Bitch Factor

Ok, so I'm not denying that I have attitude (on a normal, non-pregnant basis) but whew, throw in those extra hormones and I'm raging! This is not an everyday thing, but happens more often than not! My hubby is dealing with it beautifully! He just lets me rant/rave and nods and doesn't really say much. He knows that it will eventually just blow over and things will go back to normal (whatever that is). I heard him tell a buddy whose wife is expecting their first child to just accept the fact that he will not see his real wife for another 9 or 10 months! So sweet -giving such great advice to a newly unsuspecting soul! He's got no idea what he's in for.

Now, I will say that this time has been completely different than last. I was more laid back and just go with the flow (which is totally uncharacteristic of me anyway) so this time, its more myself - just a little accelerated! Last time, the entire situation was different - work from home part time, no other children, could rest and relax when I wanted, and just generally less to worry about. NOW, I've got more responsibilities, a job, a child, etc....its just on overload! I love it...I love being busy and working and playing with LH! I barely have time to rest. I also have other stresses like LH getting ready to start school, another child to pay for in daycare (still not sure on that one yet), working with stupid people....yes, there are a lot of stupid people out there and just having absolutely no patience for ignorance from anyone else.

So, with that said, my bitch factor is in the red. I speak my mind (freely to anyone these days), I vent, complain, rant, rave and just have no regard for your feelings. Its insane. Really, it is. I know that people say I have an excuse, but I'm not sure sometimes if this is how I honestly feel or if it is the over abundance of hormones making me do it! You know, like when you are a tad tipsy and you say things that you would never normally reveal! Maybe this is me being "drunk" and just telling the truth I've been holding in for so long. I would love to believe that it is in fact the hormones, but I'm still doubtful! The littlest things set me off - especially crap that should be over and done with but yet is brought up time after time. Or people getting their feelings hurt over what I've said or done. I really just don't care. Move on. I am.

So, when you run into me on the street and I'm growing horns, blowing smoke out of my ears and just flaming red, you'll know why. Just move outta the way!


Cutosmer service

Seriously people? You are standing right under the sign in the front of the store that clearly states "customer service" but that is NOT what is given.

I'm not opposed to waiting my turn. I understand the order of things and especially people in lines. I don't understand why you are ringing up multiple people in the customer service line when there are 2 perfectly good open lines of cashiers right beside you in the store....which in turn would free up your "customer service" line for things like returns, exchanges, and lo and behold "customer service"! I just had a question. Very simple. You saw me standing there with NOTHING in my hands to purchase, return or exchange. You just completed a transaction with a customer and then promptly moved on to the next person in the line with about 30 items no less, then you proceded to joke and laugh and try to be somewhat funny with that person that you seeminly knew. He tries to glance my way a couple of times in his attempt to make some notsofunny remark that he and you clearly thought was just oh so entertaining. I dind't budge. I dindn't smile and I had a look that could kill.

Meanwhile, I am eyeing the other aisles to see how fast their customers are checking out and finally have a chance to go an ask yet another employee my question. Um, and not to mention that each of the other 2 cahsiers helped 2 people each before the "customer service" rep was even close to be finished with funny guy. Then, come to find out that they didn't have what I was looking for, so what could have taken less than a minute to find out took atleast 5 or more!

Now, I will say that the guy in customer service at Target was oh so very helpful - even for just 97 cents! yes, I said that! LESS than a whole dollar. I had tons of coupons specifically for Target and paired with some pretty good sales, I was able to stock up on men's body wash, shave gel, detergent, deoderant, baby wipes and baby wash all for about $20! And I got mulitples of each of those....so yes, I wanted to know where my 97 cents was. I checked out and analyzed my receipt to make sure all coupons were accounted for and couldn't find one of the discounts. Turns out I was right. Apparently, at Target, if you have a coupon for more than the value of a product, the cashier must key in the actual amount of the item to get the discount. So the $1 off didn't work for the 97 cent product. All is ok now, and after checking each item on my reciept with the super friendly and helpful guy in customer service, I walked away with more change in my wallet! Some of you might think that is ridiculous, but I wouldn't have even considered buying the item without the coupon in the first place as it wasn't needed, so yes, the extra money was a must! It all adds up!

