18 weeks

It's starting to pop! I've felt more pregnant in the last few days but I know it will just get bigger and bigger!!! Not the best photo, but I needed to take one!!!! Without me "emphasizing" the belly, its not that noticable yet if you didn't know to really look for it, so that is nice, but I'm sure that will all be changing soon!

The Pressure

To please all of you!!!!

I am so giddy when I notice I have a few more followers on my page! Really, the littlest things just make me smile! I've always been that way! I get super excited over the tiniest thing that most people look over. It is quite comical to some!

But, with that, the pressure is ON!! I want to make sure that I am still on my A game on this blog and not to let you down.

We shall see. I'm sure with the added stress and hormonal changes ahead, I can come up with plenty to entertain! Thanks for the support!