He's at it again....

Little Hauss is just the funniest kid I know! I know he's mine, but seriously all those things I read years ago about Kid's Say the Darndest Things really is true!

  • I told him I was sleepy yesterday and he matter of factly told me that I needed a longer nap and that he wasn't sleepy because he took a long nap the night before!
  • I told him we were going to Sam's and Michael's the other day and he asked who they were and if we were going to stay there so he could play with them!
  • He was in the tub with 2 of his giraffe toys and I could hear him saying "Daddy Giraffe, what do I do now?, Well, baby giraffe, you need to take a bath. Get your hair wet and wash your body with soap. Okay daddy giraffe" - I guess beacause that's our conversation in the bath everynight.
  • He told me his leg pit hurt the other day....WHAT? Ya know, my leg pit as he pointed to the place behind his knee! It does kind of make sense!
  • He told me that I couldn't use the blue soap in the bathroom because it was man soap! (Hubby had refilled the dispenser with men's body wash for what reason I'm not sure), but that since it was man soap, girls couldn't use it!
  • I told him somthing was cool the other day and he told me that it was cute. I asked why it was cute and he informed me that girls say cute, boys say cool! And now he can spell cool!

Open House Tonight

I'm so excited about my open house tonight for my crafts! I have been frantically getting things together today and yesterday because there are so many little things that I didn't even think of! For instance, a mailing list, tablecloths, change for cash sales, a calculator, etc. I've been busy making price lists and tags for all of my items. Also, I printed some photos of stuff that I've made in the past so that people can see all of designs. I was fortunate enough to borrow a beautiful ornament tree from Southern Living at Home to display all of the ornaments I've painted recently. The same friend, Daycare Daddy's wife, has let me keep almost everything I've made for her so I could display it tonight. I've even had to go pick up 2 items from her that I gave her not realizing that I needed it back! She'll get them back soon to give away for Christmas!

I think I'm ready! There are 3 hostesses and we will be modeling hand made necklaces while sipping wine from pretty hand painted goblets! At least I will build my client list and have fun doing it!