The rollercoaster has begun

Are you ready for the ride?

I've been talking about how busy things are going to get for a few weeks now, but the time is here!!! I kicked off the hectic, chaotic, and fun filled spring and summer events with a baby shower for a good friend this past Sunday! It was very nice, very girly, and very easy! We had a luncheon at a local Country Club and we just showed up, enjoyed the afternoon, and left! No preperation, running around all morning cleaning and fretting, and the best part - no dishes!!!!! We all couldn't figure out why in the world we hadn't done this before with all the parties and showers we've had over the years, but alas, that's our new way of doing it! So, if I host a shower or party for you in the near future, don't be surprised if we end up at a Country Club!

Now on to the next few months of events. I get a little tired just thinking about all we have planned. Mostly good and fun, but nonetheless busy! I can keep up just fine, but I'm not so sure about Hubby and our friends. I just planned a cookout for this Saturday with our bestest friends because we were afraid of not seeing each other for months!!! It might not be that drastic, but it'll be close!

Just a rundown of all the wonderful things our future holds from now until OCTOBER!

Pampered Chef party at my house tomorrow night, Audit at work, beach trip #1; Baby shower #2; dinner with friends; (in town) wedding #1; (out of town) wedding - simultaneous with Hubby's birthday and Mother's day; friend's 30th birthday party; Atlanta - Memorial Day weekend; beach trip #2; Brother's birthday; (out of town) wedding #3 - simultaneous with Father's day and Mother-in-Law's birthday weekend; 4th of July weekend; baby shower #3 - co-hosting for friend at work; baby shower #4-hosting for Brother's girlfriend; hubby works 10 days straight so others can take vacation; 7 year anniversary; beach trip #3; my 30th birthday; Labor day - simultaneous with Little Hauss's 4th birthday and VT v. Alabama game in ATL; Brother and girlfriend's baby due; Brother-in-law's birthday; Pop's birthday; CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!

At least I get to end it all with a relaxing vacation! Those are just the added weekend activities we have planned on top of all the regular weekly things on our agendas!!!

I think I have about 3 or 4 weekends that are empty, but I'm sure that is bound to change!

Ok...enough boring you with my schedule - off to come up with my plan of action for the party tomorrow night!!! Lots to do!


Rainy Dayzzzzzzzzzz

Oh, I'm so glad that the sun has started shining again- with a little mix of heavy wind, but at least its dry! It's been raining for days and days and days! It stopped for a split second earlier this week, then bam, rain, rain, and more rain! I'm pretty sure this is what it would be like to live in London or Seattle!!!! I'm also fairly certain that I would be on some sort of self concocted cocktail including wine or beer and some really good anti-depressants! Really? Could you fully function in all that rain? I think I would go nutso in a second! I need sunshine - I need to wear flip flops - I need the warmth! Love my sunshine - can you tell? Thank goodness we're heading to the beach in less than two weeks!!!

So, to pass the time in all the rain, we headed to our indoor bowling alley and bowled a few frames- um, yeah, you don't have to be the president to have your own alley! Little Hauss beat all of us most certainly. He takes after his Gigi - she's an avid bowler!!!
Here are some pics to showcase our fun!

Daddy and Little Hauss ready to bowl!
Daddy's turn....wonder how he did?

Not a strike. Better luck next time!
So, if you are in the neighborhood and want to bowl a few frames, just stop on in to our alley aka hallway! We'd be glad to see you!

Goofing Off!

Uncle Zach works nights and dropped by for breakfast with us and Gigi and Pop! They were all acting so silly!
Little Hauss and Gigi

Silly Boys

Hanging with Uncle Zach


Ahh, the single life!


Like I said, Hubby is in Texas living it up with his college buddies while we are stuck here missing him desperately. The dreary weather isn't helping much! I'm so glad that mom and dad just happened to be in town to keep me entertained. It's not like I've been sulking and sitting around on my arse wating for him to come home, but I do miss him.

To be honest, this is one of the first times I've had a chance to just sit and relax! Hubby's been gone since Thursday and I've been going 90 mph since then. Mom and I have been shopping up a storm and my dad has been keeping Little Hauss busy. So much for our budget - I've found two way cute dresses and ordered out Chinese last night!!! I totally deserve the take 0ut since I cook every night and the dresses were too cute to choose just one, so I got both!!! They will be perfect for the baby shower and all the weddings I have to attend in the next 2 months.

