I'm addicted and I know you are too. To what you might ask? BLOG crack! You know, you get to work and have to have your coffee and check up on your faves every morning! We all do it and there is nothing to be ashamed of! Hubby used to think I was a nut job with my blog addiction, but now he really likes it (mine). I don't have a clue if he checks in on any of my blog friends (note to self: ask Hubby about other blogs).
It is actually strengthend our relationship in a wierd way. Its my therapy. I vent, cuss, whine, ponder and whatnot on my blog. Its MY blog, MY world! I don't bother him with ramblings of things out of my control or things that are irritating the life out of me.....he just reads about it and knows! I think he prefers this method versus my loud mouth spouting off like a fountain! I don't think he's listening half the time anyway! So, this works for us. AND, he's very aware of my mood when he comes home....a nice change for any man in this situation.....never know what you're walking into with all the estrogen surrounding you!
So, a good friend and fellow blogger have been feeding an addiction. KPC from Look There's a Chicken and I are fueling a fire too big for our control. Apparently, we are not offering up enough blog crack to fulfill the cravings for a friend. She is constantly asking for more. AND, we LOVE IT!! Its nice to know that you are entertaining someone on your daily rantings!
So, we've suckered her in. She's a hoot but doesn't even realize her blog potential! Please check out our friend JR911 at Fruit Snacks and A Glock.

Another new blog I am attached to is Two Limes Please. She is a friend of mine from way back in the day! I can't wait to get to know these girls even more....and I'm sure within a few posts, get addicted to even more blog crack!