Ya know when you have tons to do and you get in your car and start going. Then magically, you are where you need to be but can't recall anything from the ride! Yeah, autopilot. That's me today in a nutshell!

Dry Spell

I've been MIA for the past few days, which is so unlike me, and I apologize! I've hit a dry spell. NOT that kind of dry spell...get your minds out of the gutter!!! A blogging dry spell. Writer's block if you will.
This past week I haven't had time to get my blog crack fixes or time (or enough material) to post.
I could ramble on about work, home, Little Hauss, but it seriously might put you in a coma. Life has been THAT boring lately, not saying we weren't plenty crazy busy, but just basic family stuff!

One thing from Wednesday: I had to attend training and working with all Law Enforcement types, everything was in military time! I don't do military time!!! Therefore, I was so excited our training was only a few hours with lunch included!!! Yay, get out from behind the desk for a bit AND food....Sweet! NOT! It was until 4!!! Yeah, I'm a goofball. AND I don't work until 4....I get off at 3, but had to stay, which was no big deal, but it caused me to miss swimming. Poo!

At least today is Friday and I'm off!!!! Promise more later!!! Pinky swear!