Blog Blocked!

So, apparently, we've been blog blocked at work. Just blogs it seems, well and "personal sites". We still don't know what exactly that entails, but I guess I'll find out if I try to get on one! So, technically, I'm not fully blocked, but partially. I'm allowed 60 minutes of access a day- but only 10 minutes at a time!!! I can't gather all my thoughts in 10 minutes! Sometimes I pull up the blogger site, start a post and keep coming back to it throughout the day to add and update until finally I'm ready to hit publish! Guess that's going to have to change. Either I'll start keeping a little list of things that I want to post at night, or try to get in a quick post on a break or lunch! I'm pretty sure it will mean me posting at night, but we'll see how it goes!
So, just wanted to give you a heads up about why my post will be a little more irregular!

Happy Birthday Hubby!!!

Just wanted to wish a super duper Happy Birthday to most wonderful man ever! Hubby turned 32 today and is more amazing that the day I met him! I am such a lucky girl to have such a thoughful, caring and loving best friend, father and husband! He's the man of my dreams!!! I love you so much!!!!!!!

24 weeks!

I'm starting to "feel" pregnant now. I can't move as much - like bending over and putting on my shoes, but that's ok...I'm so excited I can still wear shoes! Last time with LH, by this point I was so swollen I was in flip flops only! I can still wear my rings, my shoes and my face still looks normal. I will dig out some pictures of last time and prove to you how bad it was. Really - my lips were swollen! I almost didn't look like myself by the end!

Even though I am having some uncomfortableness, I am feeling great. I am sleeping fairly well, enjoying my time with the family, doing stuff around the house, being pretty active, and just overall enjoying the pregnancy. I am feeling the baby move a lot and hubby and LH even have felt it kick!!! So exciting.

MIL is working on the bedding and curtains now and we are heading to GA Wednesday so hopefully I'll get some shopping done there! We figured out a "changing table" from a piece of furniture we already have, but just needs to be painted. My MIL had a taller skinny storage unit with wicker baskets that we can use as well and the great thing is it is already black and fits perfectly in the space between the 2 closets! All we need now is a chair and some shelves for the closet and walls! Oh yeah, and a mattress would be good too!!!