Not frozen yet!

So, we, meaning my hubby, turned on the A/C today! Now, for most, that is a simple switch to ON, but not so much for us. It's not terrible difficult, but with having a wood stove, we (hubby) have to change out the ....oh whatever, I have no idea what he has to do, but I do know you can't just turn it ON! Either way, its cool in the house. SOOOOOOOOOO much better than the muggy heat coming in through the windows mixed with all the fans going. NOW, I know I said save on the energy, but at 90 degrees, you have to draw the line. AND even with the A/C on, we don't turn it down low...usually set around 72 or so.

So, this is a huge deal for us because towards the end of last summer, we had some issues with the A/C unit freezing up (inside). The coils were cleaned, freon added, and some very expensive part replaced, but they couldn't really figure out what was going on - it only took them 3 trips to figure that out! They told us we needed a new unit, of course. We have never called them back! We are going to get a second opinion. The guy totally contradicted himself when he was here one time and said that we needed a new unit, but then later said he really didn't know, and probably would be ok!?!?!?! What? We just figured they were trying to hose us for a new unit....news flash! I don't do hosed! So, we (hubby) turned it on and we'll just see what happens.

I even cooked dinner and got to the grocery store tonight! See what a difference a little A/C can make!

Miss Piggy

I can deal with spinach, tomatoes, hot peppers, even some peanuts, but not with my pig! I love pork - all kinds, so they better be right when they say you can't get this swine flu virus from ingesting pork products!

And the fact that I have 15 pounds of boston butt sitting in my freezer to cook up for this weekend's birthday bbq for the hubby!