Hubby will be home tomorrow late night and we can't wait! Good thing I'll be busy busy so I won't have too much time to miss him!


I before E, except after C

That's just one of those things you never forget and I still say it to myself when writing words that have and "i" and an "e". As much as it helps me in the everyday world, I think I might have needed a little more for my test that I took this morning. That's right, I've completed my first test needed to get in the teaching program for the fall. Well, I could go to the one in the spring if needed, which might happen depending on the second test.

So, the test today was reading and writing. Not my favorites or strongest subjects. Yes, I can read and write, but comprehension and grammar are things of my distant past. I can comprehend, but I read for liesure, so when asked questions about passages I just read, I almost always have to go back and reread it to find the answer. The writing was just as difficult. I had to correct sentences with proper capitalization, structure, punctuation, etc. AND there was always the option that the sentence was correct. That one always throws me off! I read it over and over and just go with my gut, hoping to goodness that I'm right!

I have to wait TEN days for my official scores. They will come in the mail and tell me if I passed or not. I got some "unofficial" scores today when I left. They didn't do a flyin' hoot of good for me. All the sites I've checked out for this test gives a number - like a points value - of a passing score for each section of the test. These results today were a percentage of the correct answers on all the multiple choice questions. I really don't know how to interpret them. In addition, this doesn't include my scores from the writing portion. So, at this point, I just wait and see. I'm just happy its over.......for now!


Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Hubby is heading to Austin, TX early tomorrow morning with a college buddy. They are going to another college buddy's wedding. They each told the wives that the other wife wasn't going.....hmmm? He knew I would have loved to go on this trip, but they will have lots of fun and do crazy boy things that I will be glad to not ever know about!

They are driving to Greensboro tonight since their flight is at 6:30 am and won't be back until the wee hours on Sunday night/Monday morning!

We'll definitely miss him!!!

At least mom and dad are coming in tomorrow so Little Hauss and I will have plenty of fun!

Sail Away

We are going on a cruise in October! I'm so excited. It will make the summer seem even longer! My parents are avid cruisers and always use Carnival and usually take 2 cruises each year! We are leaving out of New Orleans and then heading to the Yucatan (Progresso) Mexico and Cozumel. Our Ship is the Fantasy! It looks cool and has lots of fun stuff on board. I haven't had much time to check out the excursions, but I did see a zip line that looks amazing! Now, I just have to get our passports and we are ready to go!

Nawlins' - hopefully we'll have time for some jazz and creole red beans and rice!

Cruise Ship!

Ruins in Yucatan (Progresso)

Yucatan (Progresso)

It's so beautiful! I have been to Cozumel and Key West and had a great time, but I was only 16. This will be a nice relaxing Little Hauss Free vacation with the Hubby! I guess it is kind of like my birthday celebration - I'll be turning 30 in August. WOW.....let's not talk much about that!
This will be the longest we've left Little Hauss, but I'm not worried. He'll be in good hands with his Mauggie and Papa and then we have our good friends as back up in case the grandparents are in need of a break! He probably won't even notice we're gone he'll be having so much fun!
Well, now I guess I really need to get my arse in gear and start hitting the gym....Looks like I'll be in a bathing suit for months!


Another Counseling Session

This time it will be with my mom. My parents are going to be here Thursday and we both have some home improvement projects we'd like to tackle. Friday, I will help her paint a bedroom at their house here in town, and Saturday I hope that we can work on some stuff in my bathroom. I really just want to get the vanity painted, and a new mirrror and light fixture!!! Since Hubby will be gone, I think I'll enlist my dad to help with the lights! I might just have to leave the room because we are so much alike, its hard for us to work on projects together for long periods of time!!! I think that is why it is easier for my mom and me to work together.

I hope to take some before pictures tonight and then hopefully by early next week I'll have some afters!

Hubby is probably glad he's going to miss this. Sometimes I suggest ideas and he's not too keen on them, but once I do it, he likes it. I guess he doesn't have much of a choice considering I'm not going to "un" do it!!!

