2 more reasons

I hate this weather! Yes, hate is a strong word, but my gracious - its ridiculous! I've even considering moving to GA. I don't think Hubby is too fond of the idea, but it has been on my mind lately, seriously. I bet he'd like Vegas - I might have to start buttering him up!

So, the reasons are the TWO times I busted my arse this morning on the "path" in our driveway to the cars! Yes, I knew there would be slick spots, and yes, I was being careful, but there was an entire sheet of black ice in front of hubby's truck that I couldn't avoid - twice! Being that it was o' dark thirty, I couldn't see them as well, so I was doing the best I could, but obviously not good enough. I had to trek it through the snow to my side of the car and just deal with wet and cold feet, not to mention my sore bum!

The funny thing is, in all this, I know come mid July, when my feet look like cantelopes, I'll be cursing the heat - but for now, I'm concerned with the cold....GO AWAY!

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