18 weeks

It's starting to pop! I've felt more pregnant in the last few days but I know it will just get bigger and bigger!!! Not the best photo, but I needed to take one!!!! Without me "emphasizing" the belly, its not that noticable yet if you didn't know to really look for it, so that is nice, but I'm sure that will all be changing soon!

The Pressure

To please all of you!!!!

I am so giddy when I notice I have a few more followers on my page! Really, the littlest things just make me smile! I've always been that way! I get super excited over the tiniest thing that most people look over. It is quite comical to some!

But, with that, the pressure is ON!! I want to make sure that I am still on my A game on this blog and not to let you down.

We shall see. I'm sure with the added stress and hormonal changes ahead, I can come up with plenty to entertain! Thanks for the support!


Early bird gets the worm

This bird would rather have some sleep - sometimes!

I am still not sleeping well. I fall asleep great, but end up waking up and tossing and turning. This past Saturday, I was up at 5. Since it wasn't the middle of the night, I got up and was productive. I emptied the dishwasher, did 2 loads of laundry, caught up on dvr, let the dogs out and fed them, and did some online browsing - the cribs and such from mom!

LH was up by 7 and we ate breakfast and got ready for the day. Hubby was up around 8 and then we all got ready to go to a friend's house for an Easter Egg Hunt! I felt so accomplished by 8 am - it was great! I tried to take a nap that afternoon only to toss and turn some more, so up I was again. We had dinner plans and left LH with a sitter! It was a really good day.

Sunday morning we were all up before 6:15 and had breakfast and dishes done before 7! Since we had some time before Church, I convinced Hubby that the "spare/junk/office/nursery" room needed to be worked on! We got all the maternity clothes packed up and ready to return to their owners, toys and junk cleaned out and put back where it belongs, and you can see the floor again. We have to keep it this way!!! If we don't, the poor baby will get lost in there!!! All that is left is to clean out his closet and the dresser housing all the office supplies and such, which will be moved downstairs with the desk! We also had time to get the basement pieced back together. It isn't done yet, but a few shelves and some more pictures, and we are done.

This all made me feel so much better. My anxiety level has decreased immensely now that the room is clutter free and ready for whatever baby needs.

Mamma Don't Like

Well, another crib post? Really? I really have made up my mind - I think! This one is dedicated to my mom, Gigi, because after my last post on the baby's room, she sent me links on the cribs she liked better than the one from Walmart! I liked them too, but was skeptical on the pricetag! She then informed me that this will be her gift to us! What an awesome mom/Gigi! She picked out this one and I do LOVE it. It converts to a toddler bed and full bed, so it's perfect! Now, I need to get some bedding (have it made after I choose fabrics) and we'll be well on our way.



Yesterday, a girl in our office made a coffee run to Starbucks in the afternoon. I had hit my limit of caffiene for the day, so I asked if she could get me a small decaf. She came back and informed me that they did not make decaf coffee after 12pm! WHAT? I couldn't believe it.
I completely understand the need for a pickmeup in the afternoon and say, before 6pm, I wouldn't think much about it, but I would think that a big coffee chain would offer decaf in the later part of the day. I know a lot of people that aren't affected by caffiene in the evenings, but a lot are and still want the cup of joe, so would opt for a decaf. I guess we are all going to have to go elsewhere to get it.
Now, she said that the barista was very nice about it and did offer to make some but it would take a while.....too long for her to wait, so she declined.
Apparently, I found out from a very reliable source (aka a Starbucks employee) that there is a reason for no decaf in the afternoon - it costs too much to make. It is a money sucker and they rarely have any requests for it. Also, this policy has been in effect for at least 3 years. In additon, she did mention that there is some alternative but it costs a tad more. Also, she did say that there would be no wait if I called it in before hand to come pick it up. Hmmmm, something to ponder, but I doubt I would go through all that trouble just for a cup of decaf, especially knowing that they would waste an entire industrial size pot on me - and not to mention that I can get a good cup elsewhere.
I have a fondness for Starbucks, but I guess I'll have to reconnect with them in about 6 months or so.
Oh, and yes, I contacted the company on this matter (prior to getting an explanation from said friend) because I'm just like that.

