It's here....almost

Tomorrow will be the day I become a mommy again. I am so excited! I can't believe this moment is finally here. We are in complete disbelief that we will be parents of kidS (plural????wow). I just hope we can adjust quickly. It is bittersweet for both of us as LH has been our one and only for 5 years. That's so special to us and time that we both cherish so much. We are ready to make memories with this child as well! So much fun to be had!
I'll take a picture today and post it....my last belly shot!


ONE more week (or less)

This post is dedicated to my husband!

I would like to remind him that we are having a baby in ONE week or less. As in NEXT Wednesday this baby will come hell or highwater. It might have slipped his mind that the blessed event was so close. He might have mentioned doing something NEXT Friday (for work) IF we dind't have the baby YET! Um, I politely (matter of factly) reminded him that I was NOT going to be in labor over 48 hours. This baby would be here by then and that most likely would be our first night home from the hospital.
He looked at me puzzled. And then tried to save his own arse by saying that I was just doing so well with this pregnancy, he forgot I was that far along! Yeah, ok.....just keep telling yourself that babe! Apparently he has a meeting on the 30th and thought it was further away than it really was so he didn't realize NEXT Wednesday was the 1st already. WOW!
I was actually speachless. I mean, how does that happen?
Don't worry, we are speaking now. He looked at his work schedule and it dawned on him that he was off next Tuesday - Sunday for baby! I'm glad that he figured it out!
And now for your viewing pleasure!


Gearing up for Sleep deprivation

I have tried to go to bed early. I am actually even tired some nights around 9 or 9:30, but when I try to go to sleep, my body says no. I find myself feeling anxious, restless, and just uncomfortable. So, most nights I'm up until at least 11 and sometimes 11:30 after the news. I wake up at 6, so not much sleep is happening. Add in all the potty breaks and I'm really struggling. This morning LH was in my room at 5:10! WHY? I have no idea. Sure, crawl in bed with mommy for an hour, but really, he doesn't go back to sleep. He tosses, he turns, he cuddles up beside me (which I love but makes me too hot) and he rubs my arms, etc, etc. He does NOT go back to sleep. I finally told him to go back to his room, to which he cried and then I just left him in my bed and I got up. After going to bed at 11:45 last night that puts me around 4 1/2 hours of sleep.
I am just practicing for this baby and preparing my body to function on hardly any shut-eye! It's all worth it I know, but I would love a nap today...too bad I have to work!



There it went...my beautiful hot pink girly camera ...right into the dog's water bowl! I had just removed it from my case to put in my small purse for the night and when I sat it down to the side, it was on a slope and slid off the counter into the bowl! OMG....well, that isn't what I really said....I said Shit about 12 times in a row and I'm pretty sure LH was watching tv in our bedroom and didn't hear me. Oh well if he did!!! Drastic times calls for potty mouth!!! It could have been worse, but I wouldn't dare in front of him!
I immediately dried it off with a towel, took the battery and memory card out and then literally submerged it in rice! It is supposed to work for cellphones, so I thought it couldn't hurt. I even double checked it online and that's what I found. Um, it did NOT work!!!!! I've even tried my other battery (the one that is still dry) and nothing!!! I was almost in tears....well, I was in tears, but I had actually put make up on, so I had to pull myself together as we were already running late, I was driving and I had no time to freshen up my face! Don't even know why I really bothered as I knew I was going to sweat it all off anyway!
I guess my practically brand new camera doesn't realize all the important stuff I have going on in the immediate future! Birthday, baby, LH's orientation, first day of school, his 5th birthday!!!! WOW!!!!
BUT, thankfully with MY birthday this week, I got an early present!!!!!! Thanks mom and dad!!! I really might have gone postal if I didn't have one! AND we got the protection plan! Whew!

Moving on....new wheels!

