Hidden agenda

Hubby got me a present today!! A card reader for the camera! I didn't even ask him to and he came home with it from Wal-Mart - so sweet!!! I wonder if he did it partly for himself??? He took the camera (um, yes, the pink one that he swore he'd never use) last night to a bowling event for Special Olympics and I think he wanted the pictures from it! Or he really wanted you all to see what a great job on the basement he did. I don't really care why he got it, but I'm sure glad he did!
They had a good time - he took LH with him and I got some much needed rest and a few things done around the house before I was completely worn out. I have been fighting off something for a few days and yesterday was the worst! I think it's just sinuses and drainage, but it completely wiped me out!
I turned on the tv a little before the Olympics were supposed to start and shouldn't of. The St. Jude's infomercial was on from 7-8 and let's just say, I was worthless after that. I know I should change the channel, especially in my emotional state, but I just don't! I get sucked in to their stories and their sweet faces and then, I'm a basketcase within 2 minutes of it being on!

So, here are the results of the card reader - the almost finished product of the basement! We will work on getting some shelves and the photos in the right place in the next couple of weeks. I'm so proud of hubby!! He did a great job!

Looking towards the back - that's the perfectly matching rug for only $50!!!!
The walls are great. But we did decide that we want to do the trim and chair rail in white.

Look at the awesome floors! It reminds me of leather!

I think we might paint the tv cabinet (hand me down) black???? and possibly reverse the doors so the "artwork" is on the inside and it gives a more streamline look. We can't really replace it right now, so we'll update it as best we can!


Emily said...

I LOVE your basement!! You guys did a great job!! And the floors are awesome. This makes me want to redo ours... Wanna send your hubby this way to help out??

Hokie Girl said...

Thanks!! He did a great job! The floor turned out better than we thought it would. We had every intention of covering it with carpet again if we sold it, but depending on how well it wears, we'll probably just leave it. After he got it prepped, the staining was super easy - he rolled it and it dries quickly. =)

JR911 said...

Uh, yeah....I hate to admit it, but I got sucked into watching the St. Jude's infomercial too!!!

Love the basement...it looks super fantabulous!

Tiffany and Jamie said...

Wow that looks great! T did a wonderful job. It's a completely different room now. The floors are my favorite.

kelly bee said...

It looks great!! All you need now is some great movies to watch down there.