Family Pictures

We had family pictures scheduled today. This morning I woke up to rain! Our pictures were to be outside on the Blue Ridge Parkway! I was freaking out! I had a cooler packed and the picnic basket ready to go and coordinated outfits all laid out!

Well, we made it! And they turned out to be great! We drove up on the Blue Ridge Parkway and had some portraits done then let LH run free! He scared me half to death because he was standing at the edge of the overlook - I was certain he was going to end up down the side of the mountain! Thankfully, our photographer is a mother of a very active 3 year old little boy herself, so she was great at getting him in "action"!

Our best friends went with us as well and we got some pictures of the kids together! This is LH and baby Tater! SOOOOOOOOOOO sweet!

Halloween Rounds 1, 2 & 3

This Halloween has been nothing short of a whirl wind! Saturday morning, I took Little Hauss and his precious piggy downtown for the Fall Festival. It was fun, crowded, hot and a big fat mess! I will probably sit it out next year! The kids had fun trick or treating on Main Street and enjoyed some games, then we finished the morning off with a lunch at McDonald's!

Later in the afternoon, we headed to Piggy's neighborhood Halloween bash for some pizza, crafts, games, a pinata, and then trick or treating. Hubby and I would love to live on the street with such great people and wonderful kids, but for now we'll settle for being the adopted family from a block or so over!
Thought the fun was over? Notsomuch! Our Church had their annual Trunk or Treat tonight, so we loaded up the kiddies once again for a fun filled night! LH was kind of over it! He even got to the point where he stopped taking candy!!!!!

He's happily tucked in bed for the night thanks to the time change and I'm not far behind! Hopefully he won't be asking for candy for breakfast!!!!

Hair Gel

Not the best, but you get the idea! This is what happens when we have a wait at the hair salon and there is stack of books with hairstyles to browse through. He wanted a mohawk, so I guess this is better! We had to go get hair gel today to make sure we could style it as good as his hairdreser did! He's loving it and I'm loving it too!