Boo Boo


Little Hauss slammed his hand in the car door catching the tip of his ring finger on his right hand! First, I'm pretty sure the 100 mph winds had something to do with the shutting of the door on his poor finger, and second, I've never heard a scream like that! Poor baby!

Half his nail was purple before we even made it in the house! After ice, hugs, lots of kisses, a golden oreo and motrin, he calmed down enough to take a bath and somewhat forget about the throbbing pain. He would have little bursts of tears every now and then, but overall he seems to be okay now!

Even with all of that, he and Hubby still managed to decorate the tree while I was out tonight. We usually do it together, but haven't had the time, so I guess LH just got sick of waiting so took it upon himself to get the ball rolling! It is the most beautiful tree ever! There are clusters of ornaments here and there but overall, it is wonderful! He is such a sweetie to want to do that for me!

Whatcha Say

Is LH's new favorite song. It's on the top 20 pop hits and it's by Jason Derulo! He sings along and thank goodness he doesn't know ALL the words because I'd be answering some questions (like what is lust and others), but for the most part, he can keep up!
We sing it as a duet and if I try to sing along with the boy, he tells me that I can't sing the boy part, but only the girl part! Ha!
Along with that, he likes Miley's Party in the USA, Down by Jay Sean, and Lady Gaga's Paparazzi! We enjoy our time singing together in the car! He asks for the music to be turned up so he can rock out! It's very cute!

My favorite song he sings however, is Away in a Manger! He belts it out all day long! They must have learned it at preschool because he's been singing it for a week or so. I was so proud of him at church because his Sunday School Teacher told me that he was the only one who knew all the words to it!!!

Tis the Season

I'm slowing down....mentally that is! I'm on the verge of a breaking point! Nothing horrible, but my brain is not functioning at its normal speed lately. It might be all the office luncheons and holiday gatherings that I've been trying to juggle (and it's only just begun)!
Don't get me wrong, I love this time of year, even the hustle and bustle, but it's starting to take a toll on me!

I was ahead of the game as of last week and now I feel like I'm barely going to finish. How in the world does that happen so quickly? I got my cards early, addressed the envelopes, but they haven't been mailed yet....just got stamps today! I knew I needed them, but it was just an issue as to when to find time to actually get to the post office! Hubby did it this morning! Thanks to him, we can now send out our cards tomorrow or Friday!

The lunches are nice - no cooking, no thinking of what to pack, just going and enjoying company of fellow co workers in a relaxed setting (and most of the time lasting a little longer than the normal hour), but it is interfering with my errands and other things I need to cross off my ever growing to-do list! I hardly ever take a real lunch...its always a working (personal) lunch. It's my time to get things done so I don't worry about it in the evenings, because you guessed it, they are already full too! Parties, dinners, meetings, and such (um, tons of painting) are being squeezed into every free moment we have! Mostly my moments. I know they are coming and I enjoy them, but I feel like sometimes I don't fully enjoy them because my mind is always preoccupied of what I should be doing instead of enjoy where I am.

SO, that is my motto. Enjoy the moment I'm in! If I can't do that, then obviously I don't need to be out doing whatever it is I'm doing.

So, even though I have finished my shopping and addressed my cards, here are the things left to do: (this is more for my sanity so you may stop reading now if you don't care about my to-do list)

  • Stamp and mail Christmas Cards
  • Wrap both Grandmother's presents and send back to TN with Uncle by Friday
  • Make appetizer for Church Circle Christmas Gathering tonight!
  • Walgreens and Kroger for small items that I forgot over weekend
  • Wrap birthday presents for 2 little boys this weekend
  • Purchase 2 gift cards for Hubby's work function on Saturday
  • Paint, paint, and paint some more....(finish orders for this week and prepare for 2nd open house on Sunday afternoon)
  • Wrap coworkers gifts for Monday
  • Decorate tree....yeah, its up and has no ornaments
  • Pick up pictures that I ordered online
  • Fix lights on garland on porch that went out the other day
  • Continue baking/cooking/preparing meals and such to stock up my freezer
  • Try to find a FREE babysitter for next weekend....2 events, same night, no money to pay a sitter (well, we really do, but I'm just being cheap so if I find someone willing to watch LH, great, but if not, we are homebound)
  • Paint some more...I'm sure!
  • AND find more time in the day.....sheesh!

That's just this week and through the weekend....there is more that follows for next week! I'm sure you're lists are just as long and schedules just as hectic! Tis the Season!