My sweet Protector

Zeus (white) and Zoey (fawn)! Our furry children!
Zeus! He's special. I'm not being mean, I'm being serious. I mean, we haven't had him diagnosed or anything, but believe me, he is. I think something got lost somewhere with his color?? I mean, not many white boxers, so I'm pretty sure he's missing a few marbles, but he's the sweetest dog ever! He doesn't need a leash and is really loyal. He will listen to you (if he hears you). He's labeled Hubby's dog and Zoey is mine. She's going on 10 in August and is reserved. She likes to cuddle and give lots of kisses, but she's not really for sticking around. She checks on you then finds a nice comfy place to rest and relax. She is stubborn - that's the nicest way for me to put it! Hubby and her have their moments! She is loyal to me! hehe!

Well, since I've started to show, Zeus has become my shadow. NOT KIDDING! He's everywhere I go. Up, down, sit, stand, outside, inside, and even to the bathroom! Imagine 90 lbs of furball following your every move. Sometimes it makes for interesting situations - like cooking or peeing! He literally isn't 6 inches behind me and I've about broken my ankle too many times to count tripping over him. Lately I've been a litte worn out. I think partially its the heat, and the rest is just carrying extra weight! I am not over doing it as everyone thinks. I'm just going about my normal daily routines and we are still busy with pool fun, dinners out, and whatever else comes along. I feel good, just get tired quicker. Last weekend though, I was exhausted. I think the week had caught up to me and I just needed some extra rest. I napped a lot and the dog was right there checking on me the whole time. Sunday night I had all I could take though. He simply would not rest! He was panting, pacing and just could not sit still. ALL night long! Finally I had to put him in the basement just so I could sleep. At 4am! So, needless to say, I was still tired yesterday at work. Finally, last night he seemed to have tired himself out and we slept fine!

I love that he's protective. I love that he cares about me so much, but geez, just lay down!!!!