Imabe a member of the Black Eyed Peas....

In honor of my 500th post, I thought you could be entertained by LH and his friend singing along to the Black Eyed Peas's Immabe! He loves this song...hope you can see it well - it was kind of dark in the car

Sleepover...well almost!

Little Hauss has been wanting a friend to sleepover or to sleepover at a friend's house, but we weren't sure if it was too early for that or not. Well, we figured why not at at least see how it goes so we invited one of his little buddies over last night. He was super excited and we had a fun night planned. His buddy's mom said she wasn't sure he would stay, but what could it hurt to try. He did end up having to go home around 11:30, but wasn't upset, just not ready to sleep over! Up until then, the boys had a great time playing!
Eating homemade pizza on the deck after some yard time
Going to get some ice cream for dessert!


Catching ligtening bugs!!!
Watching a movie!
We might try for LH to go to his house next time....he can usually sleep anywhere, so it might work out better!


Two Wheels!!!

He's getting so big!!! He got the "big boy" bike, but within hours of that, he wanted to try his smaller bike without training wheels!!! He's a natural!!!! In no time, he'll have the big boy bike on two wheels I'm sure! Showing off!

35 Weeks

Besides resembling a giant lime or avacado, I feel pretty good! This shirt does't show much "definition" - I couldn't believe my ladies look small!! I think the shirt might need to be put up since it won't stretch much more than this and I'm just going to keep growing!!! 5 short weeks left!!! Maybe sooner!


WOW! I officially have cankles - you know...when your calf migrates to your ankle. They got really bad yesterday - I'm sure from sitting at my desk for hours on end and then going out to dinner last night. I finally got home around 9:30 and propped them up with frozen peas....Helped some, but they are still a little puffy today! I get off work around 11:30 and will be able to rest and ice them some more hopefully! I am really surprised that I've lasted this long in this pregnancy without them. I was swollen ALL over from about 4 or 5 months on with LH - you think I'm kidding but it was so bad, my lips were puffy!
This was the worst one....see the indention of my flip flps!


Planning to plan...

Now, you all know I'm a planner - I plan to plan my brother says! He's shocked I could hold out finding out the sex of this baby because I usually would need to plan for whatever it is. Good think I knew what I wanted and didn't need to know the sex!

I'm planning other things now. I guess you could say I'm nesting. I'm on a roll at work and we are also getting lots done at the house. I feel like its more work to prepare to leave then leaving itself. I know things will be fine when I'm gone but we have a huge audit 15 days after I get back, soooooooo, I'm really planning for that! My co-worker and I have the same job, but two totally different areas so she will be filling in for me to make sure all of this runs smoothly while I'm gone. I'm trying to "guide" her through everything she will need to do during my maternity leave.

I made a list for Hubby. He asked for it. It's a big list. It has baby stuff and just other house related stuff on it that doesn't really have to be done before baby, but we need to work on nonetheless. He's making great progress! He's painted the changing table and we've put new knobs on it. It looks amazing!!! We just need a shelf and closet rod and we're pretty much set in there. Some of the other stuff is minor, like tighten the toilet seat, fix the towel rod in bathroom, give house a good cleaning (baseboards, etc), fix the squeaky doors, but other stuff will take some time like put up new mirror and light fixtures in bathroom, work on yard (will have to wait until we get some relief of the heat), and work on basement/tools! These are things that have been on our "mental" list for some time, but we just have it all written down now to check off when we get them done! He also has some painting projects when he has the time!!

As for the "nesting" part at home, I've now cleaned out every closet (except mine), cabinets, and started washing teeny tiny baby clothes! I have bottles, bibs, spoons, etc in the kitchen as well as all the big necessities ready to use! We are as ready as we can be at this point!!!


Vacation Bible School

Really this code for Mommy's free time! Ok, seriously, LH is getting a great lesson every single night, playing with friends, learning new songs and having tons of fun, but while he is there, I get a couple hours of quiet time! There is nothing wrong with feeling good about this. Nope, no guilt at all!

NOW, if it were my home church, I would be volunteering, but its not because my home church still does VBS during the mornings when I'm working! So, he's actually never gone to that one. The one he is going to is from his first pre-school church. He loved it there, but it wasn't all day, so we had to find something else when I went back to work. I love all those people, their kids, and this will be his 3rd year attending their program! He looks forward to it every summer to see his old teachers and old friends!

In my "free" time so far, I've spent way too much at Lowes, caught up on laundry (yes, I did a lot of it myself), picked up the house, cleaned out more closets and just enjoyed some quiet!


In moderation?

Hmmmmm, I just can't do it. Have a drink that is. Not now.

I KNOW that some people, doctors, books, etc say that an occassional beer or glass of wine is perfectly safe during pregnancy, especially now in these last few weeks, but I just can't. Hubby and I stand firm about it. Wow, how times have changed.