Don't worry, I made do without the coffee. I took LH to get an ice cream cone - at 5pm.....and yes, we still ate a good dinner!!!



I got some motivation over the weekend thanks to some talk about a baby shower for baby #2! At first I was a skeptical of having another one, but after looking through all the baby stuff, there is a need for some things and its been FIVE years! So, I agreed. How do you tell 2 great friends no that are offering to do something so very sweet? You don't!!!

So, this got me in the mood for more browsing and such for baby. Here is what I think I like (and I KNOW that I can find) since I didn't have much luck with my first choices.

Crib from Walmart at the great price of $99! NOW, it says it's espresso, but in person, it looks closer to black, therefore, the following will make more sense.

IKEA rocker chair $69! Can get an automan with it as well. Black and White and Orange IKEA Fabric - need to see what I think of this in person.

Gray and White Fabric from IKEA

Panel curtain set from IKEA at $19.99 a SET! Bargains I tell ya!

IKEA fabric - need to see this in person. I want more of a lime-ish or true green, but its cute.

White and Black Dots IKEA fabric

Crazy Black Circles IKEA Fabric

Crazier Black circles IKEA fabric
So, I am thinking of a black/white/gray with some orange and possible turquoise or lime ish green if I can find some stuff I like. I would like to use small amounts of each. Like a two-side bumper, different bed skirt and then some accents like a throw or pillow! We'll see. In May, we'll be in ATL again, so hopefully by then I'll have a better idea!


Plenty of Time

Really? I think I have oh so much time on my hands to get things done before this bambino comes barreling into our sweet little world! Yes, I said barreling....I know I know. Babies are sweet, cuddly, and cute, but they reek havoc in a perfect little world of three!! It will be a big change - one we are so blessed to accept and want so badly, but are we ready? Um, NO!!!

Remember the whole clean out the "office, spare room, junk room" post? Um, well, let's just say, that it doesn't look that uncluttered still. We are bad bad junk people. Ok, Hubby is going to have issue with the word "we" in this sentence!!! In his defense, the ONLY thing in that room belonging to him or put in there by him is his work clothes!! He has one of the closets - which will eventually be meshed with his regular clothes in our bedroom closet, but for now, he has a separate space!

I have this major "cleaning" issue! I hate clutter....Ok, let me clarify! I despise clutter you can see right when you walk in the door. Like, mail all over the kitchen counters, newspapers stacked up beside the trashcan, LH's toys just where he left them, and keys and wallets just sitting there beside the key hook and little tray for wallets. I know it sounds silly, especially since you have seen into my deep dark secret of hiding the clutter, but really, it makes me all cranky when I walk into the house and see that stuff. So, if I don't "see" it, its ok!!! Haha.

That room ends up with whatever needs to be pitched in an instant. It eventually gets taken out and put where it belongs...if we even have a place, but sometimes, it just catches whatever we are unsure of. Right now, its holding tubs of clothing. Mostly maternity clothing from people and all of which I need to return. It also has whatever was in my car, some wine glasses I painted that still need to be picked up, and some other odds and ends that I'm sure have homes.

Hubby and I still call it the "office" or "spare room". We have yet to really refer to it as the "nursery". It will come...I know it will. He has also brought to my attention that I will have to spend some extra time tidying up because I will have find a home for all things that would have gone in that room previously after the baby gets here. That should be fun. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll find a new "hiding" place!

So, with all that said, I am not ready for this baby. I'm not remotely on the same level as with my first pregnancy when it comes to all things baby! I am excited and I am growing (minus the few pounds I shed due to the stomach bug) and I like reading about all the cool things the baby is doing each week, but I'm not mentally ready. I feel like I have all kinds of time. I know that September isn't right around the corner or anything, but its not that far off when you reall stop and think about it, especially when you put that thing called Summer in there. We are super busy through Spring and Summer, so finding time to get all the baby stuff done will be a challenge (um, mostly because I'll want to be by the pool with my swollen feet propped up during my free time)!

I'm not nesting yet, obviously, but I'm not even all goo-goo ga-ga over furniture, bedding, stuff, etc. I know we have a other responsibilities this time around that we didn't have before (LH), but I feel like I'm so laid back this time. I'm sure it will hit me smack in the face one day that I have to get all kinds of stuff done and I'll be stressed and all worked up about it, but for now, I'm just not! Maybe that will change, maybe not. We'll see!

