Baby Showers

I had 2 wonderful showers for the newest addition. One from great co-workers and the other for friends and family!
The Work Shower! Gigi (mom), Me, Mauggie (MIL)
Sporting the new headband with big flower...I now have 3!

HJ (best other part time civilian), Mrs Sheriff (ex sheriff's wife), me and the boss Lady!

LW (ex deputy - she's a stay at home mommy now), me and JR
The following are from the other shower!!

The CAKE! Seriously, it was as good as it looked! Perfect color coordination too!

The spread! (the little piggies in the blanket were actually babies...with face and everything)

Opening some gifts! Always one of my favorite hobbies!

Gigi (sportin' the mini), me and Mauggie

Me and chunky britches (my niece!)

For your Viewing Pleasure

We really did go to the beach...here's the proof: Had to sit on the cow at the ice cream store....before we saw the sign that said please don't sit on me! Oh well!
LH took this photo of all the "big dults"
Lh and his Mauggie and Papa

LH and Mommy! Watiting on our seafood pots!

Daddy and mini me!

Goofing off inthe car!

The big water slide - $20 all day pass - LH had so much fun!

First ride of the day!

First night...had to get his feet wet!

My little surfer dude!