Test Prep...Finally

So, I'm 15 days (well, pretty much 14 considering today is almost over and I'm going out tonight) away from my test. I had a mental breakdown when I started "reviewing" the study guide. I basically looked at it, decided it was all foreign to me, then placed it back in my "office" (the room in our house that is refered to as an office, but really just holds anything and everything not needed at that moment) and ordered a book online to help me. The book should help me remember what all this stuff means and it should help me prepare for the test. So, I waited, and checked the mailbox anxiously everyday like the kid from "A Christmas Story" does while he is expecting his Ovaltine Secret Annie workbook thing! So, I was just as thrilled as him to find that what came in the mail was useless and not what I needed - ya know when he finally spells out the secret message and all it says is "Drink More Ovaltine." What a crock!
Well, this one was my fault, but I guess I just dind't realize that I ordered the WRONG book!!! I was loving Amazon for having it and when I was searching used, new, etc, I guess I accidently clicked on the wrong one. So, I immediately corrected the situation and reordered the CORRECT book and it got here pronto!!! It looks good and hopefully will be able to help infuse my old brain with all this math knowledge and get me through this test.
But not until tomorrow.....tonight, we party!


Lesson Learned

From JR911 and her post on Fruit Snacks and a Glock! I am trying her approach to this foul attitude I have. I was better over the weekend (imagine that!!) but as soon as I got back to work yesterday, it was a rush of grouchiness! So, I had started this whiney post about something that occured this morning and I was pretty cross about, but after some thought and consideration on my part, I realized that I can be the bigger person and take the high road.

I'm going to work on that! Really think positively and try not to let all this piddly stuff bother me like it has been!



I am so not talking about the font! I'm talking about Hurr!

My mother had stick straight hair growing up. She would pay lots and lots of money to have perms and waves. She went through sets of hot rollers, steam rollers, curling irons, and not to mention tons of hairspray to keep all those curls in place - beacause hair like hers (and mine) doesn't hold curl long!

Then, BAM, at 40, she had curly hair. Really? What the hell happened? Now, she wears it curly (sometimes on the frizzy side if the weather isn't cooperating) or straight - with the help of a FAT curling iron or flat iron. I thought nothing of this miraculous (horrifying) event, until a couple of years ago - ok, so more like 3 years and 9 months ago (um when Little Hauss was born) because all of sudden I had this teensy weensy little curly-q at my hairline! Now, I spoke with my hurr girl and she said it was new hair, but just this little bitty strand that has a mind of its own. It never grows out into a full strand, well, it does, but just to be replaces with the same damn thing! It is sooooo bad in the summer or when it is unbearably humid out (um, did I mention I live in Southwest VA, so its freakin humid ALL the time), so all summer I have a curl. This would be ok if I had longer hair to cover it up or bangs, but I don't. I have a cow-lick too so bangs are not an option....and I've tried that - only to look about 12 years old again (um, wedding day hurr disaster). This curl (kind of reminds me of a piggy's tail) just sticks out, up, or anything in between! It is especially annyoing when I pull back my hurr in a clip or bobby pin and that stinkin' curl sticks up and with everything from water to hairspray, to gel, nothing tames it!

Well, I've just adjusted (whined constantly about) to this curl for all these years, just dealing with the fact that I'll have to get over it, until today! Today, I walked. Today, the humidity was high. TODAY, I had WAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not just the one curl, but waves.....sides and back where the glisten was presence (remember, girls glisten, they DON'T sweat). I am bummed. I am just looking into that big crystal ball and I can see the future....I can see CURLY hair in it! I am not excited! Humph!


Big Fish

My little minnow has graduated into a big fish! The pool is open and we've already been in the water more than we've been out of it....well, he's been in it - I just sat in my chair and watched him! He knew not to even ask.....such a smart boy that one. I think I'll keep him!

Yesterday due to chilly water temps, I took the lazy way out and let him wear the arm floaties. He didn't seem to care and probably lasted longer becuase of the "help". Today we went to a friends house and the pool was heated, so I got in and made him really swim. We only lasted about an hour and a half! He was working so hard, he wore himself out! He's so good though and with no lessons, I'm so proud of him! He's just a natural water baby! A few more weeks of this, and he'll be on his own I'm sure!

