My new fave!

I'm in love with these fabulous metallic flats from none other than Target for about $18!!!! Seriously thinking of getting more colors - they have black, which is a given, but also an avacado green, tortoise and hot pink that are very tempting!
So, normally, I can't wear such cute and trendy shoes due to the fatness of my foot. I have wide feet and chubby toes. Really, they look like chicken nuggets. The one good thing I have going for me is that I have even toes - not that middle toe that is longer than all the rest! I know it's not something that can be helped, but it can be hidden! I'm not a fan of feet. I like for mine to look nice, but I really have some issues with people touching them - even pedicures. I have to read a magazine and completely ignore the fact that someone is rubbing all over my feet! YUCK!
So, these shoes are perfect for my fat foot.....the top isn't too "dainty" that it accentuates my fatness, it just makes them look cute - well, I think it does, and since I am not posting a picture of my fat foot in these adorable sandals, you will never know if the fatness accentuation is true.
Now, I'm sure I'm going to have some of you snooping around to get a peek at the fat foot, but really, you have better things to do I'm sure.
I love these shoes so much, I'm acutally planning my outfits around them! I feel like I'm in college again - when I would buy the shoes first then find the clothes to go with them!!! Oh, the glory days of fashion. These days, I'm more concerned if it fits - so basically wearing a version of the same outfit everyday! Black pants, simple shirt, and basic black shoes....well, not anymore! I'm back... I'm reclaiming my sense of style and am branching out into the world of color once again! YAY!

Hurry, time is running out!!!

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Happy Birthday Baby Brother

Ok, so he's not a baby, he's 27 today! He's all grown up now which makes me older - still not 30 (yet), but older still the same!

He and his girlfriend are coming over for a very low key dinner and some red velvet cake - which I just found out he liked!!! He's never had the sweet tooth - but I got it honest from my mom! He usually was happy with peanut butter and doritos - yes the whole jar or bag and you never saw the results of it on him - but I could look at it and I could pop a button off my pants! Not fair, but I still love him!

After work, I guess it's off to the store for some red velvet cake mix and cream cheese icing (store bought since I don't have time to make it from scratch) so Little Hauss and I can whip up some cupcakes for him!

Happy Birthday!!!