Starting Early

I am not going to find out what the sex of this baby is this go around, so I can start "decorating" early!! Really, I'm just coming up with ideas and going to see what I come up with. I am a retro girl at heart. I am totally living in the wrong era, but that's where I can make this fun! Even with a girl, I would never do the pinky pink thing, and LH's room was blue! Cute blue, with some white, brown and a little green! This time, mostly because I am fairly certain this will be my last, I'm all about the nursery. I wasn't as into it last time. I mean, it was cute, but I didn't go all out. We had an eclectic collection of furniture, mostly given to us, and the bedding was made from some fabric I liked. There wasn't a lot of pizazz!! I want pizazz this time!

So, below are some examples I've found. I don't necessarily LOVE each and every one, but I love bits and pieces of each. I am thinking the main color will be orange. I will also pair it with brown and then EITHER lime or turquoise.

I've looked on Etsy and they have some fabulous stuff but way out of my budget! I will be heading to Atlanta next Wednesday and then back in May, so I think we'll be able to get a good start on finding pieces that I love. We will start with IKEA and then move onto some great fabric stores and also check out a Babies R Us (we only have a Toys R Us)! I'm hoping to find stuff that I can use for the bedding and window treatments and have someone make it for me!!!

So, some inspiration!

I pretty much love everything on this board
Simple crib from IKEA - also in white and converts to a toddler bed

I love the polka dots and the other orange fabric, but not so sure on the giraffe - trying to stay gender neutral, so I think this would be more "girly".

The birds aren't something I like, but I love the orange damask and paired with the chocolate and turquoise is beautiful!

Similar to the above but the stripes are nice and the lime is a good companion!
I am sure that I'll be able to come up with something!!! What are your thoughts? How did you decorate? Did you stay simple or go all out?


Emily said...

Love these!!! These are my favorite colors. Your babies are lucky to have such a creative and fun mommy!

JR911 said...

I like the colors....very nice. They're neutral enough for a boy or girl, but still fun at the same time.

We were dirt poor both times we had a baby, and so was our family, so simple it was for us. I have never been much of a "theme" person for anything in the home, so we just went with the basics.

Hokie Girl said...

I'm not a "theme" type either! So I like to just go with colors and see what I can come up with!

Sarah said...

Love your options :) Just be careful with your shade of blue...wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea with the orange and blue...ha,ha! I can't wait to see the finished product. I did monkeys...it started as using a light blue and green w/ brown and a smattering of monkeys...but ended up as a "theme". I'm with you, I'm a not a theme person, but all of the monkey stuff just got too cute! I just worked really hard to make sure the big stuff was plain..curtains, bedding...and added the theme in the small things, the lamp, changing pad,etc.

You can always come and visit me and Jackson if you want to go to a babies r us and ikea a little closer to home. I am so excited for you!

mrs. snizz said...

So exciting to be expecting! :) Congratulations! Good choice on not finding out- there's only so many surprises in life so enjoy!