Snow Bunny

Ok, so I totally can't pull that off, but I did go out! I am sure I was a sight too - Hubby's boots (waterproof) and jacket, and shovel in hand!

Hubby worked last night so he needed some rest and LH wanted to play. I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and clean the car off a little and shovel the porch. I had no intention of doing the driveway - but we already knew that! I had a good time out in the snow....it is good exercise so I guess I won't feel guilty for laying on the couch later. Of course, I was very excited about shoveling, but by the time Hubby woke up from his nap, you couldn't even tell! So much snow!!!! And it keeps falling!

LH had fun. He was sleigh riding down the driveway and the hill on the side yard. He even helped me some! He does not enjoy the putting on and taking off of all the clothes. I can't say its one of my favorite parts either - he's very wiggly! It's worth every second though....seeing him experience pure joy!

Now, we are resting after cooking - mac and cheese, sausage balls, and breakfast casserole for tomorrow morning. I still need to make lasagna, chicken pot pie and cupcakes!

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