A good excuse

I didn't get any of the Christmas decorations out this weekend. I had every intention, but a few things got in my way.

One, a great housewarming party for a good friend Friday night. I stayed much longer than I anticipated and had a wonderful time! It was great to just hang out with a lot of the girls I haven't seen in a while! Two, delivering some glasses and hanging out with the boys on a drive around town Saturday morning....followed by a baby shower lunch! Third, Hubby and I went to see the new movie, "The Blind Side"! It was a great movie and made us really appreciate all that we are blessed with. He was the lucky guy that had 5 dates since the girls I usually go to movies with came to the same showing! And lastly, the best excuse of the whole weekend - a chubaluvin' baby!!!! Yep, I got to keep my niece all day! Well, from about 8:30 - 3:30, but anytime is fine with me.

We put together the swing and had the coffee table pushed to the side with a bouncy seat on it, blankets on the floor and stuff scattered all over the living room and kitchen! Hubby looked at me at one point and asked what happened to the house! I just said, welcome to life with 2 kids! He's still on board with the plan, especially after today! And of course, I've got baby fever bad! Little Hauss did ok. He loves his cousin, but today was the first time we had her for an extended period of time. He was a little hyper, but really sweet with her and wanting to hold her, lay with her, and just be near her. He did get a little clingy a couple of times. At one point, he had been sent to his room for frog jumping over her on the floor (giving me a heart attack), but when I went to talk to him, he asked if I still loved him! Poor thing.....he's all good now and was in tears when she left! It's too cute!

So, the plan for decorating has changed. Hubby has agreed to get all the stuff out for me Tuesday so I can work on it Wednesday when I'm off!

The best thing about putting out the decorations is that Nelson comes out too! He is our Elf on the Shelf that we got last year and its the best thing ever to keep the Little Hauss on the "nice" list.

So, even though the plan didn't stick, I had some great excuses!