If it kills him...

The basement will be done in a week!!! By the time LH and I get back from GA, it will be dramatically different.

Hubby and I picked out the stain and paint color for the paneling (lower half of the wall) and he is going to work his little hiney off to get it done while we are gone!!! It has taken a long time and lots of different products to finally get the glue residue from the carpet removed. We finally used goo gone of all things after we exhausted every other product that was recommended! So, now he's starting with a clean slate!

We thought it best that he do this while we were gone so it wouldn't harm LH or me & baby with all the fumes. We aren't sure of what we are getting ourselves into really, so we didn't want to take any chances. He took off 2 extra days and is determined to get it all done!!! I'm so excited! I think we will really be plesased with our final product. Of course I'll be contributing while away doing what I do best - shopping! We are in need of some curtains and shelves, so I'm sure IKEA will have all I need!!!

I wish I could show you the samples of the colors we are going to use, but I can't...I'll take before and afters though! The paint color is called spiced gingerbread and the floor is a greyish/brown speckled stain....loden!

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