Now, I realize that I'm pregnant and hormonal and my bitch factor might be a tad elevated these days, but I just can't stand rudeness and bad customer service, especially if that is your actual job title or position! I have always been like this and I'm not afraid to speak my mind.....sorry if that offends you! I might just be speaking it a bit more these days!


Cute little profile!

I got to see baby again!!!! So much fun! I got a really good picture of the profile and more than one person (not including me) has mentioned baby looks like LH!!! I'm going to try to scan in the ultrasound picture and show you.
I usually think babies take on that alienish look in the womb, but the further along I seem to be, the clearer it is and the more it looks like a real person! I just didn't get to see this much last time with LH but due to the placenta issue, I had to be checked again!!
About that - the placenta - it's still low! Not what I was hoping to hear. It did move up a smiggin....about 1 cm, but not as much as they hoped, so I get to have it checked next time as well! I am excited about seeing the baby at 29 weeks though, so that's about the best part of the situation! I'm not too excited about continuing "no activity" until then though. I did think it was completely hilarious for the doctor to say "pelvic restriction"!!!! I had to control my laughter! Thank goodness Hubby was NOT there, because he was not as entertained by those words!!! I had to call and give him the bad news after the appointment!! It still makes me giggle!
I will have a big appointment next time - ultrasound, hopefully news that the placenta is on the move and the glucose test! Good thing I don't find that repulsive like some. The sugar drink is more of a sweet soda without the fizz! The flavor this time around is fruit punch and I think I can handle it!
I did find out that this baby is more than likely going to take after its daddy and big brother! She measured the femur about 4 times!!! I asked if everything was ok and she said "uh huh"! Well, then why are you measuring the same thing over and over. She then asked how tall hubby was....um, 6'1", and LH was 23" when he was born!!!!! and now is about 47" at 4 1/2 years old! Your point? Well, her point was that the femur bone was measuring about 2 weeks AHEAD of my due date - but she just decided that it was more than likely going to be a LONG baby again!!! Great! I'm short, so tall kids are a blessing! EXCEPT when they are in your stomach!!! I sat crooked for the last month with LH because he was stuck in my rib cage!!!
I'm still on schedule for everything else and all my other stats were good. I did gain a tad more than a pound this time....I am not exactly sure how much because I didn't ask and they didn't say! Let's just keep it that way and it didn't seem to be an issue, so OK with me! I'm thinking it was around 3 or 4 - bringing my total around 8 or so! Not bad! and I feel great!!! Hope it stays that way through this hot summer!


Happy Gilmore

We've got a Happy Gilmore on our hands! He doesn't quite run to hit the ball, but has a mighty big swing! He does actually hit the ball pretty well though and isn't too shabby on his putty either!
LH had so much fun on the golf course with his daddy and Pop! He looked handsome too! He did so well and is learning the rules of the course. It's a nice tool to help him calm down and learn to be quiet!
The good thing is he is free - for now. Even with his own clubs, they don't charge for him to "play". I don't know how long that will last, but hopefully a while! Between him loving sushi and now this, we're going to be broke - and that is just on top of how much he eats and how fast he's growing!!!
He's already got a date with his Papa on Wednesday for a round after preschool!
I'm really enjoying this as well. When he was on the golf course for hours with the boys, Gigi and I got some shopping done and pedicures too! So much fun!
Here are some pictures from his new hobby!

Practice swing...

Watching and waiting!

Teeing off!

Making a great putt!

Really getting into his swing!

My boys!!! Mini me and his daddy!

I even joined them for a bit!!

All the boys ready to go! Pop didn't get the yellow shirt memo!

Hot day....boys having fun!


