Public Apology

If my mood wasn't arleady funky, now I've gone and messed up again!

Things happen and we move on - hopefully! I'm praying that this will be one of those things that we just get past!

I'm sorry AGAIN. You know who you are.


I'm in a mood! I am positive it has nothing to do with the piles of clutter on my kitchen counter, unpacked duffle from our trip sitting in the floor, baskets of laundry in the rooms, rain, getting home every night after 7, and the fact that we can't find the only cell phone charger left! The upside is that we get new phones this weekend! I just hope the car charger can get us through until then!

Little Hauss is moody too. I'm sure that has nothing to do with him being with his Gigi for a week, having his 10th or so birthday party, and starting a new class at school & all the excitement that goes with it.

Is there a full moon? It must be and I'm sure the change in the weather is a factor as well!

Proud to Announce

My new blog for my crafty adventures!! It is a lot easier to have everything in its own spot and keep up with this way, so check out Glitzy Creations and see what's going on. I will be working on some new plates and glasses soon and hope to get going on ornaments!
Check back often for new items, giveaways and much more!