Planning Ahead

I'm a planner. That is not a secret. I drive a lot of my friends crazy with this trait, but I just like to know what's going to happen and when. I think secretly some of them like it because its one less thing they have to worry about. I'll just do it.

So, since Hubby works midnight shift, we do alot of scheduling and communicating via E-mail. He isn't the best at keeping a calendar, so I have to remind him of days he needs off for events and trips. It works for us. This morning, I had an e-mail concerning August dates. I know you think that August is soooooo far away, but notsomuch. I started jotting down his abnormal work schedule and it was then that I noticed some problems. THIS is why you plan ahead. I've said before I have a few trips scheduled to the beach and those weekend, Hubby was supposed to be on Daddy Duty with Little Hauss - notsomuch!!!!

My in-laws are great and very rarely turn us down when we need help with Little Hauss, but I hate to infridge on them anymore than necessary! Those particular trips were planned (after discussion with Hubby) to ensure that he could be with Little Hauss. NOW, both are in a mess. We (meaning me)need to make arrangements for childcare (I'm not sure Hubby even has the babysitter's numbers in his phone).

So, I called Hubby and informed him that I replied to his email along with every single event/trip that has been scheduled from TODAY through SEPTEMBER!!! I also asked if we could actually sit down tonight and discuss all of the dates in person so we both were on the same page and to address any problems or conerns! Maybe just maybe, between my desk calendar, my planner, the wall calendar in our kitchen, and that e-mail, we won't have any major surprises! (And, yes, I do need ALL of those)


Marriage Counseling

Whenever we do home improvement projects we go through a mini marriage counseling session! You learn to compromise, communicate, and control tempers! It's fantastic when its all over, but Hell through the process!
We started off the morning clearing out limbs and brush at my parents house (yes, they have a house here even though they live in ATL) from where Hubby had taken down a tree a while back. We have a wood stove, so we got the firewood and left the rest for another day. Well, yesterday was the day, so we started early and had it done in about 2 hours. It took 6 truck loads to move the huge pile to the street to be picked up! Halfway through, we thought it would have been a better idea to rent a chipper and make mulch....oh well! Little Hauss was a big helper and even got to drive the truck with daddy!

We got home, fixed lunch, and then started another project I've been begging for since Christmas!!! My new light fixtures in the kitchen. I've had the fixtures since then, but we've not had the time to do it! If I had thought ahead, I would have taken a before picture, but let me tell ya, it wasn't pretty! There was an old school brass and wood ceiling fan and a standard globe light! And, to make it worse, the fan was over the eating area - don't know who thought of that, but not a good idea!

This is my new fixture above the prep/kitchen area. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I was a little nervous of the brightness of the light due to a darker shade, but its great!

This is our new fixture for our eat in part of the kitchen!!! Only 6 attempts and 2 trips to the hardware store for this one! It was a bear! The wiring and feeding through all the little parts was a mess! Hubby finally got it done and I was estactic! This one is my favorite. It really looks so much better than what I had before!
NOW, I have another fan in the living room that I'll need to spray paint and we should be done with this area. Next, we move onto the bathroom. All kinds of plans in there!


Springtime Fun with Family

Hubby's brother's family was in a few weekends ago and we had a great time catching up! The weather was beautiful, so the boys had a great day of climbing trees, flying kites and just hanging out! Here are some pics of the wonderful day!

Cousins climbing tree
Cousins with Mauggie and Papa (do you see the cow spotted truck? - yes, my brother in law owns a Chick-fil -A and he got this for his great work in 2008 - EAT MORE CHICKEN!)

Spiderman Kite

Flying the kite

Best Buds!

Catch Up

It's Friday - my day off! My day to catch up on what I've put off earlier in the week.

The only reason I have time to blog is because I am waiting for the first load of laundry to be done so I can start another before I leave to finish my errands!

I am kind of regretting my date with the couch and FoodTV yesterday....kind of!! I really enjoyed a little quiet time and watching something other than Noggin! Now, I'm paying for it.
To top it off, Hubby took Little Hauss to school this morning so I got to sleep in - until 8:45!!!! That's completely not me! I was greatful for the rest, but then I got up in a frenzy wondering how I was going to get everything done! I'm a morning person, so I was a little out of my element. Usually by 9, I've already accomplished so much!