Next best thing

I just got an email from a friend about an amazing deal for a Co-Op in our local area! This is a minimal membership fee of $35 for 5 lbs of fresh veggies each week during the growing season - and its available at our local farmer's market!!! I'm stoked because I'm not the best with growing - anything really, so this is perfect for me.

We try to buy fresh and local if at all possible. In the summers, LH and I take walks downtown and browse the market to see what's available. BUT, this summer, we will get to take home tons of fresh veggies each week already paid for!!! If we decide to get more than our 5 lbs, we get 10% off our purchases. Also, if you miss a week for whatever reason, you can pick it up the next! In addition to the veggies at the farmer's market, we can take LH to the closest farm - which is only about 20ish minutes away - for a hay ride or pick your own and 2 free canning seminars (haha if you know me, but still, a good deal)!

This makes me excited for the summer even more!!!



That is the reason for my leave of abscence!

The stomach bug hit LH last Friday morning and we had a very low key weekend just the two of us. Well, for him, it was pretty low key - naps, sipping ginger ale, pedialite popsicles, and lots of movies, but for me it was a whirlwind of cleaning. The carpets got a good shampooing - twice, and the bathroom, kitchen, and pretty much every other cleanable surface got a good decontamination. All the blankets, sheets, comforters, clothes and towels were laundered too! I felt really good that the house was germ free and we were in the clear - until yesterday!

I left work early, had to pull over on the side of the road and well, lets just say, it wasn't very lady like and Miss Manners would have a fit if she had seen me!!! But what's a girl to do? I definitely had to get out of my new car!!!

Hubby thankfully was home and off work last night to take care of LH. He did everything and I'm so glad he did. He bleached the bathroom (again), did more laundering of sheets, blankets and towels, and kept LH far far away from me!!! They hung out in the man cave and let me rest upstairs. I am praying that he will be spared from this since he was gone and tried to keep his distance as much as he could yesterday. I guess only time will tell!

I'm feeling much better and am fever free. Came back to work for a little bit today, but I'm still so worn out, that I'll probably be home sooner than later and taking a nap. The grandparents are going to pick up LH today and feed him and play so I can rest some more! They are wonderful and we are so lucky we can count on them! Hopefully I'll be 100% by tomorrow!

Wash your hands.....this is a nasty nasty bug!!!!!


All Grown Up

I'm going to try to control my emotions today - this might be hard as I am extremely out of whack with my hormones!

It's a big day for us! Little Hauss is officially all grown up!!! I will be registering him for Kindergarten today! He's beyond thrilled about this new adventure - me, notsomuch! He loves to see the big yellow school buses in the mornings and talks about riding one when he's 5 years old! I just say, uh huh, and suck back my tears!

I really am excited for him and he will do phenominal I'm sure. He's all boy and a little rowdy at times, but I know that intellectually he's ready and he does well in a classroom setting, so I'm confident that with some guidance and mentoring he'll be on his way to great things!
Today won't be as hard at Sept. 7 (which is also his 5th birthday), so we have some time. If I thought my hormones were all jacked up now, I know that after this baby is born I'll be a mess!!! Hubby is very prepared!!!


Body Art

So, I got some new jewelry yesterday thanks to the best Mother in Law ever!!!!! She's a jewelry fanatic and I usually just shop in one of her many jewelry boxes when I need something, but now I'm starting to build a collection for myself!!!! Aren't they beautiful????

Chocolate Milk

I'm seriously obsessing over chocolate milk right now!!! Dangerous!

Crackin' me up

About 2 weeks ago, LH threw my jacket down on the floor - with my phone in the pocket!!! He didn't know it was in there and he was just being a boy! However, my phone didn't really get the being a boy thing and cracked! The face of it was splintered like a windhield and it just had a spot or two of black showing....well, this is what it looks like now!!! I hope you can see it as the black is spreading and it is making it harder and harder to read any text messages or even see who is calling! THANK GOODNESS for family share plans!!! Since we just got our new phones within the last 6 months, we are not eligible for an upgrade any time soon and it would mean this same phone would cost me $200! Um, no! We usually keep our older phones just in case - for reasons like this. We have let everyone else have those just recently. One is broken and the other went to my brother because he was having issues with his phone too. SO, how lucky were we to find out that one of the lines on the family share plan was eligible for an upgrade TODAY and I could use it!!!!! I will go tomorrow and get a new phone - well, the same phone as I am in love with this one! I might get red though!!! We'll see!!!!

