3rd time is a charm...I hope!

Test results were available early.....after seeing them, I could've done without! I obviously didn't pass....again! BUT, I did better than last time! So, I have another shot coming up Sept. 12! I even made a bold (and quite expensive) move to change from regular math (grades 6th-12th) to middle school math!!! The GOAL at this point is to pass A test so I can at least get IN the program for the spring semester! I feel confident in my choice to change the test AND pay the extra money to do so! I just glanced at some sample problems and got the first 5 right without even "working" on them...so that makes me feel a bit better!

Once I'm accepted in the program, I can have more endorsement areas. I have thought about middle school science (since math and science seem to be the most needed these days) but I would love to pass the reg. math just to give me a leg up later!!!

Also, I will attempt Kroger a third time with my coupons! I have talked to 3 store managers and 2 customer service reps from the corporate office! I was told that my coupons should be accepted unless they look photocopied or altered in anyway - which they are not! The manager of the store does have the right to deny them if necessary, but that rarely happens - except in my case where the manager has no clue that the cashiers were brain dead and they didn't even so much as look at my coupons before they told me I couldn't use them. Well, I fixed that problem and they added a $5 off coupon on my next order directly to my plus card! Now I just have to see if they will take the coupons!

Oh, and just in case you forgot - my birthday is on Thursday! I love cupcakes, pedicures, and all things girly just in case you needed a gift idea! wink wink!