There it went...my beautiful hot pink girly camera ...right into the dog's water bowl! I had just removed it from my case to put in my small purse for the night and when I sat it down to the side, it was on a slope and slid off the counter into the bowl! OMG....well, that isn't what I really said....I said Shit about 12 times in a row and I'm pretty sure LH was watching tv in our bedroom and didn't hear me. Oh well if he did!!! Drastic times calls for potty mouth!!! It could have been worse, but I wouldn't dare in front of him!
I immediately dried it off with a towel, took the battery and memory card out and then literally submerged it in rice! It is supposed to work for cellphones, so I thought it couldn't hurt. I even double checked it online and that's what I found. Um, it did NOT work!!!!! I've even tried my other battery (the one that is still dry) and nothing!!! I was almost in tears....well, I was in tears, but I had actually put make up on, so I had to pull myself together as we were already running late, I was driving and I had no time to freshen up my face! Don't even know why I really bothered as I knew I was going to sweat it all off anyway!
I guess my practically brand new camera doesn't realize all the important stuff I have going on in the immediate future! Birthday, baby, LH's orientation, first day of school, his 5th birthday!!!! WOW!!!!
BUT, thankfully with MY birthday this week, I got an early present!!!!!! Thanks mom and dad!!! I really might have gone postal if I didn't have one! AND we got the protection plan! Whew!

Moving on....new wheels!

For the hubby! I'm just relieved at this point that he got a bike...a mountain bike! He's been talking about it and doing research for weeks. I am not really sure where the idea came from, but doesn't matter, he has one now! Hmmm, wonder if this is how he feels when I talk about crap all the time -if he even listens to me!
He did thank me for "letting" him get it, ya know before baby and all. He was worried if he waited he wouldn't have gotten it any time soon. I reminded him I didn't "let" him do anything, that he practically just announced he was getting it, but then he rephrased it as thanks for not "bitching" about it! Ok, sure, you're welcome, I think!
He's been using it too. He's been riding around town, running errands, and going to the gym to lift weights. I'm happy he's happy except he was doing all this without a helmet! I threw a fit...probably a little matter of fact. I reminded him that he's on the real road with cars and if his son has to wear one, then he has to wear one too! LH and I got him one this weekend as a gift! His knees give him trouble and biking is great for that instead of walking and running or even doing the eliptical! He's trying to convince me that I need one too! Oh wow, all of us riding around town! I can see it now - actually, I can't, so scratch that!
It has been nice though, because LH thinks it is the coolest that his daddy has a bike too! They went for a ride Sunday morning....yay - "me" time! And, I guess LH thought he could ride his big boy bike like daddy, so they took the training wheels off!!! He's a pro now! Oh, and I would gladly show you pictures of the blessed event, however, my fun hot pink camera took a dive in the dog's water bowl......

Let's start with Matter of Factness

This is my new description of my attitude. It encomposes all aspects of my "bitchiness" and doesn't make it sound as horrible when you say it out loud! Now, it doesn't tone down the 'tude at all, but it sounds much more pleasant if I have to relive a moment of matter of factness. My coworkers are loving it - well, because I have not been matter of fact with them, so they still think it's hilarious. If you are on the receiving end of my matter of factness, you would not feel so giddy - pinky swear!
A few matter of fact occurances include:
  • customer service rep with Comcast after they jacked up my price for internet
  • dealing with a coworker's incompetence (he's a man - self explanatory there)
  • a few *minor* incidents with the hubby
  • admissions lady at the hospital for pre registration

Now, I'm sure there have been plenty more in the past couple of months, but I can't be required to recall all of them. These are just some of the latest (like the last 2 weeks).

I am not sure if I've always been this way deep down (I'm fairly certain that's a yes) but I've tried to keep my emotions and comments in check. But really people, I'm just over it...I'm blaming it on the hormones for now - we'll see how I bounce back after baby!