For the hubby! I'm just relieved at this point that he got a bike...a mountain bike! He's been talking about it and doing research for weeks. I am not really sure where the idea came from, but doesn't matter, he has one now! Hmmm, wonder if this is how he feels when I talk about crap all the time -if he even listens to me!
He did thank me for "letting" him get it, ya know before baby and all. He was worried if he waited he wouldn't have gotten it any time soon. I reminded him I didn't "let" him do anything, that he practically just announced he was getting it, but then he rephrased it as thanks for not "bitching" about it! Ok, sure, you're welcome, I think!
He's been using it too. He's been riding around town, running errands, and going to the gym to lift weights. I'm happy he's happy except he was doing all this without a helmet! I threw a fit...probably a little matter of fact. I reminded him that he's on the real road with cars and if his son has to wear one, then he has to wear one too! LH and I got him one this weekend as a gift! His knees give him trouble and biking is great for that instead of walking and running or even doing the eliptical! He's trying to convince me that I need one too! Oh wow, all of us riding around town! I can see it now - actually, I can't, so scratch that!
It has been nice though, because LH thinks it is the coolest that his daddy has a bike too! They went for a ride Sunday morning....yay - "me" time! And, I guess LH thought he could ride his big boy bike like daddy, so they took the training wheels off!!! He's a pro now! Oh, and I would gladly show you pictures of the blessed event, however, my fun hot pink camera took a dive in the dog's water bowl......

Let's start with Matter of Factness

This is my new description of my attitude. It encomposes all aspects of my "bitchiness" and doesn't make it sound as horrible when you say it out loud! Now, it doesn't tone down the 'tude at all, but it sounds much more pleasant if I have to relive a moment of matter of factness. My coworkers are loving it - well, because I have not been matter of fact with them, so they still think it's hilarious. If you are on the receiving end of my matter of factness, you would not feel so giddy - pinky swear!
A few matter of fact occurances include:
  • customer service rep with Comcast after they jacked up my price for internet
  • dealing with a coworker's incompetence (he's a man - self explanatory there)
  • a few *minor* incidents with the hubby
  • admissions lady at the hospital for pre registration

Now, I'm sure there have been plenty more in the past couple of months, but I can't be required to recall all of them. These are just some of the latest (like the last 2 weeks).

I am not sure if I've always been this way deep down (I'm fairly certain that's a yes) but I've tried to keep my emotions and comments in check. But really people, I'm just over it...I'm blaming it on the hormones for now - we'll see how I bounce back after baby!


Things are happening....

So, last night I had some contractions. Minor, far and few between, and only lasted a few hours! It did kind of freak me out a bit. I didn't have these with LH. I basically went to my last doctor's appointment and they sent me to the hospital for "observation" which I now know means we will be inducing you! Of course I went into full prep mode last night. Putting yet more stuff in the bag, like baby clothes, baby book, etc. And then I wondered if I shouldn't lay down instead, so I did after dinner, dishes and giving LH a bath. I was passed out by 8:45! Guess I was tired! Wish I could do that every night! Most of the time I'm up until around 11! I slept great too! I am assuming once I was resting, the contractions just stopped because I never woke up with them. I think they must have been braxton hicks or my body is preparing for labor. Whatever, things are starting to happen. I hope I can hold out for atleast next week! I have a huge party that my father in law is throwing this weekend with a band and all our friends that I really want to go to!! Leave it up to me to want to party instead of have a baby!!! =)


Nesting or just plain neurotic?

I'll go with neurotic at this point. Nesting is full gear, but the things I'm thinking about now are just plain silly. Now, waking up in the middle of the night worried that my phone isn't charged, what if I go into labor with Hubby at work, who would I call to come over to keep LH, and wonder what "going into labor" really feels like, are all vaild concerns at this point I know. However, waking up at 4:30 am and wondering about wedding photos, notsomuch! I never got a real album. My photographer was great, but he gave me real pictures as proofs - not digital, which I'm actually happy about now since I can't find his website or contact info anymore. I made an albumn, but more of scrapbook. I just don't like it. I want something more. So, of course, as logical as it seems, I must scan in my photos and work on that tonight. I'm crazy I know. I've started to accept this! It's just something I feel I need to do.
Also, I've already started thinking about Christmas. Yes, I do this early anyway, but I've almost figured it all out. I am hoping to have most of the shopping done, if not all of it, by the time I return to work in the beginning of November. Not to mention Christmas cards. I will have to wait to get a great family picture for those.
I've catorgorzied my emails to make sure that the "list" is complete of who to send info to when Baby #2 arrives as well as a list of who to call/text etc. I've also worked on a list of people to mail actual announcements to. I am getting my hair did tomorrow night and a pedicure on Monday night! The bag is mostly packed...minus the last minute stuff I'll throw in before we head to the hospital. I've made arrangements for LH (and had done this prior to my panic attack a few nights ago) and the dogs. At this point we are ready for whatever whenever...except that I'm not really ready! I mean, I am, and no matter what, this baby is coming 2 weeks from today, but I've got stuff going on that I'd really like to do before its time!
So, nesting, yes, neurotic, definitely! Thank goodness Hubby love me for who I am and just goes with the flow!


