I'm not an English Major!

With that said, I usually do a pretty good job of writing and proof reading. Especially if OTHER people are going to see it, say 28 other people!!!! I'm talking about invitations! I was so excited about finding the graphic to put on some baby shower invitations, that I missed the date! Yes, I put a date on there, but it just so happened to be the wrong date! Hopefully the people that get the invitations won't be that clueless!! I mean, I put it was Sunday, March 20! It was supposed to be the 29th!!! I can't help it that my laptop didn't save the invitations I worked so hard on and when I tried to find them to print, GONE!!! I was forced to remake them, PRONTO!
It also doesn't help that the zero is next to the 9 on the keyboard!!! I printed them out, stuffed them in envelopes, addressed them, stamped them and sent them on their way! I put one on MY refrigerator and didn't even notice! Even got a call from a fellow hostess how good they were!!! **she didn't notice the date misap either** Only when she got a call from the Mother in-law of the Honoree, did we all figure it out! SO, today was spent making correction postcards to give the invitees the correct date! Fun times!

So, there is a reason for proofing your work. Note to self: have someone else proof your work for you!!!!