Best Birthday Present Ever...

A new life! A miracle! A friend of mine and his wife gave birth to a sweet little girl, Clara, tonight! Such a special time! And all these babies are being born....I Love It!

So, other great birthday happies included a confetti filled office!!! Oh yea, my boss let her 12 year old son loose with confetti in my office! I had it on my desk, computer, filing cabinet, chair, floor and even on top of the door!!! I can pretend I was mad, but I love it! After I left work, I treated myself to a dunkin donuts bagel! Yummy!
A trip to the spa was next where I got a fantabulous pedicure and massage!!! I didn't relaly have plans for the evening and hubby needed sleep, so I was super excited when my friend's work schedule changed and she invited me out for a cocktail!!! We had a great time at our own happy hour!

I got absolutely nothing done that I had anticipated, but I'm ok with it because it's my bithtday!! It can all waith until tomorrow right!