The Wedding Planner and then some

Just picture me as JLo in the movie the Wedding Planner only with shorter hair, a smaller arse (but definitely not smaller anything else) and no cute Dr. Steve to dance with me on that enchanted evening! But it was tons of fun!
Hubby is still thanking me for not dragging him along! Don't get me wrong, he would have loved to be there for the blessed event, but not for all the extras that he would surely have been coerced into. There were flowers to be cut, wired, arranged, and wrapped; yards of tulle to be cut and placed on everything, tables to be decorated; hair to curl and pin; and a marsh to dry up. Yep, the ceremony was outside at a quaint little Inn on Kent Island, MD, but the ground was mushy! The chairs would have sunk in and the poor bridesmaids would have gotten stuck! Luckily, after the day went on with plenty of sunshine, and a small rearrangement of seats, everything turned out perfect without mud splatters on the dress and sunken heels!
The bride is basically a surrogate little sister to me so I was glad to help her out and be there with the whole family to celebrate. It was such a fun and beautiful wedding (if I do say so myself)!
I was glad to be back home on Sunday with my boys! I'm sure they missed me, but that didn't stop them from having a great weekend. My parents were in town and there were all kinds of events going on that they could partake in. Mostly, Little Hauss was in the pool. He doesn't fall far from the tree on that one. I think we put in a good 10-12 hours pool time between Friday and Sunday. He's definitely taking after his mommy's side on the tanning! He's already darker than me and we're loading him up with 50+ SPF! He's also swimming!!!! Really swimming - with no floaties! He's so proud of himself.
Hubby also took Little Hauss to the local Relay for Life walk and let him run a few laps! He loved it and I think next year we will join a team as a family! We had a few memorials for our loved ones and they got to see them displayed.
All in all, it was a great weekend for the whole family!