The rollercoaster has begun

Are you ready for the ride?

I've been talking about how busy things are going to get for a few weeks now, but the time is here!!! I kicked off the hectic, chaotic, and fun filled spring and summer events with a baby shower for a good friend this past Sunday! It was very nice, very girly, and very easy! We had a luncheon at a local Country Club and we just showed up, enjoyed the afternoon, and left! No preperation, running around all morning cleaning and fretting, and the best part - no dishes!!!!! We all couldn't figure out why in the world we hadn't done this before with all the parties and showers we've had over the years, but alas, that's our new way of doing it! So, if I host a shower or party for you in the near future, don't be surprised if we end up at a Country Club!

Now on to the next few months of events. I get a little tired just thinking about all we have planned. Mostly good and fun, but nonetheless busy! I can keep up just fine, but I'm not so sure about Hubby and our friends. I just planned a cookout for this Saturday with our bestest friends because we were afraid of not seeing each other for months!!! It might not be that drastic, but it'll be close!

Just a rundown of all the wonderful things our future holds from now until OCTOBER!

Pampered Chef party at my house tomorrow night, Audit at work, beach trip #1; Baby shower #2; dinner with friends; (in town) wedding #1; (out of town) wedding - simultaneous with Hubby's birthday and Mother's day; friend's 30th birthday party; Atlanta - Memorial Day weekend; beach trip #2; Brother's birthday; (out of town) wedding #3 - simultaneous with Father's day and Mother-in-Law's birthday weekend; 4th of July weekend; baby shower #3 - co-hosting for friend at work; baby shower #4-hosting for Brother's girlfriend; hubby works 10 days straight so others can take vacation; 7 year anniversary; beach trip #3; my 30th birthday; Labor day - simultaneous with Little Hauss's 4th birthday and VT v. Alabama game in ATL; Brother and girlfriend's baby due; Brother-in-law's birthday; Pop's birthday; CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!

At least I get to end it all with a relaxing vacation! Those are just the added weekend activities we have planned on top of all the regular weekly things on our agendas!!!

I think I have about 3 or 4 weekends that are empty, but I'm sure that is bound to change!

Ok...enough boring you with my schedule - off to come up with my plan of action for the party tomorrow night!!! Lots to do!