Blister Pack

I might need one full of some good drugs here soon!

I have a blister on my heel the size of Texas! Ok, so it might really only be the size of Texas on a map in a Social Studies book, but it's still big and it hurts! Hubby says not to pop it but it is sooooo tempting.
I have been walking with some neighbor friends this week and have really enjoyed the arse kicking that comes along with the conversation - strike that, there is only conversation between them, while I am huffing and puffing and just trying not to pass out while trailing at least 5 feet behind them! One is at least 6 foot tall and the other is a good 5'8'' - all this compared to my barely 5'2'' frame and the fact that they are veterans on this particular route! We get back to the house and they are barely glistening and I am ringing my hair out and trying to see through the sweat dripping down in my eyes!
I tracked it today in the car and it is 3 miles. Not bad, but it goes up and down every hill possible in our neighborhood....believe me, there are plenty and they aren't small!
I've got to figure out how to push past this blister because I am not stopping now! My goal is to atleast be able to contribute to the conversation and walk beside them and not behind them!

Blogger Help??

I was hoping some of you fellow bloggers could help me out.

Other bloggers have me on their lists that links back to my blog, however, it isn't updating the feed to the most current post. I have tried to go through the help area on blogger but to no avail. I'm not liking this because it redirects them to an old post from Christmas! The crazy part is that up until that point, there wasn't an issue because that was not my first post!

Any suggestions?