Home Grown....NOT

So, I told you a long time ago about this wonderful opportunity about a local co-op program and how super duper excited I was about it!!! Well, I'm not anymore. I'm fed up with them! They have consistently been inconsistent!
First of all, they delayed the opening of our local market, which I was ok with at first because there was another market close by that I could go to (but only on Fridays and Saturdays). It is downtown and busier with limited parking, but I thought it would be ok a few times. Notsomuch! I went once and couldn't even find them. I went another time and found them but they had hardly anything, and then when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I was proven wrong just last week!
I got an email from the farm/owner stating that they were going to try something new and offer pre packaged boxes. There were 3 different options to choose with a variety of vegetables in each. All you had to do was order your desired box and voila, you could pick it up! Awesome! I thought this way, it would definitely be worth my trip to get the veggies I'd been trying to get all summer. I even ordered one of each box (you can catch up if you've missed weeks). I was also going to pick up some for a friend of mine - 6 boxes total! I ordered online - and left my name, and she called, spoke to an actual human and he assured her that her boxes would be there!
Well, guess what? yep, not there! Now, I'm not saying that downtown is far away, but its not convienent - it takes at least 20 minutes from my house to get there, not to mention, trying to find a place to park and then possibly pay for parking. Luckily, after driving around the block a few times, I found a close enough spot to the stand that was on the street. Mind you, I was going to have 30 pounds of veggies to lug back to the car, so I wanted close. Also, I am 30 weeks pregnant and it was 95 degrees at least that day! So, I walk up to the stand to see one man sitting there with ONE box of zuchinni and all kinds of empty boxes in the truck??????? WHAT? I tell him I am there to pick up 6 boxes of PREordered veggies. He stares at me like he's seeing a ghost. Um, uh, what? he says. Really? REALLY? Oh, I was beyond irritated. So, as I'm yelling how fed up with them I am, I'm waddling back to my car!!!! FUMING!
I try to call the number at the farm, no answer. I want to leave a voicemail, but I can't because wouldn't you know it, the mailbox is full! Imagine that. I bet it was all their super satisfied customers telling them how happy they were with the service!
So, I did the next best thing, I emailed them. It was nasty, evil and I'm pretty sure I might not get a response. I was ruthless. I didn't care. I am also still trying to call but am still getting no answer or voicemail.

Hmmmm, one of these days I will get in touch and give them another piece of my mind! Ridiculous!