Perking Up

I'm starting to feel better. Not 100%, but a considerable improvement. I ate a real meal last week and even cooked over the weekend. I can't say I did much else, but that wore me out anyway, so there wasn't much energy left for other stuff!

I am enjoying my mornings a bit more and not gagging at the thought of brushing my teeth, so that's a positive, however, I do feel like I can't get my mouth clean enough. It is the oddest thing. I brush about 2 or 3 times in the morning before I ever leave the house, then I constantly chew gum and eat breath mints all day at work. I brush another 2 or 3 times at night. I can't figure it out but its a cotton mouth feel almost. This is something I definitely did not have with my first pregnancy!

I am finally eating meat again. Not much, but the thought of it isn't repulsive, and I even cooked chicken. I ate it too. I still prefer carbs, fruits and veggies rather than meat. Hubby is not liking this phase because rarely have I made anything of substance for dinner. Apparently mashed potatoes and salad are not a complete meal! I'm working on it. I am working on planning a menu for this week and hope to stick to it - but first I need to get to the store. I'm excited about shopping because we've been using up stuff in our freezer and pantry this month and haven't really needed a ton of stuff, but Kroger is having a huge sale and I have tons of great coupons to pair up with it, so I should be able to stock up for fairly cheap!