20 items or less!

I'm pretty sure the cashier at Kroger this afternoon needed a happy pill! If you are that stressed about your job as a grocery store cashier, maybe you should find a new *career*. I'm sure the 10%+ of americans out of work would be grateful for her income.

I braved the store. I was not looking forward to it after a coworker went around 11 this morning just to order a cake and was telling me how sparce the shelves were, how crazy the lines were, and how rude the people were! I waited until after "lunch" and went around 1:30. I got a little nervous as I had to park about 6 rows away from the store's entrance then had to wait for a buggy, but it turned out to be a fairly easy trip.

I will admit I did get milk, eggs and bread, but only to stock - I actually have plenty at home, but didn't want to have to go back in a few days just for those items, so while I was out....
I was taking advantage of the great deals this week matched up with my coupons and trying to stockpile even more. If anyone is in need of mustard, ketchup and capri suns, I have you covered! Not to mention all the other pantry items I've been hoarding lately!

I didn't have a lot. I didn't count, but I knew I was ok for the express lane. I was unloading my stuff and the cashier made a very loud, haste comment about she was only the express lane and could have 20 items or less and didn't even have a bagger! The lady behind me made some comment about she didn't have that many. I ignored her and kept unloading. I was waiting for her to say something directly to me, because I'm sure my hormones might have kicked into overdrive and told her that if she didn't want to ring it up, she was more than welcome to transfer all my items to another lane!

I was very satisfied when she rang up all my items, took my coupons and bagged all my groceries knowing that I had exactly 20 items! I know she totally expected me to have so much more. It did look like it was a little over, but I wasn't moving! I didn't appreciate that she practically threw my items past the scanner to the bagging area. I am fairly certain some of them didn't even take a ride on the conveyor belt!

I was proud of Kroger for having plenty of the necessities on hand in order to prepare for our next big winter storm this weekend!! There were crates upon crates of bread in the aisle so everyone shouldn't have to fight for a loaf!!

I guess I'll keep myself busy being snowed in again - cooking and baking filling the freezer!

Starting Early

I am not going to find out what the sex of this baby is this go around, so I can start "decorating" early!! Really, I'm just coming up with ideas and going to see what I come up with. I am a retro girl at heart. I am totally living in the wrong era, but that's where I can make this fun! Even with a girl, I would never do the pinky pink thing, and LH's room was blue! Cute blue, with some white, brown and a little green! This time, mostly because I am fairly certain this will be my last, I'm all about the nursery. I wasn't as into it last time. I mean, it was cute, but I didn't go all out. We had an eclectic collection of furniture, mostly given to us, and the bedding was made from some fabric I liked. There wasn't a lot of pizazz!! I want pizazz this time!

So, below are some examples I've found. I don't necessarily LOVE each and every one, but I love bits and pieces of each. I am thinking the main color will be orange. I will also pair it with brown and then EITHER lime or turquoise.

I've looked on Etsy and they have some fabulous stuff but way out of my budget! I will be heading to Atlanta next Wednesday and then back in May, so I think we'll be able to get a good start on finding pieces that I love. We will start with IKEA and then move onto some great fabric stores and also check out a Babies R Us (we only have a Toys R Us)! I'm hoping to find stuff that I can use for the bedding and window treatments and have someone make it for me!!!

So, some inspiration!

I pretty much love everything on this board
Simple crib from IKEA - also in white and converts to a toddler bed

I love the polka dots and the other orange fabric, but not so sure on the giraffe - trying to stay gender neutral, so I think this would be more "girly".

The birds aren't something I like, but I love the orange damask and paired with the chocolate and turquoise is beautiful!

Similar to the above but the stripes are nice and the lime is a good companion!
I am sure that I'll be able to come up with something!!! What are your thoughts? How did you decorate? Did you stay simple or go all out?