I also know that back in the day when our moms were expecting, they drank, smoked, and who knows what else and we all turned out fine (well, jury is still out on some, but you get the point). We also didn't have carseats and high tech saftey toys/gadgets that we do now and we're still here. BUT, they didn't have the research and the information like we do now to make the best decisions.

It seems to be the "norm" has changed again. When you are newly pregnant, one of the sure fire ways to detect it, is someone NOT partaking in happy hour....well, in our group of friends anyway. In fact, sometimes when I wasn't even expecting I would get grilled why I wasn't having a drink at a casual get together - when either I just didn't want one or I was the DD. So, I find it odd that I'm 6 weeks away from my due date and I'm getting the same type of questions. I have been to some recent events and gatherings and I have been questioned if I would like a glass of wine or beer, but when I decline, everyone wants to tell me how safe it is and I should if I want to.

IF I wanted to, I would, but I don't. I just can't wrap my brain around it. I haven't found any reason why I should. I know that every pregnancy is different. I know that every situation is different. I also know that if ANYTHING happened to this baby or me or whatever I would feel extra guilty knowing that I participated in drinking while I was pregnant - even if that wasn't the cause. Who knows for sure? I just can't take that risk.

I can say that I feel confident that I can give up something for 9 months and feel great! In retrospect of a child's life and well-being, I don't think that is too long to abstain from anything!

NOW, I'm not knocking those that have a drink, I am just simply saying that this is MY choice and MY opinion on it. I do not judge or criticize anyone for indulging while you are carrying your own child....that's your decision. This is mine. Please respect it!


What's in a name?

Well, we have our baby names picked out! And, sorry, but we are keeping them a secret..yep, I'm just being a butt! I've gotten picked on plenty about it since we did not find out the sex AND we aren't telling names....how dare I??? Hehe!

Well, we know what we like and it will be family-ish from my side. Baby girl would be all family but baby boy would have a little family and a little just because we like it!

So, we haven't discussed the names with LH on purpose! He couldn't even keep a secret that mommy had a baby in her belly for more than 2 seconds (um, so my child by the way)! So, we thought it best to just not talk about it at all. Up until recently he hasn't even asked, until last night!

He asked what we were going to call the baby? We asked him what he would like to call the baby if it were a girl - but he reminded us that we are not having a girl because that is not what he wants and so she didn't need a name! Great! Ok, so moving on...what about a boy? His response: Doofus!

Well, we are all kind of crazy, but I don't think you want to introduce yourself that way in say, um, well, ever, so we'll stick with what we have and just let him ponder what else he can call this kid!!!


Tick Tock

I feel like a bomb waiting to explode....not really, but I feel like things are going to happen all of a sudden and blow up in my face!
Aggghhh!!!! I just don't feel ready. I know that if this baby came tomorrow, I would be able to deal with it as we have everything we NEED, but I just feel like there is so much left to do. AND, not necessarily everything has to do with the baby, but I just know if I put it off, it won't get done.
I was stressing this morning and was up at 5 am thinking about all the things that need to be done in the next 6-7 weeks. I mean, my goodness, 6 or 7 weeks??? That's it??? It sound like a lot, but it really isn't especially with all the activities planned between now and Labor Day!!! It will fly by faster than I can keep up I'm sure!
So, after I checked the calendar to see when Hubby and I could plan a date night, I realized that he has something to do every single weekend - did NOT make me very happy. NOW, only one weekend is both nights, but most are all day events and that means getting up early Saturday mornings so no late Friday nights and sluggish Saturday night sometimes! The only weekend free at this point is my birthday weekend which just happens to be about 5 days before this baby is due!!! My luck, I'd plan something for us and we'd be enjoying our romantic dinner for 2 in the delivery room!
I had a mini-meltdown and festered over it a bit....prompting me to ask him to see if there was anything he could give up - which would be hard, as 4 of the 6 weekends are non-negotiable but I was fishing! I came up empty! BUT, he promised me that everything would get done....just to make my wish list and he would work on it!
Well, my number one was a date with him....a friend practically forced me to go out after I whined and she said she would keep LH Friday night!!! AWESOME!!!! Love friends like that! The ones that just KNOW you need a break!
So, now, we have a date night set and I'm working on my honey - do list!
I just let out a sigh of relief.....a small one! As, the plan sounds great and all, but until it's executed, I won't feel satisfied!!
I have confidence that it will all get done....I'm a fairly good delegator - just ask hubby...I'm always barking some sort of orders at him!!!


Happy Early Birthday to LH

LH got an early birthday present from Gigi and Pop yesterday! We call it the green monster! He really just loves that it's green - his fave!

So, now, he can stop riding the tiny 16" toddler bike where everytime he pedals he hits his knees on the handle bars! Nice!