So, with all my errands and chores to get done around the house, I did have time for a peidicure!! I haven't had one since last summer sometime, so it was refreshing! I almost passed out in the chair massager. YES, this was on my to-do list! I specifically waited until today because everyone else would be at work. I've just given up on weeknights and Saturdays! I was in and out in less than 45 mins! Hubby might be jealous since I didn't take him with me....yes, he gets pedis and LOVES them!!! Everyone needs well kept feet!!

Well, now I have to go back to the store for a few items I forgot and were totally on my list (which is kind of hard to follow when it is buried in your purse in the cart underneath all the produce bags)! So, off to the store, a Walmart run (due to the fact that I can't very well print out my state taxes without paper) and then to pick up little hauss!!

So, maybe just maybe I'll get all my stuff done by tomorow what was supposed to be done by today!!!


Busy May-Bee?

I have a to-do list a mile long! I love my lists! They keep me sane as well as getting a little warm fuzzy when I cross something off! I write down things I did that weren't on the original list just so I can cross it off! Crazy I know!

So, today, I got off at 3, came home and made myself really comfortable on the couch and caught up on some FoodTV!!! I figured I deserved a little R&R!! Little Hauss is with the grandparents for the afternoon, so I had complete quiet!

Now that I have to be somewhere in a half an hour I'm realizing that I should have used my few hours of free time wisely.....oh well, I guess it'll wait until tomorrow!


Apparently I grind my teeth while I sleep! I say this because I just have to believe the dentist when he says such things since, duh, I'm asleep and he is a dentist! I noticed a few years ago, well, maybe more than a few, since Little Hauss is 3 1/2 now and I know that this started BLH (Before Little Hauss). I'm am choosing to say a few because I'm just not ready to admit that Little Hauss is more than a "few" years old....another story!
Ok. So, more than a few years ago, I started experiencing headaches when I woke up. I of course tried to self diagnose and treat - its a damn headache, deal with it like everyone else does - lots of advil/tylenol and a large soda! Nothing like a caffiene headache - which by the way, doesn't really present itself until about 11am, so I should have known that this was not the case sooner than I did.
I proceeded to "treat" or self medicate if you will, for a while, or as long as the pills allowed! When that "treatment" did not work so well, I just pretty much gave up. I just happened to go to the dentist for my normal 6 month checkup (yes, I go every 6 months) and that's when he told me the news. I grind and clench my teeth at night. He came to this conclusion by just looking at my teeth and without really asking if any other symptoms presented. He then asked me if I ever woke up with headaches. Well, yes, DR. I do! So there! Problem solved. I go back, get fitted for a mouth guard and we are on our merry way. Notsomuch!
First of all, I have NEVER had braces, a retainer, etc. I didn't need to wear mouth pieces for sleeping or whatever. This was definitely an eye opener! I was religous about this guard. It is made from acrylic and is not very comfortable. Since I am not used to this contrapment in my mouth, it causes me to salivate profusely and proceed to drool while sleeping - THANKS! It did work! No more headaches! But, the teeth were somewhat sensative in the morning.
After about a month or so, I realized it was missing - and then found PIECES of it scattered in the bedroom! Thanks to our little baby girl - aka our boxer dog Zoey!!! She thought she'd have a little $200 snack!!! NOT fun! I got it remade (at a discount thank goodness) so we were golden.
Well, we moved and I kind of never wore it again. I knew where it was, but thought I was good, so just left it in the drawer!!!
Do you know what happens when you do that? First of all, the grinding/clenching does NOT stop even though you feel better. The headaches come back and your teeth move ever so slightly!!! I know this because I have the headaches again AND now I can start to feel little "blemishes" on my teeth. I can't think of how to describe it really, but there is a change, and its enough that I've noticed!
So, last night, I dig deep in that drawer, find the guard, give it good scrub, and pop (or force) into my mouth and wince in pain from the tightness!!! OUCH! I'm shocked at just how much my teeth have shifted. OR, maybe it was always this tight, but since I was so good about wearing it, it just never bothered me that much!
Well, I figured I paid all that good money for it to help me so I might as well let it!!!
I guess I'm back to drooling on pillows, but its all worth it for the lack of pain!!!