Rarely do Hubby and I have a photo op...but we got one at the party!! I in all my glory (aka, no makeup, hair pulled back with lots of glistening skin) and he looking cute as always!

I'm surprised his lap didn't go numb after I sat on him!!! haha!

Pool (Rain) Party

Ahhhh, the memories of my childhood! Plan a pool party, get rain instead! Year after year after year! I think ONCE, I actually had the party at the pool! Oh well, still lots of fun!
It was no different for LH! We planned a joint party with a friend who's birthday is the day before LH's and of course, we had to plan it early on account of school starting, Labor Day and the baby's arrival!
The forecast was glum...especially for the time of the party, but we didn't reschedule, change our venue or have much of a backup. It worked out just fine! The day started off clearer than we expected, so we were hopeful, but about 25 minutes into the party, rain. No biggie, they are already wet, but about 5 minutes later, thunder. Outta the pool they go. The parents were huddled up under the only shelter packed in like sardines, but the kiddos were perfectly content doing mudslides, marching around the pool and eating soggy snacks under the tents! The sky opened up so fast and with such downpours, that we didn't have time to even transfer the food from one shelter to the other...therefore, sticky pretzels and soggy chips it was. They did enjoy some very cold Capri Suns! At least they were hydrated!
Finally, they were allowed to get back in, which was exciting to them, as we all watched from the shelter! We heard so many of the kids say what a fun and great party this was. Glad they enjoyed it. It was the most chaotic, yet stress free party I've done!
We got the kids out of the pool at the next bout of thunder, sang, and ate cupcakes! By the end of that, it was time for the party to end anyway. Worked out just fine!
So, here are some photos of our special day!!!
Food tables set up!!! Before the rain came!
Cute cupcakes...beach balls for LH and flip flops for our friend's little girl!
Starting it off right! With sun, believe it or not!

And then the rain came!
And kept coming!
Oh, and wouldn't you know it? After they were all gone, the sun came out again!!!


Best Gift Ever

Tomorrow my house is getting a good cleaning and I'm NOT doing it!!! I am so excited. I have friend that cleans houses and I called her to see if I could get a once over before the baby comes. She said she would love to fit me in and as a GIFT!!! She is awesome.
I've said before I am not the best housekeeper. I keep up, barely! My house isn'tfilthy dirty, but its not deep cleaned every week either. This will be wonderful. She will do floors, baseboards, and give the bathrooms and nice sparkle!
I wished it was a little closer to the baby's arrival but I'll take what I can get. She already does one house this Saturday and offered to come afterwards. It actually works out pretty well as we'll be gone all afternoon. We will just have to make sure we keep it up for the next few weeks until baby! I'm just so happy that I'm not doing all the nitty gritty cleaning...have I mentioned that?? Hehe! She said she'd even change sheets!!! Woah!
I am just not used to this. I have plenty of friends that get someone to clean monthly or biweekly, but not me. Maybe that will be one thing I indulge in after baby with all that money I'm saving in daycare costs!!! hmmm, something to ponder.
Until then, I'll be greatful for wonderful friends and their generosity.
Now, off to "pre clean"!! I just want to make sure she's not spending all he time moving random stuff just so she can really clean! Hubby thinks I'm crazy for that one, but he'll be happy tomorrow when its all spic and span!

Sweet Baby Girl

Not mine...let's just get that out of the way now. WOW, I posted on FB today that I was boing to meet sweet baby Grace and that started a whole new whirlwind of comments and well wishes!!! HA...not my baby!!! I meant I was going to meet a friend's baby girl today but I guess I should have reworded the status...
She was toooooooo sweet and tiny and just plain sweetness. She was born July 28th and she is super special. She's adopted. My friends have waited so long for this moment and they are going to be the best parents ever. Grace's mommy battled and beat cancer years ago and left her with the inability to have her own children, so they decided to adopt. IF I couldn't have my own biological children, I would adopt in a heartbeat. I believe that every child needs a great home and if there are loving and wonderful people out there willing to love & raise them, then by all means, they should!
Throughout this process they have waited and prayed for a little baby to call their own and now that day is here. She is adorable. She is innocent and sweet and just perfect! I'm so happy for them and can't wait for our kids to grow up together!!! SO many memories to make!



