Mommy needs a night off...that's all I'm asking for

So, I've been busy lately, which isn't unusal. But, its been fun busy with LH and trying to give Hubby the time and quiet he needs to catch up on sleep. He's been running crazy every morning this week with meetings at work, funerals, getting his car fixed, etc. so I've been keeping LH entertained and wearing him out as much as possible (movies, pool time, dinner out). NOW, that comes with not being home as much, so not cooking dinner or doing much (read: anything) around the house, but still, it's nice and quiet!! I have Thursday and Friday to get housework/laundry done! I'm not concerned.
Well, I asked Hubby to pick up Little Hauss today from preschool so I could have happy hour with the girls (to celebrate summer, a birthday, whatever....just a couple of hours of me time), and I got blamed for him not being able to work out and sleep much!!!!! WHAT??? I didn't schedule a funeral and 2 meetings at work???? But yet, its still my fault. Mind you I had already offered to have a friend pick LH up and bring him home later but he insisted on getting him!
I got irritated...imagine that, and pretty much told him that I would take care of it and tomorrow when we are supposed to take LH to the local fair (yes, I'm certifiable) and he could work out and sleep all he wanted and wouldn't have to spend anytime with us the entire week! I just feel like I can't do it all...I just need a break...2 hours..that's it! Grrr!

I'm not the only one

Apparently, there are 5,999 other unhappy co-op owners waiting on their produce as well. Hubby came home this morning to share that the local paper had a big article about the farm that sold all the co-ops and couldn't deliver!
I looked it up as soon as I could and was shocked to discover that they sold 6,000 shares this year! Obviously they got in over their heads and they can't keep up. I hope they are happy with their new found fortune of $210,000!!! Myabe it was a planned thing...rip everyone off and just run off with the money!?!? Who knows.
Either way, the article said they tried to contact the owners and got no response....imagine that? IF they ever show up at the local stand I'll see about getting some veggies since I'm obviously not getting a refund (as they have not responded to my email nor answered any call in the past week) but if not, then I'll just write it off as a lesson learned. I have wasted about that much in gas and time wondering around downtown for a parking space so from now on, I'll just get what I can if I can and support the other farmers instead!
Come to find out co-ops usually are sold in limited shares per year and for a couple hundred dollars each....buyer beware I guess!


My sweet Protector

Zeus (white) and Zoey (fawn)! Our furry children!
Zeus! He's special. I'm not being mean, I'm being serious. I mean, we haven't had him diagnosed or anything, but believe me, he is. I think something got lost somewhere with his color?? I mean, not many white boxers, so I'm pretty sure he's missing a few marbles, but he's the sweetest dog ever! He doesn't need a leash and is really loyal. He will listen to you (if he hears you). He's labeled Hubby's dog and Zoey is mine. She's going on 10 in August and is reserved. She likes to cuddle and give lots of kisses, but she's not really for sticking around. She checks on you then finds a nice comfy place to rest and relax. She is stubborn - that's the nicest way for me to put it! Hubby and her have their moments! She is loyal to me! hehe!

Well, since I've started to show, Zeus has become my shadow. NOT KIDDING! He's everywhere I go. Up, down, sit, stand, outside, inside, and even to the bathroom! Imagine 90 lbs of furball following your every move. Sometimes it makes for interesting situations - like cooking or peeing! He literally isn't 6 inches behind me and I've about broken my ankle too many times to count tripping over him. Lately I've been a litte worn out. I think partially its the heat, and the rest is just carrying extra weight! I am not over doing it as everyone thinks. I'm just going about my normal daily routines and we are still busy with pool fun, dinners out, and whatever else comes along. I feel good, just get tired quicker. Last weekend though, I was exhausted. I think the week had caught up to me and I just needed some extra rest. I napped a lot and the dog was right there checking on me the whole time. Sunday night I had all I could take though. He simply would not rest! He was panting, pacing and just could not sit still. ALL night long! Finally I had to put him in the basement just so I could sleep. At 4am! So, needless to say, I was still tired yesterday at work. Finally, last night he seemed to have tired himself out and we slept fine!

I love that he's protective. I love that he cares about me so much, but geez, just lay down!!!!


