Stole it because I loved it!

Two friends and fellow bloggers, A House full of Hokies and MiniSoda both do this and I love to read it each week, so I am jumping on the bandwagon myself. It is a post titled 10 on Tuesday and every week it is surprising and different and I look forward to what the topic will be. Its a "top ten" if you will about things going on in their lives!

Today's 10 is 10 Reasons I love my Husband (Um, it is much easier to let Steph come up with the topic as the original 10 on Tuesday posts, so I'll just use this as inspiration unless I feel I need a different 10)

10 Reasons I love my Husband

1. He does 99.8% of the laundry. Washes, dries, folds, and puts away! The other 0.2% that I pitch in is mostly when I'm desperate and need something asap!

2. We rarely argue in public. We try to resolve our differences in private and deal with our "issues", whatever they may be, behind closed doors. We both try to be respectful and aware of who we are with and where we are to avoid a scene.

3. He's handy! He has learned from my dad, friends, books, DIY and HGTV, and a previous construction job to make fix-it jobs around the house easier and save us money.

4. He is the best listener in the world and keeps a secret (from anyone).

5. He's the funniest guy I know and loves to make people laugh to lighten the mood or make someone feel better. He's got that gift.

6. He is the best father ever and very hands on. He always has been from day one and I couldn't even get out bed in the hospital. He never flinched or complained about changing diapers, keeping LH so I could go out, and they have a bond that I love to see!

7. He always loves (eats) my cooking, even when its a "new" recipe or something that could be a whole lot better!

8. He keeps me grounded. I tend to fly off the handle (some -hehe) and he is always there to bring me back to reality and be the patient one. He lets me vent, cry, talk his ear off, and go through any emotional rollercoaster as long as I need.

9. He shares a love for organization and order with me - it's a beautiful thing.

10. He always tells me the truth and I trust his opinion. I love that he'll be honest with me about the clothes I'm wearing (in a very sweet and nice way to not make me run off crying), if I said something I shouldn't, or anything that will make me (or him) look like a fool.


Jamison Family said...

So glad you joined in! I enjoyed reading more about Travis :)

Sweetened by Kagi said...

How sweet!