Thank God for little boys!

How anyone could not LOVE this face is beyond me. I could just eat those dimples up!
And for a potty break...this is when I'm thankful for a little boy!

All Done!

Pure sweetness!

I'm so in love with her more and more each day. Her daddy is the same way. He's too cute everyday and sends me pics of what he's dressed her in!!! She's got so many stinkin' cute outfits that we are constantly changing her!

This was the other night at LH's program for school. She was all excited to see her big brother on stage! I'm pretty sure he's the love of her life these days! She lights up whenever she hears his voice or sees him walk in a room! I wouldn't want it any other way!

Dear Santa

We are fortunate to have Santa come to us intsead of us going to Santa. We have never had to fight traffic, crowds and lines at the Mall to see Santa. My father in law is a member of a club that has Santa just for members and their kids/grandkids each year. We go, eat pizza, let the kids play and then Santa comes to see the kids, have them sit on his lap and he even hands out presents at the end! It is really neat and very stress - free! Exactly my kind of event.
The kids LOVE it and he gives them personalized gifts so they think that is the coolest.
I haven't always gotten the best pictures, but this year I thought was pretty good, considering LH was all sweaty from running around and playing and they both sat nice on his lap!

LH was full of himself as always! I have no idea what they were talking about!!! But whatever it was, he thought it was hilarious.