Home Grown....NOT

So, I told you a long time ago about this wonderful opportunity about a local co-op program and how super duper excited I was about it!!! Well, I'm not anymore. I'm fed up with them! They have consistently been inconsistent!
First of all, they delayed the opening of our local market, which I was ok with at first because there was another market close by that I could go to (but only on Fridays and Saturdays). It is downtown and busier with limited parking, but I thought it would be ok a few times. Notsomuch! I went once and couldn't even find them. I went another time and found them but they had hardly anything, and then when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I was proven wrong just last week!
I got an email from the farm/owner stating that they were going to try something new and offer pre packaged boxes. There were 3 different options to choose with a variety of vegetables in each. All you had to do was order your desired box and voila, you could pick it up! Awesome! I thought this way, it would definitely be worth my trip to get the veggies I'd been trying to get all summer. I even ordered one of each box (you can catch up if you've missed weeks). I was also going to pick up some for a friend of mine - 6 boxes total! I ordered online - and left my name, and she called, spoke to an actual human and he assured her that her boxes would be there!
Well, guess what? yep, not there! Now, I'm not saying that downtown is far away, but its not convienent - it takes at least 20 minutes from my house to get there, not to mention, trying to find a place to park and then possibly pay for parking. Luckily, after driving around the block a few times, I found a close enough spot to the stand that was on the street. Mind you, I was going to have 30 pounds of veggies to lug back to the car, so I wanted close. Also, I am 30 weeks pregnant and it was 95 degrees at least that day! So, I walk up to the stand to see one man sitting there with ONE box of zuchinni and all kinds of empty boxes in the truck??????? WHAT? I tell him I am there to pick up 6 boxes of PREordered veggies. He stares at me like he's seeing a ghost. Um, uh, what? he says. Really? REALLY? Oh, I was beyond irritated. So, as I'm yelling how fed up with them I am, I'm waddling back to my car!!!! FUMING!
I try to call the number at the farm, no answer. I want to leave a voicemail, but I can't because wouldn't you know it, the mailbox is full! Imagine that. I bet it was all their super satisfied customers telling them how happy they were with the service!
So, I did the next best thing, I emailed them. It was nasty, evil and I'm pretty sure I might not get a response. I was ruthless. I didn't care. I am also still trying to call but am still getting no answer or voicemail.

Hmmmm, one of these days I will get in touch and give them another piece of my mind! Ridiculous!


Bad Blogger

Well, it's just been crazy. I know that's just an excuse, but really. I can't keep up. Day to day stuff is just overwhelming and not to mention that I'm only 10 1/2 weeks out of my due date!!!! What?? where did this pregnancy go? Hubby was even shocked we were that close! And, I am pretending that we are only 9 weeks away just in case this baby does come early. I need to be prepared.

SO much still left to do. Not necessarily priority, but still needs to get done regardless! We finally have a crib matress! The bedding is done and in the room. ONE curtain is hung. We are putting it together piece by piece. This whole working while pregnant has put a cramp in my style!!! hehe. I had all the time in the world last time. Time to lounge the poolside, work on baby's room, etc. This time I find myself working then lounging by the pool in my "free time". I totally have my priorities in line!! Can't you tell? I just know there is a rainy Saturday coming that I can work on the room! Totally not nesting at all...well, in my head I am. I am thinking of all the wonderful things we still need to do and get to be done, but it's just a faint idea that hasn't come to fruition yet!

Meanwhile, the beach was fabulous! I am definitely going for longer next year...a whole week - maybe 10 days if I can swing it! By then I'll probably have a real job with vacation time and will actually get paid to take time off!!! Won't that be fun! We'll see what happens!! LH had such a good time playing in the water!!! He's such a fish like us..makes me happy! I do have some pictures and video that I promise I will post....when I find time to download them to my computer!!!

In other news, didn't hear anything about that other job....I did in fact apply and have mixed emotions about the whole thing. I guess with my degree and work experience I felt I might at least get a call or interview....nada! I know that probably a lot of people applied within the department and that's fine, but I am still a little surprised. I guess that just tells you how competitive the job market is these days! I haven't recieved a letter of denial either, but I'm fairly sure that is coming! We'll see. For now, I'll just hold tight and wait until after baby to pursue anything else.

On a lighter note, I had 2 wonderful baby showers. One at work and one with friends & family. I got LOTS of necessities. It was kind of nice for everyone not to know what the sex of the baby was because I got stuff that will actually use and needed more than clothes!! Lots of diapers, wipes, lotions, soaps, diaper rash cream, etc....things that will come in handy and hopfully we won't need to replenish anytime soon! I did get some gender neutral outfits, blankets, towels, etc...so we should be good all around. There are a few things that I still need, but I can pick those up in the next few months and then we should be set....=)

Work has been a bear. "They" are changing things. "They" have changed so now we are seeing the affects of it. I guess I knew it was coming, but I just thought it would start with someone else first....but it had to be us!! Fabulous! I'm ok with it and I keep telling myself that I will be outta here soon enough and won't have to deal with it anymore...at least for 8 weeks!!! We just feel like we are damned if we do and damned if we don't. No matter what it is, we are wrong...but we just go on our merry way and keep our heads down hoping to slip by unnoticed!!! I'll let you know how that works out!

Other than that, I don't have much....I will find something completely fun to post on soon....pinky swear!