Public Speaking

If you know me, then you know that I love to talk. I can talk to anyone or anything. I don't need to have reciprocation! Really, sometimes I'm pretty sure that things come out of my mouth and they are just for my benefit! I talked to myself all the time in my office. I'm sure my boss thinks I'm nuts...well, she probably figured that out a long time ago!
So, our family was asked to do a reading in church for this Sunday during service. We accepted. Hubby doesn't read out loud or in front of anyone. No biggie, I'll do it. I was told that I would be emailed the material or scripture or something about 2 weeks ago. I haven't seen ANYTHING yet!!!!! I'm starting to freak out here people!
I do NOT like public speaking. It may be a shock to you, but really, I DON'T!!! I can talk talk talk all day to small groups, friends, co workers, or even some random stranger in the grocery store line, BUT I do not speak to audiences!
I said yes because it is an honor and we are trying to be more involved in our Church now that I'm older and have a family, yada yada and I was excited that they asked us!
SO, now its Wednesday, the week OF the reading, and NADA!!!! I just wanted to be as prepared as possible, maybe print it out bigger and be able to practice!!!!!
I've emailed the contact and haven't heard anything yet, but I'm hoping to get something today!!!! I guess I'll just have to deal with it because now its already been submitted to the bulletin and our names printed, so I can't pass the buck!!! I just hate not being in control....


My Lil' Lepprechaun

Just thought I'd share a little St. Patty's Day Cheer!!! My Lil' Lepprechaun loves green so this should be a favorite holiday for him!


It's like a game!

I'm turning into a laundry whore!! I'm sure Hubby is very happy about this. IF I thought I could keep this up, I wouldn't mind doing it so much, but inevitably, piles start to form and reality sets in. Sometimes there just isn't enough time for it all! So, I have in the washing machine now 2 small throws and 2 small throw pillows!! Hubby thinks I'm nuts and is warning me to wash ONLY when there is enough for a full load. He can't even take a shirt off without me swiping it up and piling it in the basket! I keep looking around the house wondering if there is anything else left to be laundered. I see right now a couple more blankets. After that, I'll have to wait until we change clothes again!!! So, on a different note, I just went to a Kelly's Kids trunk show! I usually don't buy stuff from there because 1 - the cost is fairly high and 2 - Little Hauss grows so fast, I'm scared he wouldn't get enough wear out of it! But, I did splurge today and got him a green searsucker swim trunks. It was a tad more than I would normall spend, however, I hear that the clothes hold up well and I figured that it was the one item I knew he would wear often. I saw tons of cute stuff that I could have easily gone broke over, but with it taking 4-5 weeks to even ship, I was really nervous of buying anything and then him growing out of it too fast. Now, if I had a girl, it'd be all over with. I would be in debt and have the cutest little princess on the block! Another reason I indulged is $1 shipping!! Can't beat that!

He's gonna be so handsome this summer. AND green is his favorite!


Clean as a whistle!

ALL the laundry and I mean EVERYTHING except the clothes literally on our backs is washed, folded and mostly put where it belongs!
It is amazing to me that I don't really have enough room in all the drawers and closets for everything at once. I guess that's why dirty laundry piles up - so you have plenty of room in your drawers!
So, it has taken me a little over 2 weeks to get it all caught up. Hubby does a great job, but there were the odds and ends such as bathmats, shower curtains, and tons of sheets and towels set to the side for when we had time to do it!!! Well, I've made time. I was sick of looking at the piles!
I HOPE that now that it is all done we can do a load or two everyday to stay caught up!

Other than that, we are doing well!

A little funny: Little Hauss told daddy last night he wanted to watch a video in his room. Daddy asked what he would like, and Little Hauss said "Hawky". Daddy was very confused and asked him to pick out the movie that he was talking about. He pointed to "The Mighty Ducks!". Daddy of course corrected the word to "hockey" and removed all twanginess!!!!!
Seriously? Do we talk like THAT? I know we are in SW VA, but huh??? We need to get a grip on that!

Now that all the laundry is done, I'm off to do some shopping!