Lovin' the ATL

I love being in Atlanta. I don't love the drive so much, but once here, we have a great time. I think this is Hubby's favorite trip so far!!! He's played golf 2 days in a row and wasn't forced to go shopping with me and mom!!!
Pop took off work Thursday and Friday and the boys (all the boys) played 18 holes! LH is a natural Happy Gilmore! He doesn't quite get a running start, but he sure just takes a wild smack at the ball....and hits it pretty good if I do say so myself! He needs to work a bit on his focus and concentrating on lining up, but when he gets that, he should be well on his way!
I was surprised he made it the entire 18, but he did....passed out on the way home and took a good nap before dinner! Did it all over again yesterday and had no nap - we went swimming instead! I don't see how the boy does it. He's got more energy than the Energizer Bunny - not kidding! He gets a second, third and sometimes a fourth wind throughout the day. No wonder I've only gained a few pounds this pregnancy....I don't have any downtime!
I went with the boys and rode along the first few holes until Gigi came to pick me up for some girl time. We then went to get pedis and did some shopping. I finally found some cute jean capris! That was the one thing I didn't get from all of the generous friends letting me borrow maternity clothes. If I did have any from them, they didn't fit! Oh well, I'm good now.
I braved a bathing suit yesterday to take LH to the pool. I figured that was the least I could do after daddy had him for 2 full rounds of golf! It wasn't pretty, but whatcha gonna do? I didn't love the suit, but I'm sure I'll grow into it after a couple months! I am getting my other suits from a a friend in Raleigh this week! She kept the one I gave her and has another one!!! So excited that I'll have a variety! Last time, it was the same ole' suit day after day!
I realized that I desperately need some sun on my legs though....Hopefully I can work on that before pool days are here in VA. I have a couple weeks!
Nothing much else going on! So far it's been a very low key relaxing trip. We've obviously done some shopping and playing, but not the typical running ourselves ragged. We are excited about the concert tonight - Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum! Might get a little more pool time or shopping in this morning before that, but if not, hanging out is perfectly ok with us!


Leg Cramps!

BOO! I got my first leg cramp on Monday night! NOT FUN! I only got a few with my first pregnancy, but it is something that I hope everyone can never experience. It just wakes you straight out of a deep sleep in excruciating pain! I massaged it out and then of course was paranoid about the position of my feet/legs so I had trouble getting back to sleep.

It hurt all day yesterday! Just an underlying pain or soreness. It didn't happen last night, but I tossed and turned so much I don't think I ever fully went to sleep to let it even be a possibility.

Just another joy of pregnancy!!!! =) (total sarcasm there in case you missed it!)


Blog Blocked!

So, apparently, we've been blog blocked at work. Just blogs it seems, well and "personal sites". We still don't know what exactly that entails, but I guess I'll find out if I try to get on one! So, technically, I'm not fully blocked, but partially. I'm allowed 60 minutes of access a day- but only 10 minutes at a time!!! I can't gather all my thoughts in 10 minutes! Sometimes I pull up the blogger site, start a post and keep coming back to it throughout the day to add and update until finally I'm ready to hit publish! Guess that's going to have to change. Either I'll start keeping a little list of things that I want to post at night, or try to get in a quick post on a break or lunch! I'm pretty sure it will mean me posting at night, but we'll see how it goes!
So, just wanted to give you a heads up about why my post will be a little more irregular!

Happy Birthday Hubby!!!

Just wanted to wish a super duper Happy Birthday to most wonderful man ever! Hubby turned 32 today and is more amazing that the day I met him! I am such a lucky girl to have such a thoughful, caring and loving best friend, father and husband! He's the man of my dreams!!! I love you so much!!!!!!!

24 weeks!

I'm starting to "feel" pregnant now. I can't move as much - like bending over and putting on my shoes, but that's ok...I'm so excited I can still wear shoes! Last time with LH, by this point I was so swollen I was in flip flops only! I can still wear my rings, my shoes and my face still looks normal. I will dig out some pictures of last time and prove to you how bad it was. Really - my lips were swollen! I almost didn't look like myself by the end!

Even though I am having some uncomfortableness, I am feeling great. I am sleeping fairly well, enjoying my time with the family, doing stuff around the house, being pretty active, and just overall enjoying the pregnancy. I am feeling the baby move a lot and hubby and LH even have felt it kick!!! So exciting.

MIL is working on the bedding and curtains now and we are heading to GA Wednesday so hopefully I'll get some shopping done there! We figured out a "changing table" from a piece of furniture we already have, but just needs to be painted. My MIL had a taller skinny storage unit with wicker baskets that we can use as well and the great thing is it is already black and fits perfectly in the space between the 2 closets! All we need now is a chair and some shelves for the closet and walls! Oh yeah, and a mattress would be good too!!!


