Finally, coupons worked!

But not like a charm like I hoped! I must have caused a stink in the valley, because I was questioned at the self checkout about my "computer" coupons at yet a different Kroger! Yes, I have some, but after speaking with numerous Kroger representatives about this, I know that they are supposed to take them and I followed the limits! He obliged and I went on my merry way! I have decided that I'm going to have to be very methodical about my couponing. I'm going to have to mix them with regular cut coupons from the newspaper inserts and I'm also going to try smaller shopping trips as to not freak out any of the cashiers!

Whew, who knew this was going to cause so much trouble!!! I'm hoping that by voicing my concerns and trying to prove my point, that my fellow coupons shoppers are not in any danger of losing their internet couponing privileges! That is not my intention! I want the store managers and cashiers to follow the policy of the company and not keep making up their own decisions because they are too lazy to scan some coupons!

Happy Birthday Giveaway!

These are some I've done, but I have new designs I will post tonight as well!

I love my birthday and I want everyone else to love it too!!! Seriously, not kidding about that! No one forgets it simply because I won't let them! I remind friends and family well in advance (like they didn't already know) and if I notice your calendar sitting around on your desk or even hanging on a wall, I'll fill it in for you!!! I'm just like that, get over it!

So, in honor of my very special 3oth birthday, I am going to do a giveaway! My first ever! I was thinking some pretty wine glasses! It will be a set of 2 and can be personalized any way you like. I usually do a two color scheme polka dot design with whatever personalization (I usually do things like a couple's names and date for weddings, or sporting teams - Virginia Tech Hokies, etc). They are fun and festive and I thought this would be a great birthday gift to my readers!

So, you can enter 3 ways:
1- leave a comment
2 - become a follower
3 - post about it on your blog

You get one entry for each. So, total, you can have 3 entries per person. I will have Little Hauss help pick the winner at random! Make sure you leave your email address in your comment and if you posted on your blog, so I can get an accurate count! The drawing will be Sunday, Aug. 30th (LH is heading back to the ATL with Gigi that day)!

Good Luck!