Ok...Hubby made me a little paranoid earlier about the beer comment! Apparently there was some talk on the local morning radio show this am about this very topic. Is is morally wrong to have your children bring you beer? Most were totally ok with it and some were not. The weird thing is that a listener said they recently read this on a blog...hmmmm, makes a girl wonder???? Could it be mine? Probably not...I seriously doubt I'm that popular in the blog world, but one would only hope! I just don't want bad publicity.....

Either way, I just wanted to clarify that yes Little Hauss KNOWS that we have beer and mommy juice (wine) and that only ADULTS are drinking them. He has in fact brought me a beer from the fridge and sometimes I haven't even asked for one. He NEVER handles an open container and is not allowed to drink it!!!! I'm not THAT stupid! However, I would like to point out that I could make a mean martini for my pop at age 13, so there! Don't Judge!


We are forever locking ourselves out of the house even so much so that my MIL got us a really cute key holder for our house for Christmas! Um, yeah, we have YET to put a spare key in it, so it doesn't really do us much good now does it!

So, the other night, it was just the perfect night for some ice cream. I had my car back and we took off around 7ish. We made a quick stop at the in-laws and then onto get some ice cream. We were fat and happy returning to the house around 8:45 (it was Sunday, so Little Hauss wasn't even close to being tired yet due to Daylight savings) to find out that we had no house keys!!!! I had grabbed my key ring with just my car key on it - the one I left with the garage to fix my car!!!!! Hubby had left his keys (and wallet) inside the house. His wallet has a spare key in it...allota good it did us sitting inside the house!!!

Luckily for us, the weather had been delightful and we had some of the windows open. We usually leave the ones open that can't be reached, but we had left the tiny kitchen window (the one above the sink) opened!!! It just so happens that the back deck is backed up to that kitchen window, so we had a way in!!! WELL, you know my fat arse isn't fittin' through there, so what'd we do you ask? I shoved Little Hauss right on through feet first. Plopped him on the counter beside the sink and he opened the door!!!!!

This is just one reason you have children!!!

Get 'em while they're hot!

You have to check out The Pink Clutch and see what she's got on sale. She has super duper cuteness and its all on SALE!!!!

I just snagged this for $12!!!!!! You know me and my summer time beverages will appreciate such a cute pink tote!!!

There are tons of fip flops, towels, night lights and more!!!

Happy shopping!


Just a walkin' the dogs

Well, they were really walking me! AND, since I've been swimming lately, I've conditioned my body to use certain muscles so I forgot that I would actually be sore!!! I'm already starting to feel it!! Tomorrow and Thursday should be fabulous!

They had fun....usually don't take them ya know with a kid and a stroller, but today I was kidfree so I took them both by myself!!! I can't just take one because that just wouldn't be fair! SO I suffered through them pulling me in two different directions and I'm pretty sure that's where some of the soreness is coming in!!

Thank goodness for advil!


Language Barrier

Little Hauss is very vocal (no idea where he gets that from?) and has a great vocabulary for a 3 1/2 year old. He is a great conversationalist and really uses words in the right context. We are always amazed at some of the things he knows and says and the fact that he really KNOWS what he is saying!

Just a few things he says that might need an explanation:

Last mornin' = yesterday

Wammart = Wal Mart

For Me? (spoken really squeally like) = Is that for me?

Captain the hat = Cat in the Hat

Dvdv = movie/dvd

The mote = the remote

My beer = my juice (yes, he knows what beer is and he even fetches them for his momma!! - don't judge)

Poopy Head = well, this means exactly what it says! And he's usually yelling this at us when he is angry or frustrated. Such a sweet little angel dontcha think?

Baby Tater = Baby Tater Tot aka Cora (one of our friend's little girls who we referred to as a tater when she was itty bitty)

Beff, Kaffy or any name with a "th" in it is spoken with a "ff" sound - I am really working on this even though Beff and Kaffy don't seem to have any problems with this at all!

anything = nothing as in "what do you have in your hand?" - "anything" spoken very sly - hmmm...usually something that he's about to put in his mouth to get rid of the evidence

That's about all I can really think of for now....but he cracks us up everyday!!!!!! Love it! Well, except for being called a poopy head!


