Trucks, Planes, and Things

A few weeks ago, Little Hauss and I headed out in the heat to "touch some trucks"! It is a free event put on by the county we live in and its awesome for kids of all ages (and some adults too)! He got to really explore all types of machinery. Tractors, go carts, 18 wheelers, Army jeeps, cranes, police, fire and ems, even a plane and helicopter! I can't wait to take him back next year with the hubby and we will definitely get there a little earlier to beat the heat and crowd!

I can't believe he got in a fighter plane!!!

My little fireman

I think he was more excited about the school bus than anything else! He said he was a big boy!

Blowing the horns was all the rage, but not fun when you weren't the one in the driver's seat!

He was fascinated with putting on his seat belt!!! Safety First!

Climbing in the cab!

Taking Charge!

New Do!

Not really "new" but "improved". Best pics I could do on my own!

Ready, Set, Go!

I would have never guessed earlier this summer Little Hauss would be DIVING off the board by August! It took him a couple of weeks in May to finally get readjusted in the water and to relinquish his floaties, but then he was in fish mode and swimming all over the pool! Wow, he's growing up fast! I'm not sure I'm ready for it!

Ready, Set....

All I got?

After 4 days, you would think I would have more pics! NO, this is the ONLY picture that was taken at the beach and it sure is a beauty!

Getting ready for our steampot at Joe's Crab Shack
Um.....I guess we just had too much fun to take time for photos!!!