Ruff Ruff

The pups got us in trouble with the law last week! Wait, we are the law, but not the right kind of law for this! We work in the county, but we live in the city (a very small city with notsomuch action for the local law enforcement - obviously), so we were in trouble!

The beloved pups were making some "noise" (aka barking) last Thursday evening and we got a call to please put them inside. Now, because we work for the county law, we are in tight with the city law...that's just how things work around these parts! So, that's how we got a call about the dogs instead of the oh so formal notice they will tape to your front door. Hubby's friend got the call and texted him (at the football game that I was supposed to be at too) asking if we could get the dogs in because one of our neighbors was complaining. Hubby called me and I had to leave my friend's house (right before kickoff mind you) to get my noisy dogs inside.

I get home, barely get dogs inside (which by the way were not barking when I pulled in the driveway), and the door bell rings. This sets off my baby girl and she is pretty much through the front door to get at the nice officer standing on the other side. Well, hello officer *** (yes I know him - like I said, small town), oh, really? my dogs were barking? (as Zoey is still growling on the inside of the door). That's unusal as they don't bark unless something or someone is in the yard. Uh huh, yes, I know the neighbor you are talking about because he's complained on our next door neighbors in the past. He's got nothing better to do! Yes, they are inside. Oh, you are going to go talk to him now, ok, well thank you!

So, down in the basement they go and I quickly change into my pajamas because I need to get comfy to watch the game - since its already started and all! Ding Dong.....really? So, I check the peep hole and can barely make out another officer at my door as he is standing to the side. Well, this time I open the door and chastize him for not standing where I could see him (and swear at him under my breath as I'm standing on the front porch with mismatched pjs on). He laughs and I tell him that he's lucky I even opened the door because he knows that Hubby works at night and I am home all alone and wouldn't answer the door without knowing who was on the other side! He coulda been shot (yes, we have guns and yes I know how to use them). So, officer *** (he used to work with Hubby and me), I just told officer *** that the dogs don't bark unless someone is in the yard. I know the neighbor and he's a piece of work. He probably had nothing better to do, heard some dogs, and for all I know walked up here in the yard and they barked at him. So, what can he do? I mean, how many times did he call? Twice? really, in a 45 minute period? Insane! Well, it's only 8:00 pm and he has no valid complaint until at least 10pm when then noise ordinance goes into effect (because I know the city ordinances like that). Yes, I understand he could take a warrant out and take us to court. Yes, I know he's a retard! Yes, I know he complains on a lot of people. Thanks so much for your time...have a nice night! Oh, and by the way, I'm so glad that you and officer *** got to spend the tax payers money on this important situation and there wasn't something far more serious going on in the city that you might have needed to attend to! Thank goodness for no real emergencies!

So, I see the neighbor driving up the street with his window down on Friday afternoon, and as I glare at him, I almost, really almost, barked at him! If LH hadn't been standing right beside me, I would have!