That's what I used to do in college. I wasn't all lets put a whole pot of coffee on the night before a final and not sleep a wink but I was a little bit of a procrastinator. Well, that's not really the right word....hmmm, I was distracted! That's way better! I would attempt to study and do my work and then something else would inevitably come along that was just much more exciting! For instance, roomie and me would watch a movie or two, pop us some popcorn and then eventually take a study break - ya know, to study!! Now, with such a busy life, I feel more determined to get things done more efficiently.
So, I did it. I signed up and scheduled my first test! I'm one step (and $130 poorer) closer to my goal. I am taking the test on March 26. This isn't the one I'm terrified to take, but I'm not thinking that it'll just be a breeze either. I have some practice test materials and will really study/prepare for it as best I can. After this one, there is another test that is concentrated on the subject matter you want to teach in. Mine is math. I'm a number freak and ironically enough, I don't watch that show, but anyhow, I am really nervous about that test! I was looking up the info on it tonight and its only about 50-60 questions but I have to relearn to use a graphing calculator!!!! What??? I just want to do algebra! Can't I just take a test on 5x + 3y = 2z?? I LOVE some algebra and long division! I'm strange, I know, but what I don't love is geometry and graphing calculators!! Oh well, I'll just need to suck it up and figure it out.
I guess now I'll be spending more time on studying and less on facebook!!!

Daylight Savings Time

Is not my best friend like it used to be - ya know, before mommyhood!

For all mommies....there are two weeks we dislike more than any other week in during the whole year - Spring Forward and Fall Backwards! It turns a kid into a monster most likely!

I do have to say Spring is a bit better than Fall only because wake up time is a little later, but their little body clocks are set in stone most of the time! Bedtime is worse only because its so late!
Now, after about a week, it gets back to normal - whatever that is? and we are on our way for another happy 6 months!

I personally like having longer days and the warmer weather, but this day kicks my arse every time! I can't manage to get to bed at a decent hour and then I'm dragging all day!!!! I'll perk up tomorrow I'm sure!


Spring Fever

Ok, I am still trying to wrap my stuffed up head around the fact that on Monday we had inches and inches of snow.....and this weekend it is 80 degrees!!! I know that March is in like a Lion and out like a Lamb, but in a week??

I really don't care as long as it stays around!!! It is absolutely beautiful! We've been at the park the past two days, cooked out, cold beer in my new monogrammed koozie, and just have completely taken in this weather! It's great!

Saturday morning Little Hauss and I worked diligently in his room and the living room sorting through toys, books and clothes. We had a trash bag (not very big!), a keep pile and a "baby" toy pile. We aren't ready to donate anything just yet.....never know when another one will come along! He did very well....much better than I ever expected! He didn't throw a fit or fight me on anything that we were planning to store in the attic. In fact, he loves helping put things in the attic so much, he was very excited to put things in the bags. All in all, his closet and toy box are cleaned out - just in time for new clothes and more toys I'm sure.

Sunday, Hubby's brother's family came in and we let the boys play for hours!!! We ate lunch at the in-laws and then ventured out to the park again. They had so much fun playing on the jungle gym while the big boys flew some kites! He fell out for a few hours after that and I took that time to get his Easter basket stash....even though I'll probably need a few baskets!!! I went a little overboard...oh well! We'll be at the beach, so I got him lots of fun stuff for that as well!


All Fixed Up

I got my subie back!!! And it sounds marvelous! My car guy LOVES me. Including labor, I got a new muffler, ball joint, alignment, and a few other piddly things for about $400! Labor alone can make a girl cry, and I did oh boy, but they were tears of JOY! My car is back AND it is street legal!!!! No more reject sticker on there!!!

I'm so glad I got my little car back because I've been hitching rides all over town for 2 days and stealing Hubby's BIG truck when I need some wheels! I love driving the truck but parking is a whole different story! I have to find a section with plenty of room to make sure I don't run over any other cars!!! Really, its that big!

So, we have lots to do today. Hubby is working this morning so we are on our own. No worries, I have a plan to clean out Little Haaus' toys and clothes. I ended up buying him some 5T pants yesterday and then made him try on the shorts we had from last summer and only 4 pairs fit!!! So, its about time to do some spring cleaning. Thank goodness I'll be going to the beach in about a month. I will need to do some shopping!