Tonight, my brother, his girlfriend, my parents, and me are taking him to see his first movie! We are going to Monsters vs. Aliens 3D! I just hope we make it through the entire thing! I guess I'll have to sneak some good snacks in there for him so he'll be content.....I'm sure we'll have to try out the popcorn too!!! YUMMY!


Gotta get me one of these.....

Ohhhhh Baby!!! I just fell in love with another little man tonight - Warren Michael. He's precious! 5 weeks of a bundle of joy! Teeny Tiny thing though. At five weeks, Little Hauss was a sack of potatoes. I'm pretty sure Little Hauss weighed more at birth than Little Warren does now! The only thing I would change - his shirt!!! Haha! Go Hokies!

Perfect Fit? Really, we need to do something about my empty arms!

One of my bestest friends from college! She's a sweetie and crazy and will be a wonderfully nutty mommy! They will have lots of laughs and I can't wait to see this little guy grow up! Too bad they live in Knoxville! I guess I will just have to swing by on my way to GA or Chattanooga!

Best Compliment Ever...

Ok, we all know that our kid(s) are the cutest ever, and that no other kid will ever be cuter or more lovable than our own, but it is so nice to hear that from others.

We all went on a walk yesterday evening and Little Hauss rode his bike (with new camo helmet). He was just chatting it up with all the other trail walkers, dogs, and of course flashing that melt your heart grin at all the ladies - no matter the age! We passed one lady who was running a few times - the trail is only about a mile each way! She of course waved and smiled and said her hellos to us and Little Hauss every time, but once, when he was pretty far in front of us, and we couldn't hear their conversation, she zooms by and tells us the only way he'd be any better is if he was a TWIN!!! Now, that's a compliment!

Ahhh, be still my heart!


All stitched up

My pants that is! My wonderful mother-in-law stitched up my pants for me last night. Hubby offered to do it and I declined. I wasn't sure how that would turn out. Not saying that he wouldn't do a good job, but since I "bashed" him on my blog (exact words he told Little Hauss), then I was a tad bit nervous to relinquish my hole-y pants to him!

I have another test coming up. This is the last test (as far as the content, but it might take more than one go to pass it!) I'm a hot mess! I am cranky and foul. Things are just flying out of my mouth (well, this one isn't really all that new, but some of the things I'm saying are just, well, let's just say if you need a seat in hell, I'll save one for you)! Hubby doesn't know what to do or say. Nothing is right, even when its right! I just don't like it. I don't like that I'm acting this way. I don't like that I can't remember all this stuff that I need to remember for this test. I don't like that I am already a busy bee and fitting this in is driving me crazy.

On a good note, Little Hauss is keeping me sane with his sweet self. He's got the best personality. He sings to us and tells us jokes and totally tells us like it is sometimes. He picks up things quick (which we need to start watching how we say things)!!! He's got a hint of sarcasim that most of the time is cute, but we really need to nip in the bud. He makes me smile, laugh and feel so loved. I guess that'll be what will gets me through this funk!



Hubby does laundry, we've determined that!

Hubby sees hole in crotch of my black dress pants.

Hubby hangs up said pants, puts up in my closet.

Hokie Girl puts on said pants yesterday and goes to work.

Hokie Girl sits in chair in co-worker's office and flashes co-worker with pink panties!

Hokie Girl doesn't go home to change because it can be hidden if careful and discreet!

Hokie Girl goes home, tells hubby there is a hole in pants and hubby says he knows beacuse he saw it when he did the laundry.

Hokie Girl goes nuts!

Hubby said he forgot about it!

Hokie Girl will double check all garments before wearing from now on!

Hubby will still do laundry.

Hokie Girl wasn't that upset about it that it would result in full time laundry duty! If you thought that, you don't know me that well!


