this critter, it is kind of cute. Small (almost too small for me) - never know where that thing can hide or end up if you aren't careful! We had the ginea pig from LH's preschool class one weekend and I barely let it out of the cage! Ugghh! This would make me a nervous wreck. And not to mention the dogs would think it was a toy!
So, if that isn't so bad, this will make you think different:

WHAT???? OMG. Wouldn't you just pee your pants if you had this flying "gliding" towards you!!!!!!!!!!! I know I would. I don't even like stink bugs!


Stats...not really

M&M is 3 months old!!! Well, she was on the 1st, but I'm a tad behind!
I don't have stats as they don't require a doctor's visit at 3 months and I wouldn't remember them much anyway if they did. Yes, I'm THAT mom! I mean, if they are healthy and happy and the doctor is fine with the progress, do I really need to remember how much she weighed and all that later on?? I never saved that stuff with LH because I didn't see the reason to. I have a genreal idea within a pound or so for medicine if need be, but other than that, who cares?
I put all the important info in the baby books! I'm just not that mom that saves every single thing. I can't stand all that stuff. I don't care how much I weighed and how long I was at 2 months old...are they going to? Doubt it!
I have a box of stuff for LH of all the favorites and memorable things he's done over the past 5 years. There is no good reason to save every single paper that he scribbled on at preschool and every single worksheet he does in Kindergarten! I let Hubby look at it and then it gets tossed. They keep a notebook at school, actually 2, of all the things they are working on. Writing, drawings, etc. So that will get put in the box along with the cards he makes me and fun ornaments! Those are keepers!


Saving Face

My new do! I got my hair did the other day and got the "wings" chopped. I had it at a severe angle and stacked in the back. The front was just getting too long and making some flips so I wanted them gone and viola, I have a cute blunt bob! Minus the tired eyes, I think it looks great!
Well, apparently, so does my husband! This morning, he told me that I was looking skinny (I've started weight watchers and have lost about 13 pounds - woohoo), but that's not the point. The next comment is the point. He looks at my much better looking hair than this picture and says "I like your haircut! It looks really good with your face!" HAHAHAHAHA!! We just looked at each other for a minute then laughed. No, it didn't hurt my feelings and I knew he meant it in the sweetest way possible, it just came out wierd.
So, the rest of the day, he was saving face and telling me how PRETTY I was!! Well, how pretty my face is anyway! Love it!

Dressed to Impress

This is why Hubby was concerned when he heard "It's a GIRL"! The shopping..the dresses, the way too cute clothes that I just can't seem to walk by in the stores!
Thank goodness Christmas is close and I feel less guilty for spending money on all this fun stuff because they are gifts!
Now, I will say, I didn't pay full price for anything because I'm not throwing out all my shopping rules! I had a coupon, shopped off the clearance rack and one was a gift! Sweet!

Gap Penguin Beanie! We have a thing for penguins.
Gap ruffled TUTU! Need I say more?

Gap animal print coat - um, again, do I need to explain?

And the babe's first Christmas dress! My mom's neighbor works at Macy's and keeps sending us stuff for M&M! This didn't even make it to the floor before she snagged it!!! I will definitely get some pics of the kiddos in their Holiday outfits!
So, along with some fun tights and shoes, she's going to be the best dressed little girl this season!