It's like a game!

I'm turning into a laundry whore!! I'm sure Hubby is very happy about this. IF I thought I could keep this up, I wouldn't mind doing it so much, but inevitably, piles start to form and reality sets in. Sometimes there just isn't enough time for it all! So, I have in the washing machine now 2 small throws and 2 small throw pillows!! Hubby thinks I'm nuts and is warning me to wash ONLY when there is enough for a full load. He can't even take a shirt off without me swiping it up and piling it in the basket! I keep looking around the house wondering if there is anything else left to be laundered. I see right now a couple more blankets. After that, I'll have to wait until we change clothes again!!! So, on a different note, I just went to a Kelly's Kids trunk show! I usually don't buy stuff from there because 1 - the cost is fairly high and 2 - Little Hauss grows so fast, I'm scared he wouldn't get enough wear out of it! But, I did splurge today and got him a green searsucker swim trunks. It was a tad more than I would normall spend, however, I hear that the clothes hold up well and I figured that it was the one item I knew he would wear often. I saw tons of cute stuff that I could have easily gone broke over, but with it taking 4-5 weeks to even ship, I was really nervous of buying anything and then him growing out of it too fast. Now, if I had a girl, it'd be all over with. I would be in debt and have the cutest little princess on the block! Another reason I indulged is $1 shipping!! Can't beat that!

He's gonna be so handsome this summer. AND green is his favorite!