Shakin' Things Up Around Here

We were awakeded by our house litterally trembling around 4 am. At the time, Hubby, jumped up, got his gun and checked the house! Of course there was nothing....I'm not sure what he thought happened. Maybe he thought someone was trying to bulldoze the house down and he was gonna shoot em' up! Not sure if he could've won that battle, but he would get an "A" for effort! Little Hauss would call that brave. I call it crazy - not really. He is just a good protector of his family

So, we mumbled something about a low flying helicopter or plane or the attic fan shutting off! I was fairly certain that those were not the causes, but I obviously wasn't worried, because I fell right back asleep!

Only until I checked FB did I realize that it was an EARTHQUAKE!!!! Are you kidding me? It was a 2.6 magnitude tremor!!! Yes, I get all my news from FB, don't you? I mean, that and my morning radio show pretty much keep me updated on all important local news! Haha!


Panties in a Wad!

I used to work at Victoria's Secret (as an underwear model of course) in my college days. Well, really, back then, I probably could've, but after Little Hauss, no one wants or needs to see all this in a push up bra and some lacy thong! I'm not Heidi for goodness sakes! I mean, she must be a super natural being bouncing back to the runway weeks after a baby! And speaking of bouncing, no one needs to see that either!!!! I might hurt someone!

Ok, so VS is a good company and I always have had great experiences there.....working and as a customer. Notsomuch today. My friend had some cotton panties that were from there that are defective - elastic ripping away from the material and a hole! One pair was a gift for Christmas, but the other was purchased less than 2 months ago! So, she takes them back on Saturday and was treated so rudely by a store ASS-ociate and even the manager! They told her she didn't wash them properly! What the what? I'm not sure how they wash properly, but where I come from, you put em' in that white looking box with a lid, add some water and some there detergent and turn it on....simple as that! Or so I thought...but what do we know....we're just some poor ol' country folk who can't wash their undies properly! They told her that they couldn't take them back and that was all there was to it! Nada, end of story! Well, needless to say she was all smiles and rainbows when she left there - Not, she was pissier than an old woman having a hot flash!

She totally forgot to mention all this to me yesterday, but when she told me today, I was hotter than a jalepeneo pepper! Well, you know I couldn't just let that be it, so I called the store and spoke with another ASS-ociate, who pretty much told me that there was nothing she could do. So, I asked her why I should even buy the product. I mean, why even bother spending 3 times as much for their panties instead of going to the local Wal-mart to buy a 6 pack of Hanes Her Way? She really didn't have an answer (and yes, I really brought up Hanes Her Wa). She tried to tell me that they were NOT defective and if I still had issues I could call the Corporate Customer Relations number. Well, hell yeah, now we are getting somewhere! Then she did say that they might be able to help me with the pair that was purchased less than 2 months ago, but that the older pair was just past its prime...that even if washed properly, they usually don't last more than 6 months? I don't know what she does with her undies, but I have had some of mine for years!

Well, wouldn't ya know that I didn't even get more than a few words out to the Customer Relations lady and she started getting all kinds of info from me (pretending to be my friend of course) and now she has 2 coupons for free panties being mailed to her within 10-14 days! That's what I'm talking about...maybe we should still write a letter to the company. I mean, if they can't accept used, worn, washed or whatever panties in the stores (b/c that is there new policy no matter if you have the receipt), then they should at least train them on how to handle the situation when it does arise by giving out the number to call. There is a polite and not so polite way to do things, and they obviously need a refresher course in Miss Manners! Hmmmm, maybe I could send them a copy of some with the letter! Just a thought!



The detergent works. I, myself, haven't had the time or resources (got the soap, but not the other stuff) to make it yet, but my friend did and she is enjoying the fruits of her labor! She said that it works like any other store bought detergent! Still, I would emphasize to use a stain pre treater for those tough spots, but other than that, should be fine!

So, here is the recipe, since I never posted it before!