Just like Daddy

LH had something funky going on with his hair, and I just didn't have the time, patience or want to spend the money on a haircut at the moment! Its not that expensive, but he squirms and it "tickles" and its just not fun for either one of us, so I decided to give him a buzz cut!! He was very excited as it is the same as daddy's. He did so well and sat there the whole time and let me just shave away!! This will be the preferred method from here on out and better yet, its free!!! He loves it!!


10 Places I'd like to Visit

1. Hawaii
2. Africa
3. Alaska
4. Austrailia
5. Napa Valley
6. France
7. Italy
8. Vermont
9. Niagra Falls
10. Canada


Vacation Planned

Oh, how I wish his little feet were that tiny still! We planned our trip for the beach! We can't really do a typical vacation like everyone else because I don't get paid time off with a part time job, but we can still make a really nice vacation with what I do get!

We are going in June to the beach and thankfully no one else had booked the condo, so we should have a great 6 days away! I'm so excited to take LH this year mostly because it will be really warm! Now, its been warm enough for laying on the sand in a bathing suit when we've taken him before, but the water was usually never warm enough for him to really enjoy! It didn't seem to phase him any, but this time we'll all be able to enjoy it!

I'm sure I'll be a beauty at about 7 months pregnant!!!! Thank goodness I plan on taking some good books and staying put in my chair!

Good Ol' Vitamin D

Oh, the sunshine was back this weekend....in full!

We enjoyed being outside playing at the park and with friends! I sported flip flops with pants and a jacket, but who cares!! I even let LH wear shorts yesterday!!! I know he should have been in pants really, but it was just too pretty!!!

I'm hoping that it will stick around and Spring is going to come afterall. I was a little concerned that it might hide out and bypass us this year! Only down side is that we lose an hour of sleep this weekend, but I can deal with that!

Hubby leaves for a golf trip tomorrow - for SIX days! He's very excited - me notsomuch. I'm glad he's going and will have a chance to really get away from work and stress and just relax, but we will miss him! I don't care that he's leaving, but it just happened to be the week that I had something scheduled every single night!!! Oh well, spending time with little man is way more fun than meetings at church and girls' nights out! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like being a single mommy!!! Yep, I'm sure! Hats off to those of you who do it everyday!!!

There are some positives to being home more this week - I will finally finish up going through my closet and switching the regular clothes with maternity clothes!! WOW, I am having a rough time finding things that fit NOW. I wish they had an inbetween maternity line....the "I'm really not just fat, but really am pregnant" clothes that you need around the 15th-16th week through about 22 weeks or so.....
Also, I am going to work on stuffing Easter Eggs for the church, cleaning out LH's room (yep, haven't done that yet), working on the "nursery" (kind of turning into a catch all room again), and possibly working in the basement getting it "finished" looking.

All this really depends on the weather!! I seem to drop all responsibilities when the sun is shining and we have an opportunity to enjoy spending time outside. I have time!! HA! I keep saying this, but it will sneak up on me, I know!


Fashion Statement

Here is what I'm thinking for LH's Easter outfit. I already have the pants, the shirt and the shoes! I think the sweatervest/sock combo is just toooooo cute! He will look so handsome!

Shirt is from Hartstrings! I love going to the outlet and getting nice quality clothes for him at a great price! I am not even sure this shirt has ever been worn yet!

The socks and vest are from Children's Place! I'm not huge on matchy matchy, but I think these are adorable!

The shoes are not the exact ones he has but very similar - he has dark laces! I got them on clearance from JC Penneys last year!


A friend of mine sent me this factsheet from PETA about fish!

Its very interesting. Did you know that they can make tools? Hmmmm, amazingly enough they didn't specify what kind of tools, or how they use them!

Oh, and I love the one about downloading a colorful screensaver if you want to "view" the fish instead of having them in a tank!


Next they will be concerning themselves with using bug spray as it shouldn't interfere with the lives of pesty insects!

