Pre - Nesting

I am not in full nesting mode, but I'm in a pre-nesting mode of somesort. Things are irritating me around the house and I am already overwhelmed with the idea of having to get them all done.

LH's room is a wreck. Really, just a crazy mess of stuff! There are clothes that need to be packed up, toys that need a new home or just to be thrown away, books that need to be boxed, etc. Moms, you know what I'm talking about. The stuff is just everywhere. He picks up his room and clears the floor, but I have no idea what's in there anymore. I am fairly certain he's outgrown tons of stuff in his closet and drawers and there are more pieces of toys that will never find their home hiding in there. I'm hoping this weekend I'll be able to start in there. My issue is he isn't too fond of me ravaging through his room. He can't seem to part with that one leggo that isn't part of a set any longer! Maybe him and daddy can have a boy morning or something. Anything to give me about an hour or so alone with his stuff!

The bathroom has become a catch all for our stuff! I obviously don't need tanning lotion and can't even remember how long its been there, but I found it in a drawer while looking for something else - which of course I didn't find! I'm sure there are almost empty bottles of lotions and potions that could be thrown out as well as expired meds, not to mention we could consolidate the four bandaid boxes into one!
This also runs over into the hall closet. It is a linen closet and I'm sure we have things in there that we'll never use - like those full sheets from my old bed....yep, can probably pack those up and make some more space for the towels that are falling out every time you open the door! Hopefully this weekend I can get some sort of order in these areas. Small steps!! Don't want to overdo myself yet. I still have a lot of time left!

The other area I really need to work on is my room. Namely, my clothes. I don't really have enough to switch spring/summer and fall/winter but with maternity, I like to pretty much clear out everything and put in only what I'll be able to wear for the duration of the pregnancy. I have things I can still wear, but there are things that I know I'll be packing up - like all my summer stuff! If I can get a head start on it now, I won't have as much to do later.....like in a few weeks! hehe! It wouldn't hurt to box up some of the clunky wintery shoes either and have my flip flops ready for wear!

We'll see what I really get done....I am aiming for all of it, but sometimes we just get into too much fun and don't get the chores done!

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