Cutosmer service

Seriously people? You are standing right under the sign in the front of the store that clearly states "customer service" but that is NOT what is given.

I'm not opposed to waiting my turn. I understand the order of things and especially people in lines. I don't understand why you are ringing up multiple people in the customer service line when there are 2 perfectly good open lines of cashiers right beside you in the store....which in turn would free up your "customer service" line for things like returns, exchanges, and lo and behold "customer service"! I just had a question. Very simple. You saw me standing there with NOTHING in my hands to purchase, return or exchange. You just completed a transaction with a customer and then promptly moved on to the next person in the line with about 30 items no less, then you proceded to joke and laugh and try to be somewhat funny with that person that you seeminly knew. He tries to glance my way a couple of times in his attempt to make some notsofunny remark that he and you clearly thought was just oh so entertaining. I dind't budge. I dindn't smile and I had a look that could kill.

Meanwhile, I am eyeing the other aisles to see how fast their customers are checking out and finally have a chance to go an ask yet another employee my question. Um, and not to mention that each of the other 2 cahsiers helped 2 people each before the "customer service" rep was even close to be finished with funny guy. Then, come to find out that they didn't have what I was looking for, so what could have taken less than a minute to find out took atleast 5 or more!

Now, I will say that the guy in customer service at Target was oh so very helpful - even for just 97 cents! yes, I said that! LESS than a whole dollar. I had tons of coupons specifically for Target and paired with some pretty good sales, I was able to stock up on men's body wash, shave gel, detergent, deoderant, baby wipes and baby wash all for about $20! And I got mulitples of each of those....so yes, I wanted to know where my 97 cents was. I checked out and analyzed my receipt to make sure all coupons were accounted for and couldn't find one of the discounts. Turns out I was right. Apparently, at Target, if you have a coupon for more than the value of a product, the cashier must key in the actual amount of the item to get the discount. So the $1 off didn't work for the 97 cent product. All is ok now, and after checking each item on my reciept with the super friendly and helpful guy in customer service, I walked away with more change in my wallet! Some of you might think that is ridiculous, but I wouldn't have even considered buying the item without the coupon in the first place as it wasn't needed, so yes, the extra money was a must! It all adds up!

Now, I realize that I'm pregnant and hormonal and my bitch factor might be a tad elevated these days, but I just can't stand rudeness and bad customer service, especially if that is your actual job title or position! I have always been like this and I'm not afraid to speak my mind.....sorry if that offends you! I might just be speaking it a bit more these days!