Happy Father's Day to my dad and Brother! I can't tell you the last time just the four of us had a picture taken together!!!
Brother, me and Dad - we were cracking up b/c there were times when we were all yelling and bickering about the picture, but hubby got a "good" one!!! The other ones tell the true family dynamic though!

LH and Daddy...look at the sweet shirt he made for him at school!!!

Gigi and baby Ava! She's a chunk!!! (hot grandma huh?)


I'm back.....

Oh, what a wonderfully relaxing vacation!!! We had so much fun!

I don't have time to tell you all the details, post pics or videos just yet, but rest assured I'm back and will fill you in shortly!

Pinky Swear!



There is an opportunity for me to work full time. There is an internal job posting within the County I already work for, but a totally different position. I'm torn.
I've been doing all the research and calculating trying to figure out if it is worth it or not. I LOVE my job....and I do mean LOVE it. I enjoy coming to work every day and the people I work with as well as the work I do. I'm not so sure about this other position. It is more serious, more emotional (I can't think of the word), but also more money, benefits, and stability.
I knew this day would come. I knew that there would come a time when I would have to make a decision. I just didn't expect it to be now. I know that my job is secure until the next budget - a year, and I know that I won't ever make any more money here nor get benefits. I also know that I will miss the flexibility in my schedule....A LOT! BUT, is it time to move on? Is it time to do what I've been telling my hubby I'd do for 2 years now? I guess I should try. I am just reluctant to move forward.
Even with daycare costs (that are ridiculous and I still can't understand how people afford TWO kids at the same time) we would still be bringin in more money. NOT tons, but more. Also, I'd have vacation time and holiday time (paid) as opposed to now. EVEN though I get 52 Fridays off a year (technically), I still work like crazy making up time off for Holidays or vacations! This would also give me a chance to start adding to my retirement again.
There are pros and cons to both sides. I just have to figure out which one is the most worth it for my time and our family.


Reminding Myself Why

I am working like crazy this week! I didn't plan the vacay very well with the Holiday!!! This is ONE downfall to working part time without paid days off or paid Holidays!!! So, I'm trying to cram in all my hours before we leave next week for the beach!!! I just keep telling myself I LOVE the beach over and over! It is totally worth it to work on Friday all day for a memory like this one!


NC Zoo

Last Friday a friend and I took our kiddies to the North Carolina Zoo! It is about a 2 1/2 hours away and we were prepared for a great day! It was just that! The kids did fabulously in the car and then were amazing all day in the hot sun! We walked and walked and walked. We played, checked out the cool animals and just enjoyed being free! No work, so responsibilities! Just fun! We are already trying to "plan" our next trip for the summer. We want to take them to a cool interactive children's museum about an hour away - but we are waiting for a yucky weekend day that we can't spend at the pool!
Totally Picking the nose of the Rino!

Ready to start the day!ot

Second time on there!! had to ride the eagle

Me and My little man!


Shut your mouth...

About my kid! I know how he is. I know he's a boy's boy and is full of energy. I know that he is hyper and excitable, especially when he has an audience! I know that he loves to talk (no idea where that is from - wink wink) and I know that he LOVES it when you laugh at him for doing something he knows he's not supposed to do - like burp, say "bad" words or shake his booty! Do you think I don't know all these things? Do you think that I purposefully let him get away with it? Did you not hear me try to politely "take care of the situation" in front of you by calling him out or asking if he would please not do that anymore? Because if you didn't, I understand a little itty bitty bit why you might think that it's totally ok for you to put your two cents in, but if you DID hear me, then please keep your comments to yourself. Oh, and furthermore, don't bring up the fact that there will be another one soon that "you'll have to deal with" and "what if the next one is like THIS too"!
I happen to LOVE him like this and I know that this is just him being entertaining. I am not saying it is right for him to "act out" but he's not hurting you and I've learned to pick my battles. I also know that I'll take care of it later. He will have a talk or possibly be punished for whatever his undesirable behavior is at this given moment - if it is deserving. He's FOUR!!!!!! He's a BOY!!!! And I love him no matter what. If I thought that the situation called for it, I'd yank his hiney right on outta there and give him a piece of my mind and if needed, take him home!
I'm ok with you maybe calling him out if he's about to hurt someone or doing something completely inappropriate (especially if I'm not there or unaware of what is happening) BUT if I'm present, please don't parent my child, even if you are parent yourself because they are all different and so are our styles.

More of me...

Literally! I'm just growing and growing!! This is a pic of me today at 26 1/2 weeks! I feel GREAT. Really! I feel pretty too! I know that sounds weird, but I do. I don't feel huge and slow and just down right gross like some mommies to be do! I LOVE pregnancy. I have offered to be a surrogate for people, but hubby says NO! Apparently the "attitude" is just not desirable and NOT to mention the "restriction" issue this time. SO, I guess no more babies!