Liquid Laundry Detergent:

1/3 bar Fels Naptha Soap, grated (usually found in hardware stores or super market - and online)
3/4 cup Borax
3/4 cup Arm & Hammer washing soda (not to be confused with baking soda - in laundry aisle)
10 cups hot water, divided
16 cups cold water
Large container (preferably an old laundry detergent container)

In large saucepan, combine the grated soap and 6 cups hot water. Heat over medium heat and stir until soap melts. Stir in borax and washing soda until everything is dissolved. Pour soapy mixture in large container and add 4 cups hot water. Stir (or shake). Add 16 cups cold water and stir (or shake). Allow to sit uncovered for 24 hours to gel.

Use 1/2 cup per large load.

She said it was easy and cheap! Fun times. This is also the friend that made fabric softener, but she isn't as satisfied with that, so I will not be posting anything on it until we've found a recipe worth sharing.

Enjoy saving lots of money!!

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Ok, so it was yesterday, but still, had to give a shout out!

Happy birthday to the best husband, father, and friend I know! I love you!


I know, I know!

I've been a horrible blogger this past week...sorry! Lots going on and just exhausted. My allergies, which just appeared about a year ago (thanks for that!) are wearing me out and I've been in bed by 10 every night!

Not very good excuses,I know....the best excuse I have is that I've actually had tons of work to do! I have barely been able to change my status on FB, let alone post something on here! I mean really, they expect me to WORK at work? Ridiculous I know!

So, I found the last ingredient for my detergent, but you guessed it, haven't had time to make it yet!!! Promise, next week! A friend did make it though and even fabric softener! I'll post the recipes to both on here soon!

The other day, I asked Little Hauss how school was going and he said "I made a jewelry box and necklace for you, but shhhhhhh, it's a secret!" I had to control my stints of laughter but it was the cutest thing ever!

We are heading to Richmond tomorrow for a reception of Hubby's college buddies. The wedding was in TX about a month or so ago and now they are having a party for all the East coast people that couldn't attend! We are riding with another family and they have a little girl about Little Hauss's age, so I'm thankful for that! The ride alone could either be bliss or crazy as all get out if those two aren't happy! But, don't feel sorry for us, we're used to it. Feel sorry for the other college buddy who's riding with us all!!!! So with all that has been going on, I haven't done anything for the trip....I know it's only a night, but I'm usally packed and ready to go by now! Hell, I almost forgot about the dogs! Really, I'm losing it!

I ran around all day and feel like I've accomplised absolutely nothing. I didn't have a list! That was the first mistake....I was too tired to write one last night. So, I ran back and forth all over town running errands that could have been easily reduced to a measely hour or so if I had just given a little thought into where I was going. I had to come back to the house twice for things I forgot!


Off the deep end.....

Ok, I know you think I'm a nut, and I'm ok with that, because I just figured out a way to save bunches on my car insuarnce....not, but that was starting to sound like a Geiko commercial in my head! So, I did find a way to save some money - lots of money actually! On laundry detergent - by making my own!!!!!

I'm on mission to find one ingredient then it's all about some homemade "tide". It is a liquid detergent, which I prefer and is made from Borax, Washing soda and something called fels naptha soap, which is turning into a pain to find locally. They do sell it at Ace Hardware stores, but in cases of 24!!! I only need about 1/3 of the bar per batch of detergent! I have found some online retailers for cheap, but not sure its worth the shipping. I am going to see if any of my thrifty friends want to split a case, because it ends up being about $0.77/bar, AND they will ship the order to your local store for FREE!

I've heard the detergent works great and can be used in hot and cold cycles, but probably need to pre treat stains just like you normally would. The friend that turned me onto this said her friend has spent about $14 in TWO years by making her own detergent! That's less than ONE big container of the brands you buy in the store!

I'll post the recipe later....for now, I need to retrieve my child and whip up something for dinner before I head out with some friends for the evening!

And, I'll just say what you all are thinking - I've turned into one of "those" people....ya know, the tree hugger hippy types - but I'm totally ok with it!


Pressure Washing

We are having a cookout today (which may turn into a cook"in" depending on the weather) to celebrate Hubby's birthday (next week), so we've been cleaning the outdoor furniture, decks, and patio. Little Hauss wanted to help daddy pressure wash, but I guess he didn't want to get all of his clothes wet!

Might be a future career? Pressure washing in skivies? Might make a lot of money!