Chaos is beginning again

Well, it's that time of year when things start picking up in our house. Trips, dinners, outings, baseball games, golf tournaments, birthdays, etc. I love it and hate it all at the same time...but mostly I love it. I love going and doing more than hubby but LH seems to like it too! We rarely will just sit around on a pretty day. We are always going and doing something.

Now, on top of the regular chaotic schedule upon us, we are adding another family member to the mix, so gearing up for that is adding more to our "to do" list! We love it though. It actually keeps me sane. Well, I won't say that I'm normally sane (nor will hubby) but it keeps me focused. I usually work well under pressure and when I have a deadline, so I should be very productive this summer!! But we will definitely make sure to have fun too!

So far, we have Mother's Day, Hubby's birthday, a trip to ATL planned for next weekend and we are going to see Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum; a dinner, a few birthday parties for LH, a trip to the NC Zoo, and that's only before Memorial Day!!! In June, I have a trip to Raleigh to meet my friend's new baby, family beach trip, a baby shower for me (yay!!), brother's and mother-in-law's birthday, and another birthday party for LH! I'm excited about all the fun stuff ahead.....and in the middle of all that, we will finish baby's room and prepare for our lives to change a ton!!! Oh, and POOL opens so all our other free time (ha) will be spent soaking up the sun!!!

Green Thumb?

Could it be possible? I might actually keep some plants alive this summer?? We shall see. So far, I've bought them and they're in a pot!

I'm very excited about the pretty flowers andthey really do brighten the front porch! I just hope I can remember to keep them watered. I'm hoping that LH will be a good reminder! He's always wanting to dump water on something!

Hubby went to get me some hooks for the hanging plants because the ones in the posts were too small to hold the large hook of the basket! So, I'll have potted plants AND hanging baskets!! I hope I can keep up. I even have some herbs - well, LH and hubby did those at Easter and they are growing nicely!

I think we might even go back this weekend and get some baskets to hang over the railings on the porch!! I'm loving the way it makes everything so festive!!!

I'll take some pictures!! So much fun!


Single Mommyhood!

Well, it's my last night as a single mommy. Hubby's been out of town for work since Sunday morning and LH and I have been having a great time! He's been super sweet and agreeable (minus the tantrum on Sunday evening brought on by no nap and playing in the sun all afternoon) but other than that, wondeful!
He's been helping around the house getting the dog's food, taking trash out, putting away his dirty clothes, dishes, etc. He's been amazing! He's being the "Jr. Boss" as his daddy says! He wants to make sure he is taking care of his momma while his daddy was gone!
As much fun as we are having, we are ready for daddy to come back! I guess that means I'll have to start cooking again. We've been enjoying pizza and ice cream and eating in the den!!
Hopefully tomorrow we will get to plant the flowers we bought tonight at our new local Lowes and enjoy a real meal at the table as a family!

Move over Maxwell House

I've officially become a coffee snob! I don't know how this happened. I didn't even drink coffee until after LH was born, but over the course of about 4 years, I've just become a snot about it.

I seriously started drinking it (on a daily basis) after I started this job a little over 2 years ago and its progressively gotten worse. I now have to have it every morning like most people in this world, but now I'm totally picky about it. We use just the regular Maxwell House or Foldgers in the office, and up until recently, that was fine. I have gradually made it stronger and stronger and now I just don't like it. I can't say why though.

I've always enjoyed Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or the little coffee shop here in town, but now, that seems to be my norm or my K-cups with the Keurig!!! I realized today though, it must me the actual coffee, not the strength? or maybe it's both. I ran out of K-cups. I have a cool filter that I can use with just regular coffee, so I tried it. I put a rather big heaping tablespoon full of coffee in there and brewed it. I made it just like I always do with a splash of cream and some sugar, but it just didn't taste right!!! What? Did I do something wrong? SO, I made more, a little stronger!!! It didn't work. I ended up running through the drive thru at Starbucks after taking LH to school!

I have to figure something out because this habit is way too costly for me to keep up! I desperately need some K-cups for sure, but I'm thinking of buying a bag of Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks coffee for the house to see if that is any better!

Either way, I've deemed myself a coffee snob! I guess it could be worse!