Fish have feelings too

PETA would have a field day with me.

I just read THIS article and had to chuckle. At least it made me smile this morning.

I am an animal lover, really! I have dogs and think that treating any animal unfairly is wrong, but I am not a PETA activist nor do I agree with all their silly views.

I thinking hunting is perfectly ok and I eat all kinds of meat. I don't really go for fur, but I have leather bags, shoes and coats.

I think starving animals and beating them and making them fight is cruel, but putting fish in a fish tank is well, its a fish tank! The article is saying PETA is against putting fish in "captivity". I love 'Finding Nemo' just as much as the next person, but really? I am pretty sure real fish don't sit around and chat about trying to escape. Plus, they are fed and have pretty things to look at, so I'm sure they are pretty happy! I guess its better than being afraid you are going to be eaten by a big shark in the big dark blue!


Hippity Hoppity

Easter's on its way!

I know its a little early, but I've already got LH's easter basket ready - well, the stuff to put in it anyway! I was kind of afraid to wait until closer to the date because I've noticed stores don't have as much this year. I didn't want to get the bottom of the barrel! I do need to pick up some Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and I'll be done!

Here are a few pictures from the past years! He's such a growing boy!

I also need to make sure we have something for him to wear to Church for Easter. He missed it last year because we were at the beach, but we are staying put this year! I don't want to spend a lot of money but I might have to search for a new sweater vest!!! He looks so cute in them! Oh, and maybe a tie. He was wanting to wear one last week!


10 Reasons I love being a Mom

10 Reasons I love being a Mom

1. Being needed, wanted, and loved unconditionally (at least until he's a teenager)

2. Couch cuddling for movies and reading books

3. Lots of Hugs and Kisses and "I Love Yous"

4. Seeing the world through his eyes and having those "firsts" all over again

5. Eating "kid" food - chicken nuggets, frozen pizza, and fish sticks

6. Laughing every single day

7. Making me realize that I am truly blessed and have so much to be thankful for, but also realizing how much I have to lose

8. Enjoying the simple pleasures in life like coloring a picture, picking flowers, playing catch, being completely silly, etc

9. Sharing it with my husband

10. Watching him grow into a wonderful young boy/man and seeing the excitement of becoming a big brother because I know he will be awesome

Close Encounters

Of the Deer Kind! Oh my, was it a close call this morning.

I hardly ever let the dogs out in the mornings. Usually I leave that task for Hubby as I'm usually frantically trying to get out the door on time, but amazingly, I had some extra time this morning. I can't say for sure, but it could have something to do with the fact that I had an outfit laid out, lunch packed, and LH was still sleeping!?!?

We have a run for the dogs, and I always put Zoey on a leash - if she gets away, she's not coming back for a good long time. Zeus, on the other hand, is well, he's special. He doesn't really need a leash and he's pretty good about exploring for a minute, then coming back. Last week, when there was still snow everywhere, he took off after a neighbor's cat and so now I check out the door before we go out. No sign of cats this morning, so I just let him out, and as I was getting to the run, I saw his head perk up (as he was marking the tree thank goodness) and as I slowly turned my head, I saw FOUR deer!!! Just staring at us in the back yard - probably a good 25-30 feet away, but pretty darn close! We are used to deer, but I guess it didn't dawn on me to check for them before we went out. Well, because he was still doing his business, I snatched his collar and led him to the run.

I know he was thinking about it, but I'm seriously wondering if he realized that there were more of them than him AND they were bigger?? Who knows - I guess I could call Caesar, the dog Wisperer and ask him if that is something a dog would think? But I'll just go on the fact that maybe he's not as "special" as I thought and actually has some sense!

I seriously considered for a brief second diving for him if he decided to run....even though I was completely dressed and the yard is a mud pit after all the snow! I guess in my mind it was better than the alternative of him getting beat up by 4 deer!!!


Dream Catcher

Oh my, I'm having some dreams. I never dream...just peacefully sleep the hours away each night, but pregnancy really does it to me.

Some are ok, some are horrible, and some are pretty good (and some really good)!

My dreams really depend on who I see during the day or have contact with. If something big has happened I usually dream of it or something to do with the event, and definitely the characters are always the people from my day!

Its some crazy stuff, and so realistic.