Now, for a little recap on the last few days.....what a doozy its been! Thank goodness for grandparents!

So, after LH was not feeling well and had the weird rash, we decided to take him to the Doctor Sunday morning even though my friend said it was a virus, we wanted to be sure! First of all, since he is hardly ever sick, we had no clue what the weekend office hours were!! Now we know, but hopefully we won't have to use them again anytime soon! It was a virus, one that sounds way nastier than it really is! It's Hand Foot and Mouth Disease! G-Ross! I mean really? Can't they come up with something else to call it? But, anywho, we are glad to know what it was.
Apparently, he was contagious/sick last week and like I said, mom of the year here, tried to treat his "allergies"! Great, but he's on the mend now! Lots of popsicles, lots of "stay home days" and a cool new bike! He's fine!

Brief Lesson: sores/blisters form in mouth and throat and that's where it starts/spreads to skin...red, bumpless rash on palms and bottoms of feet mostly - at this point, its almost over, but the throat stays sore until the sores/blisters heal! Only way to "treat" is pain reliever as it is a virus! BUT, good thing, it's like chicken pox, you should only get it once!! AND, another good thing, its mostly common in children 10 and under - so I'm fine to be around him!! Good thing as I doubled as his body pillow all weekend!

Dr. said he could go to school and pool and wherever he wanted but I kept him home yesterday and today since Gigi was here and could hang out with him and he could rest. I did call the school and they informed me there were no other cases of it, BUT thought it could have come from THE FAIR!!!! Damn fair....I knew it was nasty, but now I think I'll refrain from taking him there in the years to come!

Oh, and good thing we got a bigger bike as when we were at the Doctor's office, we found out he's 48 inches tall and weighs a whopping 60 pounds!!! WHAT????? Seriously, what almost 5 year old does that? And one more thing, he's already in a size 1 shoe! Where did my little boy go????


In Training

Well, I feel like today was a training mission for what is about to come. Gigi had my niece baby A for the day and we spent all afternoon together.

However, my training started earlier than that. Hubby and I decided to go to breakfast before LH came home from staying the night with Gigi and Pop. We also rand a couple errands around town, all of which I did withOUT a shower! Yep, I was that girl. I just thought we'd be going to breakfast and back so fast no one would notice. Well, after a trip to Lowes, the Farmer's Market and to drop some stuff off at the church, we headed home. There we proceeded to put up some laundry, clean out Hubby's work closet (which is in baby's room) and cleaned out the linen closet!

Gigi, Pop, LH and baby A came by and the boys started working on the door in the basement! It was a big project for Hubby and dad was here to help guide him along! Mom and I debated to stay at home and let the kids nap or go ahead to the pool....the pool won! As usual. I was thankful that I had neglected the shower at this point as I knew that I would be swimming soon.

The pool was great! Baby A had so much fun and despite what the weather forcast was, it was actually a great day to be outside! LH had fun too - as usual! BUT, then it gets interesting. He asked to go home...What? ok, so I thought he was just tired. He has had a busy week, stayed up late last night and was pushing through a day without a nap. I was wrong....

So, mom of the year here didn't think much of the watery eyes, peaked little face, and coughing...seriously thought it was allergies! Well, he took a bath - and said he was cold and wanted it really warm, then he wanted to take a nap! About an hour into it, he woke up screaming and crying.....saying it hurt. Well, he was talking about his throat, but he wouldn't let us look at it. He had a rash type think all over his legs and arms and some bumps on his face near his mouth...agghhhh!

I called my friend who is a physiciain's assistant and we let her take a look....we aren't sure yet, but she's pretty sure he's strep free and its some sort of virus that will just have to run its course! Great! But how horrible do I feel for trying to "cure" it with allergy meds all week and just thinking he'd been too busy!!!

He's hardly ever sick...really, has the best immune system ever!! I am still going to call the doctor's office in the am to see if I can't get an appointment just to double check everything is ok.

He's great though...ate a little for dinner, had some popsicles, drank some juice, and is now resting on the couch on his body pillow (me) and watching some movies his daddy got for him!

Now, I might get a shower before I pass out tonight...but very unlikely!

So, this was one of those days that you can't really remember where all the time went and how you managed to not take a shower!!! Got a lot of those ahead of me I guess once baby arrives!!!


Kindergarten Interview?

I guess that's what it is. Technically, the teacher or just "a teacher" interviewing or meeting with the child that is about to embark on the journey to Kindergarten!

Well, that was LH yesterday. Very happy and excited to go to his school and meet his teacher and see his room! BUT, that really wasn't how it all happened. He did go to "his" school, but the teacher might possibly not be "his" and they went to the "libary" not "his" classroom. All that comes later!

