Is there even a word for it?

There are many disorders, sicknesses, etc for the most random things, like the fear of characters/mascots is Masklophobia and the fear of garlic is Alliumphobia. Well my word is Ochophobia - the fear of vehicles but most importantly ONE vehicle in particular - a MINIVAN!

Really, I almost got physically ill just browsing them on the internet.

You are probably wondering why I'm browsing a minivan anyway, and you might be correct if you are guessing that we are going to have a baby!!!!!!!!

We are not terribly far along, but I feel like the whole world knows already, so I might as well blog about it! We are super excited and I feel great....with the exception of disliking coffee at the moment! I really hope this one goes away! Coke seems to be a great substitute for now, but I really miss my morning java!

So, back to minivan purusing. I can barely think about it without reaching for the trashcan! Ugghh! It's not like I HAVE to have a minivan, but the next few years flashed before my eyes, and I am thinking that my little Subaru Impreza isn't going to cut it with 2 kids and all the gear that goes with them to boot! PLUS, Hubby is a whopping 6'1", so he'd be cramped in either seat with a child behind him. NOW, I could make it work if I had to. Afterall, we do have a 4 door full size truck as well, but I was more concerned with other passengers! What about when LH want to have a friend over after school to play? Or my parents are in town or we are visiting them and we all want to ride together? Or if I decide to carpool with my friend who has 2 kids going to elementary school with LH? Then what? I have not ruled out the possibility of an SUV or SUV crossover with a 3rd row, but really, how much room do you really get in those? More and more, its pointing to the inevitable! I am just not ready to face it! BUT it really does seem like the most practical plan for the future!