We also have a few errands.....we'll see how well he does with parting with toys before we decided if we'll venture out! Wish me luck!



Took my car for an (overdue) inspection.....it was rejected! I kind of thought it might be, but still needed to take it.


Completely new exhaust system/muffler
New break light - ummmm, still trying to figure out why no one mentioned this one to me
Left rear wheel cylinder
Left lower ball joint

I don't even know what some of those are and I really don't care as long as they get fixed and I pass inspection.

Don't worry, I did not take it to Valvoline and deal with the same ol' shiot! BUT, I do have a guy and he loves me, so, we're good! I just hope my wallet feels the same after all this!


Love this!

I have occassionaly stopped on PBS to hear these women and tonight they had a special and it is wonderful! I love music. All kinds. I especially love harmonies and hearing all the voices interwine!

I'm really tempted to buy tickets to their show but Hubby probably wouldn't go. They aren't cheap, but we'll see!!

Check them out. Celtic Woman!


I'm buried under paperwork!!!! YUCK. I love to be busy at work, really, I do. I love to get that first cup of coffee, settle in, and then by the time you come up for air, it's been 3 or 4 hours. For me, that's half my day, so I get excited that I only have a few hours left.
BUT, we have a huge audit in less than 5 weeks and we are just swamped. We are trying to get all our ducks in a row now so we can concentrate on the rest of the "fluffy" stuff. Ya know, snacks and special treats for the auditors when they arrive. Making dinner arrangements, and the most important - where we will have our celebratory "meeting" after they leave! My vote is just next door to the pokey at a local restaurant/bar! I mean, its right there...we can walk!
Its getting a little tense though so we might have to keep a stash in the desk drawer!

Other than that, I'm just getting bogged down with everyday stuff. My car is past due for its inspection!! AGAIN. I do this every year, never fails. I mean, you would think being married to a man of the law that he would notice these things!! I've been pulled over twice for this!!! You would have thought I'd learned!!! Of course, I go after work today and they can't fit me in by the close of business, so I guess I'll go in the morning. Just hope I make it to work without the popo catching me! Really though, I think they have bigger things to worry about than my piddly inspection sticker....California's letting out all the bad guys....they should be concerned with that!

We are really busy at home too. We have something planned every week until pretty much September! Maybe not that drastic, but stuff is piling on! Weddings, showers, beach trips....its gonna all be here before we know it and then it'll be over too fast! Always is!

To bed I go.....Little man is missing his blankie so this could be a long night....If I get to sleep soon, then I should get some good rest before he comes looking for it!

Winter Wonderland

Baby Girl Zoey - her favorite is catching snowballs!
Can you see him? My snowbaby Zeus!

Little Hauss and Mommy being goofy!

Watch out!
Our House in Snow....
Well, its finally March! Time for blooming flowers, green grass, birds chirping and the beginning of flip flop season! Notsomuch! SNOW on March 2! Who would have guessed? I don't love the white stuff much, at all really! I mean, it really is nice to look at and when it first falls its so pretty untouched, but then, its just not fun!
Little Hauss really enjoyed himself and I was a good mommy going out in it even though I would rather not (cold and wet - not my cup of tea)!! Now, I was no snow bunny by any means....striped pj pants, hot pink hoodie, green scarf, gray gloves, black/gray stripe stocking cap, and the icing on the cake - Hubby's HUGE black rain boots!!! I was a mess! Thank goodness NO ONE saw me....I hope!
Little Hauss was dressed much better (for the snow as well as more fashionable) even though I didn't have any snow gear. I just layered him up as much as I could and sent him out....he's 3, he'll thaw out! Except, I didn't have any hot chocolate so it was just a hot bath!!
He didn't have preschool on Monday, so he got to spend the day with his Papa building a "snowman". I don't know how much Papa helped, and apparently the snow wasn't that great for forming big balls, so it was just a snow "creature". He had fun and that's all that matters! He also got a new sled and boots! I guess when it snows again we'll b prepared - but I have a feeling this is the only bit we'll get! I'm hoping for it!