Damn Rain....

That's all.

I'm in trouble....

Little Hauss had to go to the doctor earlier this week because of a planter's wart on his foot! Well, of course there is about nothing they can do for him and since it really isn't causing any pain, we are just letting it be - but this is not my issue!

They measured and weighed him. I about choked when I learned my child is 50 lbs and 45 inches tall!!!!!!! To put this in perspective, I am almost 30 and I am only 62 inches tall!!! He is 3 years old and 9 months! I'm in big trouble! He still wants to be held sometimes or for us to "swing" him when we are walking holding hands. I can't. This could be what has contributed to my shoulder and back problems....and the fact that I'm a little "top heavy" as the doctor said.

I knew he was big...not too big, but my goodness! I thought I'd have at least a few years before he started eating me out of house and home, but it's already happening! I should just drop the "little" and start refering to him as just Hauss! Sheesh!