Battle of the super stores

I registered. I'm having a shower. I'm excited! I wasn't sure at the begining if I would have another one especially with this being my second, but I have 2 sweet friends who want to have one and it will be the only one! It will be ok I've decided as it has been 5 years since the last time! I actually do need some stuff. Mostly burp cloths, diapers, wipes, soaps, lotions, etc. The stuff you can't really save!

I registered online at Target! I love Target - most of the time. I was having a little problem finding things online that were also in stores. Things that I know I love. Things that I almost always give to new moms as the most basic necessities! I've done this before and I don't need anything big. I just need basics. I couldn't find what I wanted. So, I headed to the store. I got the scanner gun and was on my way. I had high expectations. I just knew that I could be finished in about 30 mins with everything on my list. I was wrong. The shelves were bare! If stuff was there, there was one or two of the item left. I did my best and left.

I went to Walmart. I don't love Walmart half as much and I hardly shop there anymore. I really have to need something to go there. I was pleasantly surprised. I found almost everything I wanted and fully stocked. So, I went home and updated my Target registry immediately. I still have one there, but not nearly as much stuff on it as Walmart. There are some things that the other store didn't have, so I kept them both.

I don't usually order online for gifts unless it is something that I really want to get and there is no way it is going to be in the store (any store) or unless the person lives somewhere else and I need to ship it. I like to give an actual gift. I am not a fan of giving gift cards. I do love to receive them. I know, weird, but whatever.

I just don't want someone to go somewhere and have a list to go on and there be absolutely nothing on the shelf! This is the main reason I chose to have the bulk of my registry items at Walmart and NOT Target. I think this is the first time I've ever not chose Target as my first choice!!!

We broke up...

My hairdresser and I. I think???

I haven't had a haircut in about 3 months or so. It hasn't really been a necessity and then we've been budgeting for other things, not to mention the prenatal vitamins are working their magic! I made an appointment, cancelled it. Rescheduled a week later, but my mommy brain had the wrong time and she cancelled because I was late by 10 mins and she had someone else coming in right behind me (in about 10 mins). I never actually made it to the salon, but was on my way. I asked for anything the next day, but she said it would have to be next week - I asked for the first available appointment. I got a text saying Thursday evening? I responded promptly what time? Never got a response.
I made an appointment with someone else. New! I know her and she is a good stylist, but never had her do my hair before. I've been with my hairdresser for at least 4 years. Well, I went Tuesday and loved it. Price was about the same too, so that wasn't a factor.
I got a text that night from my orignial hairdresser....."sorry I never got back to you, glad you got a haircut. hope no hard feelings. c u around."
OK....first of all, weird! I didn't really tell anyone I was going to get my hair cut, and most definitely not anyone that knew her! I did however see someone at the salon as I was leaving....who is a mutual friend (but he was there to get his haircut too....)??? Very strange, but oh well, at least she knows she messed up. I haven't decided what I want to do. I don't dislike my hairdresser at all and I obviously like my cuts, but now I'm torn....
I never responded....I guess I'll figure it out in another 3 months when I need a cut again!

Catchin' some wind

We have a local Kite Festival every spring and last weekend was it! It was perfectly windy! It was such a site to see all the kids and grown ups flying kites. So much fun.

After our picnic lunch we were watching the big kites. Notice how long my hair is - pulled back!!!
Loved every minute of it!
Flying his Iron Man kite! Notice the big scuba diver in the background?
And the huge penguin!
Daddy had to try it out too!

More changes....

The baby's room is a little awkward! It is the end room and narrow. It has one small wall - but the door opens up to it, so not really much wall space. There are 2 windows and 2 closets! It makes it a little difficult to place the furniture. I'm not opposed to "covering" a window but since we have a ranch, we don't want the crib in front of a window as a safety measure. The only place for the crib was on the wall where the door opens. Well, we could have gone beside the one window, but this allows more space in the rest of the room. The new issue is the dresser. I used it for LH as a changing table and loved the storage, height, etc, but it is not as accomodating this time around. First of all, it would need a facelift to match the black, but that isn't hard. Second, it needs to be about 6 inches or so shorter in length!!! That's not as easy! Remember, I'm picky!!! I even tried it caddy corner and didn't love it! So, now we are on to a new search for some sort of dresser/chest that is smaller and short enough to serve as storage and a changing table. I do not want a real changing table - I just don't think it really serves much of a purpose later...this will be able to be used for a long time.

The "extra" space will be used for a chair/rocker and maybe a small table/lamp.
I just don't like it. And its not just me. The hubby is the one that suggested we look for something new! We are going to check some consignments and salvation army.
Notice the door to the right....that's one of the 2 closets!! See what I'm talking about - NO wall space!

I'm picky

I can't help it. I am picky. I change my mind - A LOT! I really don't care. I just like what I like and I'll get what I want - eventually. I have had an idea of what I wanted this baby's room to be for months. Its in my head and I'm trying my hardest to make it a reality. Its slowly but surely morphing into what I love!