He "passed" with flying colors...thank goodness because what do you do if they don't "pass"? I mean there is some "test" required by the state that they throw/catch a ball and hop on one foot!!! If they don't, then do they say, ok, thanks for coming and work on that and try again next year!!! Oh well, he did fine so I guess he gets to go!!!

He was so ready to leave the house...we were waiting on his daddy to get home so we could get his bike/helmet out of the truck for bike day at preschool, but he wouldn't let me wait in the nice cool house with A/C! NO, he had to go to the car, buckle up and sit pretty in the back seat. And then he kept saying we had to go. He didn't want to be late for his meeting!!! So cute!

I did ok. Better than I expected! It was hard not to be so happy when he was so happy! BUT I think when I have to LEAVE him there on the first day, I will not be as ok! I mean, they are going to KEEP him all day!!!! and he's going to LOVE it I just know it. Me - notsomuch!

4th of July Fun

We had a wonderfully relaxing holiday weekend just us! We stayed at our 2nd home for 4 days (the pool) and had some friends over to cookout and catch the fireworks display! We are blessed to have a private showing from one of the local country clubs and we don't even have to leave our yard practically! Here are some photos from our family fun weekend! Ready for the show!

Love them!

OMG - 8 weeks left!!!!

Kisses for the baby!

LH and CG with the preshow entertainment!


Waiting for the show to start!

Practicing his Saturday Night Fever Dance moves I guess???

Good Friends!

Cheesin...ready for the show!


Baby Showers

I had 2 wonderful showers for the newest addition. One from great co-workers and the other for friends and family!
The Work Shower! Gigi (mom), Me, Mauggie (MIL)
Sporting the new headband with big flower...I now have 3!

HJ (best other part time civilian), Mrs Sheriff (ex sheriff's wife), me and the boss Lady!

LW (ex deputy - she's a stay at home mommy now), me and JR
The following are from the other shower!!

The CAKE! Seriously, it was as good as it looked! Perfect color coordination too!

The spread! (the little piggies in the blanket were actually babies...with face and everything)

Opening some gifts! Always one of my favorite hobbies!

Gigi (sportin' the mini), me and Mauggie

Me and chunky britches (my niece!)

For your Viewing Pleasure

We really did go to the beach...here's the proof: Had to sit on the cow at the ice cream store....before we saw the sign that said please don't sit on me! Oh well!
LH took this photo of all the "big dults"
Lh and his Mauggie and Papa

LH and Mommy! Watiting on our seafood pots!

Daddy and mini me!

Goofing off inthe car!

The big water slide - $20 all day pass - LH had so much fun!

First ride of the day!

First night...had to get his feet wet!

My little surfer dude!


Scheduling Issues

Well, this baby and I need to come to terms on our schedules. I have a feeling this time around might be a tad different than with LH. He was such a great sleeper/napper and was sleeping through the night by 9 or so weeks!!!
This baby is the most active around 9 or 10 pm when I am usually passing out on the couch and mostly through the night (if I wake up any, I can usually feel it rumbling around in there)! NOW, I'm up at 5am and he/she is quiet as can be. Not that I'm usally up at 4:30 or 5 am but lately that seems to be the trend.
We will have to come to terms on what is acceptable very early on if we need to get along!!!

The best thing about waking up this early is that I get a lot done. Dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc....it will make for a relaxing Friday but possibly a nap!!


Speak now or.....

What? I have no idea what to do in a situation like this.

I got an interview for the position I applied for - the one I hadn't heard back from so just assumed I didn't get. It just took them a few weeks to weed through applications and schedule interviews. Fine. I have one this morning. I've got my most slimming black dress on - haha! There isn't much use in trying to hide almost 8 months of belly!

So, here's my dilema. I was in this same situation last go around. Weird I know, but then Ididn't say anything about the baby. I regret that now. I wish I would have been up front with them about the obvious bulge and told them I would be willing to come back to work as soon as possible and it wouldn't interfere with anything. Big Mistake! NOW, technically and legally that is NOT the reason I didn't get the job, but I'm fairly certain I was a prime candidate!! - I was their #2 choice!!! It was a job I've always wanted and have attempted to get a few times...that was the closest ever. Moving on though.

Present day, baby belly front and center...what to do? Work it into the convo? Leave it be? In my mind I've done some "calculations" and with interviews today and tomorrow, give a week to make an offer/decision, plus 2 weeks notice, it would be end of July or very first of Aug for a start date, which would leave me about 3-4 weeks to work, then take off for 8 ????? You know that stuff is in the back of their minds too. Even though it shouldn't be a deciding factor. Then you think about this - I'll have doctor's appts every week, so time off, and after baby there will be checkups, etc. Hmmmm, its a gamble. We'll just see what happens!

For now, I think I'll let the belly speak for itself and just go from there. I don't want to compromise my time off afterwards for a job (i.e. willing to take a shorter leave just to come back to work or something like that).

Wish me luck!