TMI? Whatever, it's my blog, I don't care! So, as previously mentioned, I did some shopping this weekend....and I had to purchase some, um, "big girl" panties. These are ridiculous! I have been wearing "normal" panties this entire pregnancy and they are cute...hipsters, but are starting to fall down, so instead of doing the pull up 12 times or more a day, I invested in a pack of sensible briefs! Mine are actually cuter than these...polka dots, stripes, etc....but let's face it, they are still granny panties! The only non ridiculous part is they are comfortable right now. I mean, they fit! I guess they will be useful these last few weeks.....sigh*

A little over 3 weeks to go

Well, he/she is growing lots!!! I feel just in the last week or so the belly has really popped out more! It is starting to really get in my way of bending, rolling, moving and even sitting at my desk! I love it though! I'm really not in any hurry to get this baby out yet like most women are at this point. Call me crazy! I love being pregnant. This time around has caused some hormonal imbalances so to speak with my attitude, but physically I'm a baby machine! Too bad this is my last go 'round!
So, went to the doctor on Friday last week and he checked me! Not fun, but I am 1 cm dilated. He said that I'm still pretty high and "thick"! Haha -that's just funny. Anyway, at this rate, I'm still on schedule - measuring at 36 weeks (which is right on) and we decided IF this baby doesn't want to come out before, we will induce the 1st of September.
This is a wonderful thing! Not on my birthday and plenty of time before LH's birthday! Poor hubby will be celebrating birthdays for 2 weeks straight now, but well worth it! I really hope I go until the 1st. It would just be ideal for many reasons, but we'll see what happens. I go back this Wednesday but I doubt he'll check me again so close to last time. I could be wrong? I have no idea. He is off Thurs, Fri and Monday, so had to schedule an appt in the middle of the week! Then, I'll have 2 more Friday appointments and then it's baby time!
I'm ready for this baby. I go in the nursery and just look around like I should be doing something else, but to be honest, it is practically all done. It's like I want to nest, but I've done so much, I'm not sure what else I can do. I did plenty this weekend though. Hubby was gone overnight Saturday and LH spent the day at the pool with friends then left for the beach with Papa yesterday morning, so I was all alone. One would have thought I spent my time resting and relaxing, but no, I did lots of laundry (washed, dried, folded, & put up), dishes, cleaned, etc. Then I went shopping! It was tax free weekend and I got LH some clothes (and maybe a little something for myself too).
I finally got a baby book! It's somewhat boyish but has animals and such on it. It's the best I could do. I thought about waiting to find out to get gender specific, but I know that I wouldn't find the time to do it and then I'd be so behind in entering all the info. This was best! I even filled it out last night as much as I could!
Oh, and just so you all know, this is NOT a maternity dress. I LOVE it though and dresses seem to be more comfy these days as well as A WHOLE LOT cooler!!! I think it should be ok and not stretched out a lot after wearing it now...oh well though!
Almost 37 weeks!


Happy Birthday Month!!!

To me of course....=) Reason for the blog's updated template! Have to start celebrating of course.

Anyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE my birthday, but it doesn't stop there. I LOVE your birthday too!!! Really, I can't seem to stop myself with gifts, cooking, baking, pouring cocktails and making your day as special as it should be. This goes for family, friends, and just about anyone I'm close to!

It's kind of sickness I guess. I am addicted to birthdays! Hey, it could be worse.