Ok, here is the original fabric choices I had picked out. Yes, they are great. I love the green, but up close and personal, they didn't match. It the store (after looking at tons of choices I thought they did) but after pulling them out in different lights, it just didn't work. So, back to the store we go. I took the mother in law this time, since she will be the seamstress! We searched for a green that matched but just didn't have much luck. So, we skipped to...
This will be the bumper. The turquoise "swirl" will be on one side (outer) and the polka dot will be on the other (inside). The polka dot will also serve as the ties! First, I want a contrast against the black crib, but also, black and white is good for baby to look at!

This will be the curtains. The solid turquoise will be the long panels and the polka dots will be the tabs at the top. MIL will even make them super cute with a point and we might even embellish later with a button or something...I love that I have such a talented MIL!!!

This is the crib skirt. Notice, the black/white "stripe" is the only fabric that we kept from the original set. It will be the bulk of the skirt with the turquoise being a trim at the bottom.

Here they are all together! I love it! I am really excited about seeing it all finished and made into something beautiful!
We spent 2 hours in the fabric store!!!! Hubby couldn't believe we had been there the whole time we were gone! I'm sure he thought we snuck in some other shopping, but no, we were searching and then computing! We had measurements and I wasn't leaving until I bought everything!
I got all this fabric and thread for $84! Sounds like a lot, but if you think about it, I'm outfitting a crib and 2 windows! There is also enough that we should be able to do a pillow or something. That's a hot deal. Premade packaged bedding sets cost around $100 average without window treatments or any other accessories, so I am so lucky! My MIL sprung for the filler for the bumper pads! Thanks!!! And add on some free labor (all out of love) I know it will be the best ever!
After the baby arrives, I thought a pretty hot pink or purple could be added for a girl or some orange or green for a boy!

Crib is UP!

I can't say enough about Walmart site to store lately. It was easy and saved money on shipping and it was FAST! A lot faster than I was ready for. I guess I just thought it would take weeks to get the crib here but it was here within 10 days! Well, of course I can't just let it sit in the box and we had to make sure all the pieces were there as well as in good shape, so we went ahead and put it together.
LH was a huge help. He even dressed up for it!! He has been a gem through all of this. I love that he is older and can completely understand the baby concept. He is excited and I know he will be a big help and a great big brother!

All dressed up! He looks like he's more ready for a camping trip than working with tools, but we'll take it! How can you not just melt when you look at his smile!
"Reading" directions!

I didn't even let hubby shower and get dressed first! Such a slave driver!

Working hard. I did help by the way, but I also had to document the moment!

Finished product. We need a matress, but are on the lookout!
It seems so real now! AND, we have a place for the baby. We are calling it the baby's room or nursery now - without hesitation!

Where do I start?

Well, this is a good place.....the baby! We went last Friday to "see" the baby. Poor LH thought he was actually going to see it. He asked if it was going to pop out? Too cute, but unfortunately, not ready for that just yet! He was super excited and super good! He was beaming with big brother pride. He asked the tech every question he could. What was the gel? What is that that thing you are looking in my mommy's tummy with? What is that? - and she explained every single thing to him. She showed him everything she was looking at and thoroughly described every aspect. I know that in a busy doctor's office, they are scheduled back to back, but I really thought she did a wonderful job of slowing down and enlightening our sweet and curious 4 year old! He was just as inquisitive with the doctor. He was fascinated by the heartbeat and seeing the baby on the screen! I barely paid attention to the ultrasound because I was so engrossed in LH's reaction to the entire process. It was a special experience.
Our Baby!
Don't look Daddy! We aren't finding out the sex!

That's my baby!!!!

He was just so much fun!

Totally into the whole thing!
The funniest part of the whole appointment was when I had to "empty my bladder". He asked the tech what a bladder was and then decided he needed to go too. He went with me and was so full of wonder as to why I peed in a cup. He wanted to know if he had to pee in one too. He then asked why so I told him they did tests on it. He thought that was cool because it was like science. Daddy told me later that LH came back to the room and whispered in his ear that "mommy peed in a cup and they are going to do science on it"! Too cute!
All in all, the appointment was great. I had low BP and gained less than a pound this past month, with my total around 3.5! They measured me around 20 weeks and 5 days by ultrasound and 21 with the tape on the tummy. They didn't move up my due date, but it makes me think I might be a little further along and could have this baby in Aug (just not on my birthday)!
The doctor did say that my placenta is low. Not anything to worry about yet, but lower than they want. He was having a tough time trying to explain it to hubby and I with LH in the room. He was trying to tell us that there should be no "activity" until the next appointment. We got it, but he still pulled Hubby to the side as we were leaving the room to make sure he understood!! HA! The good thing is I get to see the baby again next time since they have to check it out!!! He thinks it will move up! We hope so too because I would really not like to think I would have a C-section.