Revenue Boost?

Well, that is what the stores at the mall must need I'm assuming. I guess they didn't have the boom in sales they thought they would throughout the holidays because I just got a phone call from a store reminding me that a promotion starts this week. Thanks I think.
What? Ok.
I didn't get a call last time - so not sure why I did today.
Most likely, I would have forgotten. Now that I've been reminded, I'm sure Hubby will be less than thrilled that I'll want to run out there and spend some money on stuff that we don't necessarily need. And then I'll try to convince him it was such a great deal and look at how much I saved, which his response will be: if you didn't go at all, you would have saved more! Aghhh - the voice of reason. I don't listen very well!
The most disappointing part is that I have been anxiously awaiting a phone call and I was totally bummed when I answered an unknown number expecting one thing and getting a friendly reminder for a sale! Boo!