So, a friend's birthday is this weekend and her family is at the beach and will be driving back Saturday (her actual birthday). She thinks I'm certifiable due to the planning I've already put into her celebratory homecoming! She will come back to a meal, cocktails and wonderfully tasting cupcakes, not to mention some pretty swell gifts! I can "spoil" all this on the blog due to the fact that she isn't reading it this week!!!
Next weekend she and I have planned our kiddo's birthday parties together. Her daughter will be 8 on Sept. 6 and LH will turn 5 on the 7th, but with the holiday weekend, start of school and the pool closing, we wanted to have a pool party that they could really enjoy! We are doing low key, cupcakes, swimming, and snacks! I'm not even going to have him open gifts until we go home. Let them enjoy playing for those 2 hours and let me enjoy the not being stressed out part! Even though I will be with all those kids in a pool!
THEN, the big day!!!! My birthday is the 27th!!! I pray that I will NOT be in labor. Really, I pray for that all day everyday. I do NOT want to share my birthday. I believe this is a special day all for yourself. Now, I do share my birthday with a second cousin and a friend's little girl, but that is different. I don't want to have to share it with my own child! I DEFINITELY do not want this baby sharing LH's birthday either, so we are inducing by the 1st to make certain that won't happen. Plus, I will be home by the first day of school too! Priorities! Now, this year, I have a feeling I'll be really celebrating my big day later on in the fall...with a cocktail in hand and possibly a dinner out with Hubby and friends that I can actually eat the entire meal without feeling miserably full after 3 bites. So, I guess in a sense, I get to celebrate twice! Or more if anyone is willing! wink wink!


You might be a redneck if....

You give your dogs a bath in the back of a pick up truck! Yep, that's us!!!

Hey, it's a lot easier with these two beasts than fighting them into a bathtub! And then you can drive them around to dry off afterwards! It's a win win situation!

Wow - Happy 8 years!

Wow, how time flies! 8 years ago, we said I do and I love him more and more everyday! Thanks for everything you do Hubby and for being the best husband, father and most of my best friend! Smooches!
I can't wait for the next 80 years!


Missing something

A BABY!!!!
Because we are as ready as we can be! Ok, there are a few things I still want to get done in the room, but really, we are practically finished! I can't beleive we only have 4 weeks or so left. I went to the doctor on Friday last week and we discussed induction! He mentioned the 26th, but I'm still selfish and do NOT want to share my birthday possibly (the 27th) so I nixed that! Even though I measured about a week ahead, I'm confident that I will hold out until the very end of August and hopefully the first of September! So, we decided to wait and see how my body is progressing and after he checks me in the next few weeks we will come up with a date of JUST IN CASE! It is looking to be September 1st. MY doctor is on call that day so it would be wonderful, but I am not worried about having this baby during the week, its the weekends I am a little concerned about. Considering that my office is teaming up with the other practice in the hospital and they are sharing on call weekends. So, instead of the three doctors in my practice taking every third weekend, they will have every seventh. Sounds great in theory except I am picky and don't want the other doctors...I want my 3! So there is some aprehension in that, but maybe the baby will just come on its own M-F!!! I can only hope! I do want to have a natural labor if possible, because I've been through induction and its not my fave, but I'll do whatever to ensure I get a good doctor and be home before LH starts school!!! Priorities!
Also, Mom is planning on coming up on the 29th, so I really can't have this baby before that. I also would like the extra few days at work...I already have my FMLA planned and such. This baby better realize that I make plans and it needs to learn to follow them! =) Hubby is reading this right now and just shaking his head! He's certain I'll be in labor on my birthday! I might shoot him if that happens because it would be ALL his fault!

Added some wall hooks, tie backs on the curtain and Hubby painted the changing table
The bookshelves I put together over the weekend (that was a funny site), baskets from TJ Maxx and the board books from LH...he was less than thrilled I was taking them though!

The only "set" of drawers we have but they will suffice. We have lots of storage space with the closets and baskets. I hung the signs I have had for years in here..I thought appropriate. They are "Believe", "Hugs", "Kisses", "Enjoy", and "Inspire". Glad I found a new home for them!

Very proud of my shelves!
Hubby did great....painted this old chest black, got some new hardware and baskets add some "storage"! Thank goodness for the drawer - it has the diaper necessities! We couldn't find a shelf deep enough for the space above it! Oh well, this works perfect!

Great Job Hubby!

Happy Birthday Pups!

The babies have had some birthdays!!!! Zeus turned 6 last month and Baby Girl Zoey turned 10 today!!! I can't believe its been 10 years since she came into my life. I love her to pieces. They had plenty of fun celebrating with some ice cream cones!!! They deserve the best!